Howdy y'all! Here's the first installment of a new story, told from Seven's point of view. It's set after the other stories I've done and posted here ("Two," "A Doc By Any Other Name," and last one was "Lady in Red.")

Seven's Story

By Traci Thompson and Susan S. McCrackin

Summary: The Doctor loses his memory and Seven learns to love. Set after "Lady in Red."

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and related characters belong to Paramount, not me, etc.

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* * * * *

Seven of Nine, Personal Log.

The events of the past few weeks have been many. I will try to record them as accurately as possible.

At 0800 hours, I purged the Doctor's program of unnecessary subroutines. This was to prepare him for transmission to a medical conference on a nearby K-class planet. Subroutines removed for later restoration were singing, dancing, command, and astrometrical knowledge. Sexual subroutines were also removed, as I was confident he would not be requiring them.

The Doctor would have preferred a physical transport, but distance made this impractical. News of the conference reached him belatedly. He became agitated at the prospect of not attending. I suggested a data transfer. He agreed to this procedure rather than miss the event.

I was relieved, as he has a tendency to sulk when disappointed.

The Doctor expressed regret at my inability to accompany him. I stated that it was acceptable since I had work to do, but assured him that I would look forward to his return.

He kissed me before I transferred his program. His displays of affection are very pleasant.

His absence was accentuated by the cessation of floral arrangements. Their absence was oddly more distracting than their presence. I have begun to feel that flowers are not entirely irrelevant. The Doctor's absence also disrupted my daily schedule, which I found annoying. I began to go to the holodeck at our planned time before recalling he would not be there.

I experienced the sensation of missing him. It was unpleasant.

The Doctor's absence from the conference was first noted at 1100 hours. At this time, Voyager received a transmission from the head of the conference committee expressing concern that our Chief Medical Officer had disappeared, and inquiring if we knew his whereabouts.

At this moment I became fearful for the Doctor's welfare. Captain Janeway was also concerned. She questioned me about the nature of the transference, and I assured her that the procedure had been successfully completed. If he was abducted, it was not during transmission.

An away team headed by Security Officer Tuvok was sent to investigate. I was not a participant. I was concerned by the fact that it would take the team two days to reach the location. In the interim, I found it difficult to concentrate on my work. The feeling of loneliness produced by the Doctor's absence was not completely unlike separation from the Collective. Obviously less mentally traumatic, yet strangely more persistant.

The mission was moderately successful. The away team managed to locate one individual who did see the Doctor and could give a description of the species he conversed with prior to his disappearance. I am familiar with this species. It is species 469. Name: Deleon. Characteristics: cunning, especially in business transactions. Often establish symbiotic trade relationships with other species. Somewhat nomadic. Gain materials for barter by legal and illegal means. Addition of perfection to the Collective was negligible.

Scans were begun for the EMH signature and species 469. Captain Janeway attempted to console me. It made me uncomfortable. I dislike discussing my emotions under such circumstances. In an attempt to end the conversation, I assured her I was sure everything possible was being done.

At night I was unable to regenerate. I was compelled to go to Sickbay and sit at the Doctor's desk. It was an illogical action. However, looking at the holo-image of the Doctor with Lewis Zimmerman was comforting. There is also a holo-image of me.

Scans eventually revealed a ship carrying members of species 469 orbiting an M-class planet. The ship was hailed and Captain Janeway engaged in an investigative dialogue. They denied knowledge of our EMH. Scans of the planet, however, revealed a holographic signature.

I experienced illogical anger. This feeling is familiar to me. Therefore, it is not as disturbing on an intellectual level as other emotions inevitably are.

Further investigation uncovered a third party of a species unfamiliar to me. This individual claimed knowledge of species 469 engaging in criminal activity on the planet. It was suspected that this group may have had a need of a medical nature, leading to the theft of our Doctor.

Confronted with our suspicions, species 469 became hostile. Scans were unable to confirm with one hundred percent accuracy that the holographic signature belonged to our Doctor. Therefore, a mission to the surface was deemed necessary.

To be continued...