Chapter 11: Epilouge

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A light breeze rolled across the sloping hills that the ghosts now found themselves on, endless ranks of white stones stood beyond them. As a new one was placed over the recently finished grave, there was a ring of gun shots. "READY!" a voice rang out. "AIM!" the sound of bolts cocking bullets into place could be heard. "FIRE!" then the second volley of the seven man rifle team fired their carbines once more, in perfect sync.

As the proceedings took place Scott glanced at his fellow Ghosts, each in their freshly pressed uniforms, each decorated in gleaming medals, ribbons and other awards. The small group stood in two ranks, all standing quietly as they mourned for the fallen, losing a brother in arms to them was like a knife to the heart, but they kept on living. It put the term 'life isn't fair' in a whole new light.

"READY!" the Supervisor of the Rifle squad barked, he himself was also in his dress uniform, the black of a Marine. He was also in a small mail of ribbons and medals, not nearly as many as the ghosts, but still well decorated. Scott placed him around forty or fifty, but he seemed to act as if he was on the end of his late thirties. "AIM!" he barked and then a second later he screamed again. "FIRE!".

The result was another seven bullets shooting into the air, still in sync as the Supervisor stood straight and yelled again. "PRESENT ARMS!" immediately the men lowered their guns. "PORT ARMS!" (this is the part I will most likely mess up, sorry.) immediately again the Rifle squad switched their guns to across their chests. "RIGHT FACE!" he barked and the rifle squad spun on their heels, the taps still playing as their sides faced the ghosts. "FOWARD. MARCH!" and then the seven men, along with the Supervisor marched off, leaving the ghosts to stare at the tomb stone.

The stone was white marble, like most of the other stones in the field, on it was written.

David J. Foster

October, 15, 1986-2014


After a few minutes of silence Gordon moved up to stand next to the stone, a framed picture of the young ghost soldier, smiling a toothy smile and being mauled by the rest of Bravo team as they returned from a mission in Turkey. Gordon cleared his throat and straightened his collar before speaking.

"David J Foster may have been the youngest of us here, he may have been one of the most foolish ones too. But he was a soldier. He believed in fighting for his and others freedom and has paid the highest price for it. He will be honored and remembered, for even in ghost is left behind" he said and then saluted the small gathering of ghosts.

Each member snapped a straight salute. Each then in turn saluted the grave of the youngest member of their group. His smiling face on the picture that lay leaning against the tomb seemed completely unaware of what would befall him in a few years.

As they dropped their salutes the ghosts each moved towards the grave, dropping a item on his grave for their fallen brother, ranging from flowers, and plenty of them, to cards and pictures. When the entire group had left their gift for their comrade who had passed on, Gordon himself walked over and dropped his Lieutenant's bars on the grave. "You earned them in my opinion" he whispered to himself as he rubbed a tear from his eyes before he stood straight before his men and woman.

"Thank you for your time" he said quietly. "Dismissed" he said and the small group glanced once more at the small grave, before they began to head for the parking lot farther down at the foot of the hill, ready to head back to work, protecting a world that so many had died to save.

As Gordon was about to join them his phone rang. The Lieutenant-Colonel reached into his pocket and pulled the small black phone out, he flipped it open and hit the talk button. "Gordon here" he said simply.

"Gordon" a voice said over the line, he reconsigned it as the Head of National Security. "We have a problem...".

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