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There were moments where Morgana would wake with spells on the tip of her tongue.

The problem wasn't in the magic itself; she was learning slowly as well as one could learn covertly as the King's ward, and had as such learnt dozens of spells, but instead the problem lied within the types of spell. These were far beyond her capabilities, too advanced to be hidden within a banned book in the library.

Yet she often wondered where they came from, or if someone had sent them to her.

There were moments where Merlin would have a dream.

He brushed them off as unusual happenstances, and would either, if he was lucky, go back to sleep or, if he wasn't so lucky, go clean out the horses' stables on Arthur's orders. It wasn't until later that the details within his dreams would come back to him, and suddenly, as if by magic, he found himself reliving the dream in his own reality.

Sometimes he did nothing. Instead merely let the dream run its course like the time Arthur tripped and fell into the very stuff within the stables he had been ordered to clean.

Sometimes he did something, changed some little thing such as the time he picked up an apple instead of a pear to chuck at the creature that had infested the kingdom. Surprisingly apples were much better to aim with when being attacked by magical shoe devouring mice.

Yet Merlin always was curious as to how he knew of these events beforehand. He was not like Morgana, had never possessed any of the abilities of a Seer. Gaius told him not to worry, so he didn't.

There were times when Morgana would look at Merlin and she would feel an invisible force pulling her towards him. It was often loud and demanding, as if a child wanting to reclaim a much cherished toy. Instead she simply contented herself with staring from afar; it seemed to fill a part of her she never knew she had with warmth.

On occasion, Merlin looked Morgana in the eye in passing and would find his world stopping for a moment as reflected in her eyes was an image of him. It felt like it belonged there. He didn't know why. Instead of acknowledging the twinge in his heart and mind, he continued walking, making sure to bow his head the next time he saw her.

When they first kissed it was tender from Merlin's end whilst Morgana, in the urgency, craved for more. They were broken from kiss by a noise outside Merlin's room, and Morgana quickly hurried back to her room, smiling lightly at Gaius' knowing look as she grasped the bottle of sleeping draught from his hands.

By their second kiss the roles had reversed and instead of Merlin's soft lips against hers, it was passion and magic coursing through his veins that made him push her against the darkened alcove and crash his lips to her own. She found herself in response bringing a hand up to grasp his face, silently telling him to slow down.

He did, and she was grateful for the tenderness. The passion could come later. For now she wants to feel him, and feel she does when everything comes at her. She feels his presence in front of her, his hand ghosting the hollow of her back. She can feel a burden in his mind, a secret in his heart and the deeper she kisses him, the more he can feel of her too until it feels as if they are one; complete finally after years of separate consciousness.

He smiles against her mouth and she can't help but return it.

It's nice to finally feel whole.

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