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For any of those reading any of my works I am very, very sorry. Honestly, I can't write well, and getting me to write is rather hard. This was started when I was still a wee highschooler and you can tell.

You know that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach when your intuition suddenly decides to tell you that this is going to be a horrible day? Merlin couldn't shake the feeling. He had had it since he had woken up that morning. Perhaps it was the grey sky that was waiting for the most inconvenient time to start storming. Maybe it was the idiot that was provoking Arthur, who was in such a foul mood he had already yelled at Merlin eleven times that morning. Either way Merlin wished he hadn't gotten out of bed this morning.

Said Idiot had dismounted a large black horse near where Arthur was sending off Morgana and Gwen. He proceeded to inquire where he could find the king, and after being told that the king only holds private audiences in the afternoon the Idiot had turned to Gwen and with what could only be described as a cocky smile said "When can I hold a private audience with you?". Merlin knew Arthur would never admit it, but the fact that Gwen blushed only deepened the prince's ire. They were about to leave though, so Gwen and Morgana missed much of the real fighting.

Which brings us to the present moment. Arthur had the 'I'm going to put you in the stocks and laugh at you' look on his face. Merlin was familiar with that look, it was the one Uther always had when he was about to throw him into the stocks. Oh, yes Merlin knew that look.

"Guard, put him in the stocks,"

"Can't do it yourself?" Well, it seemed the idiot had a death wish. Not that he hadn't practically done the same thing when he first arrived here. Here it comes, the classic arm twist.

And the man twists his way out of it like it was child's play. With a heavy thud and Arthur was reeling from a blow in the face. Guards quickly stepped in to restrain the suicidal idiot. At spear point the idiot was lead by the men, presumably to the stocks, if not the darkest conner of the dungeon.

Arthur turned to him with a look of fury. Just as his stomach had predicted things were not boding well. When the prince wasn't happy he made it hard for Merlin to be happy.

The Idiot bitterly complained to himself all the way to the stocks. It wasn't until he was secured that he saw that Merlin had followed the guards. The man gave him a smile . Why is it that people who are trouble like to talk with him so much?

"Hey, want to do me a favor?" This idiot is dumber than he looks.

Now usually Merlin was willing to help people out, but this person had made his day so much worse. He was finally going to make a stand for himself! He was going to say no! "I don't even know your name," that didn't come out exactly as he had planned, but it was better than usual.

"Dean, and you?" the idiot had a strange name. Perhaps short for something?

"I'm Merlin," great, he had said his name, now he probably was expected to help.

"Well, Merlin, you see I left my horse back there. She's the large black one. Her name is Baby and I'll kick your ass if she gets hurt." It seems that the idiot really likes his horse. Better to not upset him and take care of it, after all he landed a blow on Arthur. Landing a blow on Arthur means that this Dean could easily kill him. Best to just do it and get out of here. After all villagers are gathering, and there was a surplus of tomatoes a few weeks ago.

Ill update in a few weeks. For Christmas I'm wishing for a good beta.