Why Chapter 2

Three weeks… had it honestly been so short a span of time since he had died? It seemed so much longer than that, months. The thought spun uselessly around Hyde's still aching heart. He was sitting in his, Gakuto's, bedroom planning the idols tribute concert, a task he thought only fitting that he should perform. The others had offered to help and he had graciously accepted, it was only right after all. His job was to direct the tributary and decorate, which is why he was here, in the last place Gaku had been alive and the place where he had been found dead.

The funeral, the reading of his will, not that any of them had known he had even had a will. Though that hadn't been the thing that had gotten them the most; it was what the will contained that surprised them. Gakuto had left them his house (them being his friends of course), in addition to the house he had also left them a good deal of his fortune, along with anything in the house that they wished to have. A substantial amount of the money had been given to charities the world over far too many to name in fact.

There had also been a large amount left to his parents, enough that they would never need to work for the rest of their lives. And his car? One of his most prized possessions? He gave it Hyde of course. He still couldn't believe the man had left him his car! That alien looking device, and yet he hadn't driven his own car not once in the three weeks since the funeral. One other thing that he had given away, one of his other prized possessions: his onyx bracelet. It had shocked them all that he hadn't wished to be buried with it; he instead chose to be put to rest with one of his other onyx pieces. The bracelet he had given to Selina, and she never took it off once.

A single tear slipped down his face, he still couldn't believe his friend was gone. He still expected the man to come walking up to him with one of completely irrelevant comments, trying to make him smile. Then making that off handed comment about his smile being sin, god how he missed the man. The others were worse more or less, Yu was absolutely devastated, and he still didn't want to believe it either, but then again no of them did. It was like their entire world was still standing still.

They were, however slowly, coming to terms with the reality that had come crashing down around them. It was a painful process, but life went on and they would keep living not only for themselves but for their fallen friend as well. The case was still baffling the police, the best detectives in Japan were on the case and they hadn't found anything that help at all. They would get looking of course but it was unlikely that they would find anything. Still the others refused to give up.

"Haido?" a timid voice asked, startling him out of his thoughts. He looked up, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw who it was.

"Ah, Manda", says softly "Is there something that you need?"

"I just wanted to make sure that you were ok. You've been holed up in here for a while now."

He sighed a little heavily "I'm fine it's just planning the tribute concert for Gaku is really…hard." He sighed again. "I-I really just want to wake up and have all of this just have been some really horrible dream or a sick, sick joke but it's not."

His voice wavered a bit at the end and Amanda went over to him, wrapping him in her arms and holding him. Hyde leaned against her, just feeling her presence round him. It was very soothing. He stayed there a few moments, collecting himself and gathering his thoughts, after while he pulled back and smiled. She looked at him and smiled back.

"I wish this could all be a horrible dream too, sadly it isn't but I am fairly positive that he wouldn't want you to be his sad." She looked at him in hopeful way, wanting to have cheered him up at least s little. He smiled at her, knowing somewhere deep in side that she was right. After all, she was a shinigami, she hadn't been the one to ferry his soul to the other side but she had been to talk to him. He was adjusting now and couldn't see them just yet, but he would be able to in the future.

"Thank you" he said honestly "I needed that, more than I relies." He looked down for brief moment before catching her eyes again. "May ask you a question?" she nodded "Is he adjusting well enough, I mean is he happy?"

She smiled a little sadly. "He misses all of us and wishes he could come sooner but yes he is happy or as much as he can be at the moment."

Hyde nodded the answer good enough for him at the moment. He got up off the bed slowly, heading towards the door. As he grabbed the handle he turned back briefly. "Oh, and Manda? Next time try using the door please." He laughed at her indignant sputtering and walked off. It felt good to laugh, but right now he needed to focus. Tonight was the tribute concert and he needed to get ready. Something was wrong though, he didn't feel right about this. Hyde chose to ignore this in favor of concentrating on the hours to come.

Later however he would have wished he had paid more attention to that feeling.