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… And if someone could clear this up for me… In Episode three Sam said his friend he killed was named Matt. But in Season 2 'Behind the Blue Line' he called him Ben… Which one am I supposed to use?

"So I suppose you think you were being all heroic, hunh?"

Sam blinked at the angry tone, looking at the pissed off Jules beside him as he removed his gloves. "I wasn't trying to be…"

Brown eyes narrowed at him in a glare that would have any sane person running for cover. But since he had just waltzed in and out of a burning building he was starting to doubt his own state of mind… so he stayed put.

"Then what were you thinking? Were you even?" she snapped a bit louder as the two men in white suits were walking away from them.

"Yes I was," Sam replied inwardly rolling his eyes. "I was thinking about not letting my friend go into a burning building by her self."

Jules felt her mouth open and close for a minute before she turned on her heel, storming back towards Ed and Greg, barely moving aside for Kate as the other brunette past by her.

Kate watched the woman go and turned back to the blonde in time to see him sigh heavily. "She needs to relax some." She looped her only arm through his uninjured one and pulled him towards the Suburban that Spike and Lou were waiting by. "And we need a shower."


Holleran looked down at the sheepish looking brunette sitting across from him. "Your report is slightly terrifying Wagner." He muttered. "I don't think Major Howlett will be very pleased with your actions thus far."

"Eh, not my problem," She stated leaning back in her chair playing with the hem of her jacket she had changed into after returning to the station. Sam had run off to debrief with SIU along with Wordy and she was pretty sure the rest of the team had raced home as quickly as they could.

"It would have been if-"

Brown eyes turned into a glare as she looked up at her god-father. "Come on, really?"

The Commander raised his hands in a surrendering motion. "All I'm saying is, please just be a bit more careful," Holleran sighed. "I don't want to have to explain to your father how you died doing something stupid while on a weeks leave from Kandahar."

Kate chuckled under her breath pushing herself to her feet. "Speaking of stupid, Sam should be done by now right?"

Holleran nodded and waved at the woman to get out of his office.

"Later Uncle Norm."


Kate didn't even bother knocking as she pushed open the doors to the men's locker room.

Sam didn't glance up from his spot on the bench and Wordy felt his eyebrows rise at the surprise entrance. At least he wasn't mostly naked this time.

"What do you want?" the blonde muttered unmoving. Water dripped into his eyes from the shower he had just crawled out of, managing to change into a clean pair of jeans and a blue shirt before collapsing on the bench.

The woman set her hand on her hip, glaring at him as best she could. "Let me see." She muttered moving around to stand behind him as he sat facing the lockers stiffly. "Shirt off, come on."

Out of the corner of his eye, Wordy smirked watching as Sam hung his head in defeat before slowly peeling off the blue shirt. He knew those two were dating- His smile vanished though when his eyes landed on the large dark purple bruise on the younger mans back and the bleeding cut that was in the middle of it.

Kate knelt down so she was at eye level with the wound, gently poking around it she felt Sam wince as she brushed over a sore spot. "Well, we got away lucky, nothing to bad. Guess you hit that corner a little too hard on your way off the roof. You got a little first aid kit here?"

Sam shook his head, he had taken it home to restock it, but Kate's sudden arrival had him forgetting about the little red box sitting on his counter. He almost jumped in surprise as a blue plastic container was held out beside him. Sam glanced up at Wordy who was eyeing the large bruise warily. "Thanks."

"How come you didn't get that checked out by the paramedics?" the father asked as Sam took the box, giving him a shrug with the one shoulder that wasn't bruised and swollen.

"Got sidetracked." He replied as Kate grabbed a few alcohol swabs ripping them open with her teeth to run them over the bruise. Taking another one she gently, or as gently as Kate could, went over the bleeding cut. Sam hissed through his teeth glaring at the woman over his shoulder. "Ow."

