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~Chapter 1: New Lives~

It's been two years since Spyro and Cynder defeated Malefor and saved the world. Though Cynder was still hated by some of the thick-skulled dragons, Spyro looked beyond all that, and casted their opinions away for Cynder's sake. Spyro & Cynder decided to become life-mates and got their own place to stay. It was a stone bricked up, two-story haven just within the walls in a corner of Warfang. It shared an avenue with other ancient buildings. Just beyond the wall behind their house, there were miles of grassy fields, with a crystal clear stream nearby, and a fruit bearing tree here and there.

The inside of the house was larger than it looks on the outside. The downstairs area mainly consisted of the living area, with an open arch-like fireplace and furry rugs for laying down on. And a kitchen with a circular fire-pit, a suspended cauldron, and flame grill, and a small stacked wood pile for its cooking fire, as well as a larder for cured meats. It also has a rectangular extension with a spit above for cooking roasts.

The upstairs of their house consisted of two large rooms-a master bedroom to the left of the stairs and a 2nd bedroom to the right. Both rooms were large enough to fit a fully-grown dragon. The 2nd bedroom, at this particular time, doubled a nursery for the couples eggs.

The interior design was like that of a medieval inn. Before Spyro and Cynder moved in, there was no 2nd floor, thus ceiling was ridiculously high. Luckily their friend, Hunter, and a few of his companions used their combined cheetah 'n' mole building knowledge and skill to renovate their home to fit them and the family they wish to begin. The 2nd floor was held up by thick logs.

In the nursery, in a small, basket-like bed lined with thick, silky blue blankets, there were three eggs that were near hatching time. There was a red egg with magenta stripes, a black egg with golden stripes, and a yellow egg with magenta spots.

The hatching of these eggs was highly anticipated by Hunter and the temple guardians, Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer. But the ones who anticipated this event most of all were the parents of the eggs themselves, Spyro and Cynder.

They were all in the living area while Cynder was in the nursery waiting for them to hatch. They were two days late in hatching. And for those entire two days, while the others went in and out of the nursery to check on the eggs, Cynder never left.

The sun was setting and everyone ate their dinner (6:00PM), except for Cynder. Spyro went up to the nursery to bring Cynder a freshly-roasted hare, carrying it in his jaws, and caught sight of Cynder laying on her belly before the basket. Hearing him enter, she turned her wet eyes to him and asked, "Why haven't they hatched yet?" with a worried tone in her voice, "They're two and a half days late...Could...could there be...something wrong with our babies?"

At this point, she faced the basket of eggs and tears began to fall from Cynder's eyes. Spyro laid down the cooked hare and laid down beside her, wrapped his tail around hers and assured, "Don't worry, Cyn," before he gave her a few licks on the snout and neck "I'm sure they'll be fine. The two week period to wait for eggs to hatch is just an average estimate. But the time it takes is never the same. Some hatch sooner and some hatch later." Spyro then kissed Cynder on the cheek to make her feel better.

"You're the best," Cynder said with a smile, before playfully biting his neck once, "You always know how to make me feel better."

Cynder then hung her head before her unhatched children and said with a deeply-worried tone, "Spy...if I'm raising your children...do you think the other dragons will accept me?" Spyro then eyed his love concernedly, her tone of voice like a rapier in his gut Cynder wasn't facing him when she continued, "Because all the dragons eye me when I'm in the markets, and mutter, 'Heathen.'...One even shouted to me," before she continued, she hung her head, "Terror of the Skies," and then she hung her head and began to softly whimper.

Spyro hung his mouth, fearing for his dragoness "Hey hey hey," he let her lay her head on his neck, "Shh-shh-shh." He rubbed her back and licked her neck affectionately until her sorrow was mostly purged. She then sighed aloud and returned to staring at her eggs. Spyro then began in a soft tone, "Cynder, you shouldn't take dragons opinions...because that's just what they are. Opinions," He wrapped his tail around hers and swayed it across the floor in an effort to gain some happiness form her, "You gotta remember that these are simple dragons, cheetahs and moles...the common clay of the realms," He then stretched out his neck to look into her wet emerald eyes, "You know?" He waited until Cynder was in a neutral feeling and expression before he said, in a joyful loud tone, "Morons!"

She smiled widely. A nasal laugh burst through her nostrils and eventually overwhelmed her and became a cackle, gaining a smile of reassurance from Spyro, happy that he purged his loves sorrow and gave her the gift of laughter.

