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You know that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach when your intuition suddenly decides to tell you that this is going to be a horrible day? Sam had woken up with the feeling yesterday morning. Yet it wasn't until around 10 pm at night when he realized why.

9:58pm the night before

After you have driven on the road for countless hours in a car, it starts to get really, really boring. The five or six metallica cassettes become one endless drone. staring out the window you see houses, houses, McDonalds, houses, houses, cows, houses, houses, McDonalds, houses, houses, Cas? When you start seeing random angels on the side of the road that's when you know you're tired. In that situation it is always best to take a quick nap and hope its not real.

"Damn it, Cas! Ever heard of knocking." After the eleventh or twelfth time an angel suddenly appears next to you the shock wears off and there isn't much more that you can say. Though Dean was right. Cas could learn to knock.

Seems like that nap won't happen anytime soon.

"I know where to find a weapon that can defeat the devil." Castiel really isn't one to beat around the bush.


"Is it normal for brothers to talk in unison? Where I come from we only do that while singing." Where I come from indeed.

"So angels really do sing in heaven?"

"Are they all as screechy as you are when you don't have a body?"

"Sometimes and no, I just happen to be a little tone deaf. Back on topic, I am taking you to where we can find the weapon. I will do the actual searching for it. You will find where the people of the town think it may be." Dean had a second to look sick at the thought of angel travel before the two men, angel, and impala disappeared.

Early morning

I awoke in a field. We probably weren't Kansas anymore. Dean was still sleeping, peacefully by the looks of the drool, and Cas was facing the rising sun.

"You both made it in one piece. That's good, I didn't know if I had enough power to carry both of you."

"You didn't know if you could carry us both yet you did it anyway? Where are we? Why didn't we just drive" Sometimes I think that Castiel, for all being who had lived millenniums is rather clueless.

"About 10 miles west of Camelot"

"When are we?"

"Not in the place you call the present." Damn.

"Cas, what the Hell?" Dean was up. "Where the hell is my car? I was going 70 before you yanked me who knows where."

Cas pointed near the edge of the forest. Three horses and a cart were tied up. Lovely.

"What the hell, Cas, you replaced my impala, my Baby, with horses!" for once I must agree with Dean.

"Your car would have stuck out in this time period."

"When are we Cas?"

"Camelot. Now I need you two to go and find out and myths and legends about very powerful objects. Be careful not to arouse suspicions. Tell them your witch hunters and get on everyone's good side first."

"Which Hunters?"

"Technically that is the truth. Dean, you told me last time that when you want something, you lie. In this case you are not lying, just not telling the whole truth.

Sam was now stuck trudging up a dirt path leading the two horses and the cart filled with medieval weapons. Cas had changed their small armory into weapons more suited to the times. Not that it mattered, they could still fight with them. And the two summers where Sam and Dean stayed at one of their father's friend's ranch taking care of the horses also seemed to be coming in handy. If only Dean hadn't run off.

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