They say the White House is the safest and most secure place in the Unites States, some even say the world...well they were wrong.

"Sector six clear" a agent said into his mic as he walked on the roof of the white house. He scanned the sky and was about to turn around when a his eyes rolled into his head after a muffled cough.

Two figures in gray and white fatigues with ski masks and goggles stood behind him, one checked his pulse while the other spoke into a hidden mic. "Roof clear."

The small grind of the elevators ascent was barely heard as two more agents, one with a feminine figure, cocked their Uzis. They walked out of the elevator and walked up to a double door.

A man in a tux stood before the door. He had a pistol in his hand but the man was shot by the silenced Uzi before he could even get the gun up. One of the gray clad figures watched the elevator in the small hall as the other placed a rectangular charge on the door. "Set" the female of the two said.

A square sized hole appeared in the room across from their target. As the two figures fell from the roof they searched for any Secret Service agent and found nothing. Quickly they moved to the door and placed a white charge on the door. "Set" one said. 3...

The other two operatives in the other room by the elevator stepped back a bit, almost hugging the doors. 2...

The last two masked figures stood on the roof, night vision goggles scanning for anymore agents. 1...

the President's daughter, being one of the most protected people in the United States had a small team of agents guarding her this night. The hall outside of her room had two men in front of her door, two across from her room and two at the end of either hall. In her room were two more agents, one by the door and the other being forced into playing a game.

All was quite that night, nothing going wrong or any declarations of war when suddenly two twin BOOMS went off. The entire hall was filled with smoke as the room across from her blew apart, killing both agents. The door leading to the elevator blew open as well and two figures in gray and white fatigues came out almost instantly and started shooting at the remaining four agents. Two more came out of the room across from the president's daughter's room.

One of the agents was shot in the face, another in the neck and the last two in the chest. The small team of terrorists gathered at the door as two watched either side of the hall as the last two kicked the door open and shot the startled agent on the other side. The other agent reached for his gun but was shot in the chest.

The girl, red haired and gray eyed screamed at the top of her lungs as the two gray and white clad figures grabbed her and pulled her towards the door.

President Ballantine had just finished his meeting with the delegates from Russia when two agents walked up to him. "Sir" one said. "We have a security breach".

The thud of men running up the stairs alerted the team that they had been discovered. One reached into it's pocket and pulled out a small device. The gloved hand on the figure pressed the green button and the team moved across the hall and into the room facing the outside of the White House. As they crossed one dropped a bag on the floor.

A dozen White House agents ran up the stairs to the President's quarters and as they ran up the stairs there was a Tick and then a massive BOOM as the entire stair case exploded.

On the other side of the hall another team was going up the elevator to the President's Suites when a explosion went off somewhere before they heard a SNAP and then the metal coffin they were in fell down the shaft.

The girl was still screaming as the team turned around, their backs facing the window. Making sure to shield the girl from the blast one of them hit a button and another explosion went off, blowing the entire wall apart. The small group waited and soon a solid black chopper roared next to the hole. One of the white and gray clad figures jumped in, followed by the girl and then the last two.

As the chopper flew away from the white house a second explosion went off, destroying the entire President's suite part of the building. As flaming parts of the roof fell all over the White House's front yard a black car pulled up and the President stumbled out, tears pouring out as he saw the chopper fly off into the sky.

The toughest Job the ghosts have had yet....

a enemy that is hidden....

a conspiracy.....

love, fire and gun shots....