You'd go on; you can only, do what you do,

It's what we do,


Go on,


You look into emptiness, and if you see nothing, see something, for me,

Let your eyes play, over the years, over those years,

That was us,

Hear again, anew, out of the darkness, that song,

That song that played, that we took,

That was our song.

You've been my song; I've been yours;

Who will be our song?

Who will sing our song?

Remember it in your heart, in your soul,

Go on,

It will go on,

In new hearts set aflutter, set to dancing,

Let your eyes,

Dance in the emptiness,

In the darkness,

And see us,


Don't own SGU, clearly. Don't own the characters, either. Can't think that you'd have thought that I did.

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