"Why don't you let me do that?" Wordy suggested noting Sam's look of relief as the blonde turned, throwing his leg over the bench to have his back face the older man.

"Baby." Kate muttered as Wordy carefully wiped away the blood before covering it with one of the larger gauze pad's he had stashed in the first aide kit Shelly had made for him.

"Not bad," the brunette muttered eyeing the bandage. "I guess when the Doc isn't around he'd be the next best thing to have." Prying open Sam's locker she tossed the blonde another clean shirt. "Well, come on, we're going to go see a man about an onion."

The father looked between the two, as Sam begrudgingly got to his feet pulling on the tight black shirt before grabbing his jacket. "An onion?"

The blonde smiled at him. "We're going for drinks." He clarified. "Thanks for that by the way." Sam pointed at his shoulder and Wordy nodded as the two walked out of the room.


The bar was dark as the sun had set long before and the lights were dimmed as many of its patrons had already left for the night. It smelled like cigarette smoke and alcohol.

It was just the way they liked it.

Ice clinked against the side of a near empty glass as a brown haired woman held it up to eye level. She looked at the lights through remnants of the amber liquid inside before muttering to her partner across from her. "I don't think your Ed-friend likes me very much. I doubt any of them really do except Spike."

Sam raised an eyebrow looking up from his own drink. "Oh?"

The woman shrugged kicking her feet up onto the table with a little difficulty. "Well, I guess it's better that they sorta like me instead of the hate-on they'd get if they found out that the only reason I came to visit on this stupid leave, was to try and convince you to come back and join us again." She paused to down the rest of her drink, signalling to the waiter for another. "I don't doubt… they wouldn't like me at all."

"I'm sure they wouldn't care." The sniper muttered sitting up a bit straighter to let his blue eyes focus on the mirror across the room, his back flaring in pain as he did so.

Kate seemed genuinely surprised and frowned at the blonde. "Why'd ya say that? They seemed to like you."

"It's just the nice rookie thing." He tried to assure her.

Brown eyes sparkled in amusement and she reached over to poke him above the cut he had gotten from the exploding gas tanks. "You're drunk."

Sam nodded brushing her hand away. "Possibly."

"Defiantly. You only get the whole woe-is-me feeling when you're truly intoxicated or you just talked with your dad."

"Good to know."

Silence reigned for a minute and for a brief moment Sam thought he'd be free of conversation for the rest of the night. The brief moment was however squashed as Kate looked back over at the blonde. "You know she yells at ya a lot."

Sam frowned as he looked up at the brunette. "Who?"

"Jules. For two people who ar' dating…" she paused, her words slurring together. "You sur' do fight allot."

The blonde snorted under his breath, the sound full of contempt. "We'renotdating."

Kate frowned her brown eyes confused. "Say wha?"

"We're not dating." The sniper repeated more slowly. "She dumped me, for her job."

The special ops woman sat there for a moment longer, rolling her glass around in her hand before setting it down on the table harshly.

Sam glanced up at the sound to see Kate trying to shrug on her jacket. "Where're you going?"

"To break her."

Blue eyes went wide as he looked up at his friend. "What? Who? Why?" He didn't like it when Kate said things like that. Bad things usually happened.

"Jules." Kate gave him a look that clearly stated that it was the most obvious answer in the world. "She broke my number ten rule, so she had to face… the …the" she paused trying to think of the word. "Consequences!"

If possible Sam's frown only deepened as he got to his feet cutting off Kate's attempt to make it to the door. "Your number ten rule? Don't feed after midnight-?"

"Don't break his heart!" She snapped, cutting him off and Sam fell silent, surprise behind his eyes. "It was her rule alone… she should have followed my letter to the tee."


The brunette shook her head vehemently, anger clearing her speech. "No, you've dealt with enough shit already! For once people should think of you first and not themselves! First yer dad, then Howlett, then the military and then fucking what's-his-face, and now this chick!" Kate's heel stomped into the ground. "I'm sick and tired of all the crap you've had to deal with without getting anything in return and- Why are you smiling at me like that?!"

