Light up a cigarette

and burn it away

Watch the smoke rise as our bodies decay

We lie quiet,



But comfortable, in our own world so private

One burns out,

throw it away.

Light up another, we'll both die some day.

I'm poisoned each hour,

each day,

each minute.

But still, I'd give the world not to end it

My cigarette burns

Bright red

in the dark

You think you're imperfect,


but you're wrong.

Not a scratch on your skin

But a scar on your face

What am I thinking?

Something's wrong with your head

I realize this now

As I lie in your bed

Nicotine in my veins

But you in my heart

Who cares what happens,

long as we don't part?

I know it ends soon,

we'll go out with a bang.

The world will keep turning,

we'll die the same day.

From suicide,

or homicide,

or our stupid mistake.

We'll lie in the dirt

As we lie tonight

With me in your arms

And you in my mind.

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