"Phil where are we going,"said Robby as he looked out the passenger side window.

Angus had told him Zoltan, Jack, Phineas and Gregori to go with Phil to see this person Phil had propose who should be given a chance to join S&I. According to Phil this guy he called Jessie (Robbie had laughed at the name being its a girl name) was a physic and would be a great assets. He had went to tell them Jessie was one of his students he trained in that is the reason he knew so much about them.

They pulled up to a building that said WULF DO JO. Robbie heard
Phineas and Gregori laugh.

"Wulf Do jo is this guy a shifter too."

Phil sighed "No Phineas Jessie's not a shifter."

He didn't want to say just yet that Jessie was a woman and not a guy. He wanted to see how they reacted to the fact when they meet pulled over and shut off the Lexus.

"Come on Jessie's inside. Angus and Roman wants you take on 'em."

Gregori smiled. "Why Roman and why bring me."

"Because Jessie can be an aspect to Romatech as well as S&I. You see Jess is a bit of a guineas too."

"Fine lets go."

They walked in and looked around the Martial arts DO JO usually has mirrors but they were all turned toward the wall. Phil smiled knowing what was going on. Jess wanted to try and get him like always it won't work.


There was silence as the other walked more into the room. Phil shook his head and second know Jess would try and get him. Sure enough no soon did he think that he felt something.

Jess had been watching Phil and the other men walk in from the ceiling. She had beams in places and the perfect place. When Phil stopped she smiled and jumped down aiming a kick to his head. He quickly spun around grabbed her by the arm twisted it behind her back and pushed her face first into the wall.

"Remember never go for the obvious attack. Your oppenent will suspect that.."

She smiled. "Well maybe its just you fluffy."

He released her and growled playfully "Don't call me that."

She laughed oblivious to the others as she pucked up a piece of bamboo. "Go on fetch boy."

Phil grabbed her in a head lock. "Watch it pup."

"I'm not a wolf idiot."

"Still you no more them a puppy."

He released her and looked at the other. "Guy this is Jessica Sauvage... Jess this is Gregori, Phineas, Jack and Robby."

She smiled. "Whats up guys."

They smiled and greeted her all that is except for Robby. "Phil we were under the impression you were having us come meet a man to join the business. But not a woman."
Phil quickly looked away he knew what happened when someone said she wasn't good enough or even implement it because she was a woman.

She glared at Robby. "Well let me tell you something blood breathe I have faced vamps before and killed a few. So if my being a woman is a problem well I'll just have to show you that there is no problem I can kick ass better then any other man."

Robby stepped back and looked at Phil. Apparently this was a subject you never touch with this woman.. He let his gaze roam. She was tall for a woman probably six feet tall and she had muscles. Not too much just enough were you know she could told her own. The shorts she wore showed shapely thighs and strong legs.

"So lass you think you can hold your own in out company."

She laughed. "In one year alone I have killed 4 malcontents."

Impressed Jack stepped up. "Angus will want to test you..."


Gregori stepped closer. "Phil tells me you are a guineas.'

"I try."

Phil smiled. "You'll have to come to Romatech tomorrow Phineas or Robby will come to pick you up. But for tonight I just wanted some of the members to meet you."

"Okey dokey."