Right then, Spyro and Cynder heard a rustling. Then there was a clicking sound, then a cracking. Spyro was frozen in his place. His mind went blank. It was happening. One of the eggs was hatching.

"Spyro!" Cynder's voice knocked the sense back into Spyro, "Go get the others!"

"Right!" Spyro said. Then he left the room and went down the stairs to where everyone else was, "THEY'RE HATCHING!" Spyro yelled to them, perhaps loud enough so that half of Warfang could hear him. The guests all ran up the stairs and into the nursery after Spyro. In the red egg, there was already a tiny hole where a tiny claw was trying to get through.

But after the hole was formed, the rest of the eggshell just fell apart like a domino affect. Once the eggshell was fully hatched, there was a hatchling with red scales and eyes, a magenta underbelly, Spyro's body structure, and Cynder's scythe-like tail. Hunter reached out his paw to pick the hatchling up and check it's gender. But the hatchling struck first and bit Hunter's finger and wouldn't let go.

"AHH!" Hunter yelled in pain when the hatchling bit his finger. Hunter lifted his paw with the hatchling hanging by his keen-edged teeth. This allowed him to check it's gender, moving its tail out of the way "It's a feisty little boy!" he said as the infant squirmed.

The little boy then lost his grip and fell, "NO!" Cynder and her life-mate yelled out, fearful that their son would get hurt. But Hunter caught him in his other hand, gaining a relieved sigh from its worried parents..

Spyro said, proud as ever to be a father, as his eyes met with Cynder's, "We have a son!" The two parents shed tears of joy and laid their heads on the back of each others necks.

When the two broke from the hug and faced another with wet eyes, Cynder asked, "What should we name him, Spy?"

Spyro rolled his eyes upwards and bit his lip, pondering "Well, it...should be...a name that represents heat and energy. What do you think, Cyn?"

"What about...Inferno?" Cynder said.

"Yeah...I like it...Inferno," Spyro said. He turned to his son in Hunter's arms, "Your name will be inferno."

Hunter placed Inferno on the floor and he approached his mother with a skip in his step and giggle in his tone. Cynder lowered her head to her sons height and commanded, "Come to mamma," with a honey-tasting tone.

Inferno shrieked, "Ga!" aloud as he tried to lay his head on the back of her neck.

She pressed him against her chest with her head "My son," she said, shedding a tear of joy.

Later, after the sun has set and the only light left in the sky from the sun was a purple hue on the horizon (8:00PM), some of the guests fell asleep waiting for the other eggs to hatch. Everyone else was obsessing over Inferno as Cynder fed him, laying on her belly, curled up, with her son against her belly and her life-mate laying behind her. She teared lengths of meat of a roast wild chicken and lowered them to her hungry sons height, who eagerly munched it down it

Another rustling and a cracking was heard. Hunter was the first to hear this because most of the others were either sleeping, or watching Cynder as she fed Inferno, "Another egg is about to hatch!" Hunter said, waking those who were asleep up and getting the attention of Cynder and those who were watching her feed Inferno. Cynder took her son by the scruff of the neck and carried him upstairs, as she couldn't just leave him there.

Everyone gathered around the eggs again. This time, it was the black egg that was hatching. Cracks slowly appeared on the shell, followed by a small hole. The hole slowly grew, but there didn't seem to be much effort put into tying to open it. Spyro and his life-mate approached and stood before the hatching egg "Come on out, little one," Spyro said in a soft and gentle tone, "You can do it."

The hole grew and grew to where the baby dragon could easily get out of, but it didn't come out. In time, the eggshell collapsed and the hatchling was revealed. The hatchling looked remarkably like Cynder, except for having a golden underbelly and wings. The wings were also shaped like Spyro's. The hatchling had black scales and emerald eyes, just like Cynder.

When the child looked up and saw the crowd, it immediately tried to hide behind the yellow egg and even under the blankets. Hunter reached toward the child to pick it up and check it's gender, it curled up into as small of a ball as possible. Hunter picked up the child and check the gender. He moved her little tail out of the way to reveal her womanhood hiding place, "It's a girl," he said.

The hole time Hunter held the little girl, she cried in fear. Hunter placed her on the floor and she retreated to her mother, standing just before her and receiving affectionate licks on the face and neck from Cynder. Before long, she hid in her mother's shadow along with her hours-older brother, Inferno. "She's a shy little shadow dragoness," Spyro said, "What do you think of the name, Umbra?"

"I think that sounds very fitting," Cyril said

"Then Umbra it is!" Cynder said enthusiastically.