Sam smiled down at the brunette setting his hands on her shoulders. "Because Kate, 'you're' thinking of me first." The sniper stated softly. "Not everybody has to, but you are… and I appreciate that more than you'll ever know, but you can't go rushing off and hurting people just because they've made a choice that's best for them."

Kate went to open her mouth once more but Sam cut her off. "And as for those people, they don't matter anymore; my dad, Howlett, none of them. What matters are the people who think of others, along with themselves. So… relax."

Feeling her rush of anger subside a bit the shorter brunette nodded. Reaching out she pulled the sniper into a hug resting her head on his shoulder and he returned it full heartedly. "So does that mean Jules doesn't matter anymore?" She felt him tense in her embrace and Kate could do nothing but chuckle. "Never mind. I don't wanna know."

Resting his cheek on the top of her head, Sam caught the familiar smell of smoke from their little epic adventure that day. Just one more story to add to the ever growing pile of mis-adventures they had. Mind you the pile wasn't nearly as big as his and Matt's, but it was bad enough the Military had threatened to just leave them in a padded cell for the next few years on several occasions.

"Hey Sam?"

"Mm, Yeah?"

"I want some pie."


"Okay you get one story."

Spike's head shot up from the table to land on the brunette standing in the doorway next to Sam who had his bag slung over his shoulder. Greg, Jules and Lou were sitting at the table with him and they too looked up curious. "Just one?" The Italian asked looking at the blonde with a wide smirk.

Sam held up his hand. "Just one."

"What made you change your mind?" Lou chuckled leaning back in his seat.

"Copious amounts of alcohol and pie." Kate grinned sliding into the chair beside Spike letting her friend linger in the doorway. "So which one do you want to hear about? The fire story?" She smirked. "Basic training stories are hilarious. Or-?"

The answer was out of Spike's mouth before she could continue. "The monkey."

The Special Forces woman laughed as Sam's face fell. "You all good with that one?"

Jules and Lou nodded and even Greg found himself agreeing.

"So, One day a few years back, we were off the coast of Madagascar, doing a little recon work." She started; but behind her Sam tilted his head back, mimicking taking a shot causing the others to snicker a bit. "I saw that Braddock." Kate muttered as she turned to glare at him over her shoulder. "Anyways, genius here, and Matt were joking around taunting a nearby monkey some of Sam's Tequila… Stupid thing grabbed the bottle from him and ended up drinking at least a quarter of it."

Spikes mouth hung open and Jules looked over at Sam who was wincing at the memory.

"Anyways, Sam tried to get the bottle back but the stupid monkey threw it at him, hitting him right in the forehead before jumping at Matt and pulling at his hair." Kate was having trouble trying not to laugh as she dug out her phone, showing them the screen. "These are some pictures of it, watch Sam dance around after the monkey went up the back of his jacket."

It was safe to say the blonde sniper in the doorway didn't quiet appreciate the laughter coming from his team mates. He turned around heading for the locker room just as Ed and Wordy walked by him.

"What's going on in there?" Ed asked frowning as he recognized the roars of laughter.

"Don't ask." Sam muttered picking up his pace. "Please don't ask."


Almost a full half hour had passed and the blonde sniper had barely been able to believe it when nothing had happened. After the extremely colourful explanation about what she would do to Ed and Jules for snapping at them, Sam had fully expected to find them fighting when he came back from the locker room, But nothing had happened. However his peaceful moment was ended when Ed opened his mouth and made a slight comment about when Kate was going to leave, which prompted Kate to return with a bit of sarcasm of her own, and then the bald man replied and so on and so forth.

So the blonde just sighed when he had to hold Kate back from going over to punch the older man. She desperately needed anger management classes… or a shrink. He couldn't even remember what topic the argument was on now.

"Okay Kate, I think that's enough."

