I really hate

this holiday

with it's see through

hallmark values.

Kids that beg

for presents

In the store

where I buy my


You insist it means

a little more

than just a day of rest.

I don't believe you.

I just hate this season

snow colder than

your eyes.

Ice only I

manage to slip on.

Trees that are just


of their former glory.

You insist that

it's the best season.

I don't believe you.

It's a damn cold

December evening.

The heater's not on

because it's expensive

and we'd rather eat.

The door clicks open.

The wind tags along

As you step

into the room.

You're sitting next to me,

still warm from the car heater.

And suddenly we're closer

than we probably should be.

Your mouth on mine.

And I touch your face

Smooth and pale

The way it'll always be

And always has been

"Merry Christmas,"

you whisper quietly

as if you think

I care.

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the great reviews and favs! I'm also starting a new project, a LxLight fic. If you're into that pairing, go check it out. Love ya forever, Jen.