Several hours later in the middle of the night (2:30AM), everyone was asleep...even Cynder who wants to see her children hatch more that anything. There was a rustling once again. Nobody woke up. But when sparks started flying from the egg, one of them hit Spyro on the snout. Spyro jumped awake from the spark with a yelp. But this got his attention and he noticed the egg was getting ready to hatch, "Hey everyone, wake up!" he said, "The egg is hatching!"

Spyro was able to wake up Cynder and Hunter. Cynder went to watch the egg while Hunter woke up the guardians. They all went to watch the egg as is it shook violently. It didn't take much time for the egg to hatch. All it did was shatter. The hatchling was hyperactive, looking around the room like a panicked owl, while sitting in the shards of its shell.

When Hunter tried to grab it to check it's gender, it kept running away from his hand, sprinting from one side of the basket to other in micro-seconds. This was frustrating Hunter. But to the hatchling, it was all a game. Everyone was laughing at the expense of Hunter's frustration. After several minutes, Hunter finally managed to catch the hatchling and checked it's gender, "It's a girl," Hunter said in a frustrated tone.

The hatchling had yellow scales with a magenta underbelly and wings. She had a spade-like tail blade just like Spyro's. Her wings were shaped like Spyro's, but with blades like Cynder's. Her muzzle was shaped like Spyro's. She had nine horns that were arranged like Cynder's, but shaped like Spyro's.

As all made a fuss over the newborn, hyperactive dragoness, their attention was pulled towards a bright light appearing in the room. All sighed in relief when the face of the New Age Chronicler, Ignitus, appeared

Spyro went wide-eyed and shrieked joyfully, "Ignitus!"

Ignitus smiled down at the Purple Dragon, Cynder beside him, the children at her feet "Spyro, I have received the most exciting news," He looked around for the children, which he knew were there from Spyro and Cynders books in the archive "Where are they? I want to meet them bad," he said with joy in his tone.

Cynder smiled, "Right here, Ignitus." She took a few steps aside and left the children out in the open. Whilst Umbra trembled before the image of the New Age Chronicler

Ignitus exhaled in joy before complimenting, "By our ancestors, Cynder, they're gorgeous. What are their names? Their books havent appeared in my archive yet."

Cynder used her tail to point to them in sequence as she said, "Inferno, Umbra and..." Cynder was stuck there "We haven't thought of a name for our electric daughter here.

A thought struck Spyro's brain "Ignitus, would you like to have the honor of naming her?" he asked Ignitus.

"Thank you, Spyro," Ignitus said, "Now, let me think..." The hyperactive baby dragoness jumped down and began quickly running circles around Ignitus, making him dizzy. After about a minute or so, the child stopped and fell over from making herself dizzy. Ignitus then looked down on the hatchling, who has fallen asleep where she lay, "Not only did she make me dizzy, but she made herself dizzy as well...Wait, that's it! What do you think of the name, Dizzy?"

"I like it," Cynder said. Then she turned to Spyro, "What do you think, Spyro?"

"I think that it's really fitting," Spyro agreed, "Our children are beautiful. Inferno, Umbra,...and Dizzy." After Cynder gave Spyro a peck on the cheek, Spyro said, "I love you, Cyn."

"I love you too, my hero," Cynder replied with a passionate tone of voice. Spyro and Cynder then shared a long and passionate kiss.

"Well, I think that we should all get some rest," Hunter said.

Ignitus wished, "Good luck, you two, with parenting," to Spyro and Cynder before his light and image dispersed.

"I agree," Cyril said, "After breakfast, we all should be heading back to our homes."

With that said, everyone went to the living area to sleep...everyone except for Spyro and Cynder, who decided to stay in the nursery to watch over their children. Cynder noticed Dizzy stirring and whimpering as if she was having a nightmare. Cynder then began to sing a lullaby to her...

Close your eyes...It's time to dream.
You are strong...but you need your sleep.
Hear my voice...as you drift away.
I will...be here...With you.

When Cynder finished, Dizzy was then sleeping peacefully. There was also tears swelling up in Spyro's eyes, "Cynder, how did you come up with that?" Spyro asked, staying quiet as to not wake up the children.

"I don't know," Cynder said, quietly like Spyro, "It just came to me." That said, the couple left their children to slumber in each others warmth like a litter of puppies within the basket, and headed for the master bedroom. Inferno laid behind his fearful sister, Umbra, and wrapped his arms and wings around her and laid his head on her neck. Dizzy laid with her back to her brother's. His warmth was like a massage to her.

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