Sam jumped at the smooth voice behind them. Turning he saw a tall white haired man with tanned skin standing in the doorway next to a long blonde haired woman with startling green eyes. The man wore army pants and a tight green t-shirt that easily showed off his muscles while next to him the blonde wore a simple blue track suit and a wicked smirk.

Kate went limp in his grasp and Sam let his hands fall away as the brown haired woman stopped fighting. The blonde let out a relieved sigh causing Jules to glance over at him. The army woman surprised the entire group when she strode right over to the two newcomers without complaint and latched onto the man's arm. Kate looked back at the SRU and smiled. "Well, it was nice to meet all of you. I hope we can get together again sometime, bye."

Greg watched, slightly in shock, slightly in awe as the angry Kate was so quickly replaced, before she and the white haired male left the room without a fuss leaving a chuckling blonde woman in their spot.

"I figured calling Rob was the only way to get her to go away." The blonde laughed crossing her arms.

"I appreciate it." Sam laughed moving over to her and the two made their way after Kate and Rob leaving his confused team mates behind. "How'd you know she was here?"

The woman laughed. "Well, she wasn't annoying me, and Howlett said she had come home on Monday. I assumed the worse and called Rob to come get her. He is the only one she'll listen to now."

"Alice, have I ever told you how amazing you are?" Sam sighed hanging his head a bit in exhaustion as they moved down the stairs. "I mean I love seeing Kate and all, she's welcome anytime, she knows that, but she's just-"

"Overwhelming?" Alice offered and Sam nodded. "I think when she found that tile in her…it really cheered her up. Anyways all I know is she's been going crazy like that ever since."

Sam paused next to the door leading outside. From his spot he could see Rob flicking Kate in the side of the head next to Alice's car. "You know she said something to me the other day,"

The other blonde looked up at him, raising an eyebrow curiously. "Oh? Like what?"

"She said I was jealous that she had a piece of Lee inside of her." He leaned his elbows on the metal bar sticking out on the door. "And that I wished I had a piece of Matt with me." Out of the corner of his eye he saw green eyes widen. "But you know what… I think she was right."

The sniper looked over his shoulder when a hand landed on his back. "Well, when you're getting a full night sleep and she's tossing and turning with a Scrabble tile lodging into her organs, she'll be jealous of you."

Sam laughed under his breath fogging up the glass door in front of him.

Alice pushed open the other door, shivering at the cold air coming in. "Don't worry Sam; you've got a piece of Matt with you still." She added, smiling and poked him in the side of his head. "Up here, and out there." Alice motioned to her car wincing as Rob got beamed in the side of the head by a snowball. "Um,"

"You should go stop them." Sam cocked his head to the side watching as Kate turned and ran from the white haired man, "Before they break something."

"Yeah…See you later?"

Sam nodded and watched as the other blonde ran out into the snow towards her friends. Turning on his heel he ignored the sound of breaking glass and headed back towards the locker room not quiet ready to face the wrath of Ed just yet. With a heavy sigh, Sam collapsed on the bench careful of his shoulder before, letting his eyes drift shut. 'Ah, quiet.'

Quiet time was interrupted moments later when Spike and Lou ran into the room.

"Did she leave already?" Spike shoulders sagged at the lack of Kate. At Sam's nod the techie frowned. "Rats, I was going to ask her to tell us about that other time when you guys were in Mali and you started that fire."

The blonde sniper shot up on the bench glaring daggers at his friends. "Where did you even hear about that?"

Lou smiled. "She told us a little about it when you were talking to the HAZMAT guys before your debrief yesterday." He dug his phone out of his pocket. "But you don't have to worry about it man," Sam raised an eyebrow watching the dark skinned man intently. "She gave us her cell number so we'll just call and ask her about the rest."

Saying Spike and Lou's exit out the locker room was fast, would have been the understatement of the year. Sam sat wide eyed for a moment before he shot to his feet running after them. "


The End.

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