Crossover: Avatar – Hannibal

A/N: So here's the deal, I don't usually write crossovers (I hardly even write fan-fiction these days), and I usually don't read them either. This one just played in my mind. On Hannibal's side, it starts of rather 'Hannibal rising'-ly. But I'm not gonna let him go through his becoming of a monster for to long (Besides, I wasn't exactly the biggest fan of that film, the book was alright though, less then the others). It won't follow any specific storyline from any of the books, it just seemed better to introduce a thirteen year old Hannibal to the Gaang, instead of an old one. Also, some people from the books (cough cough Mason Verger cough cough Will Graham cough cough Red Dragon cough cough) will make appearances in this fan-fiction, perhaps not always with a nice ending to these get-togethers.

There you have it... I hope you'll enjoy chapter one of 'A tale, never told.'

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Chapter one: "Whispering Winter"

One day after the date that would go down in history as the official defeat of the fire nation, princess Azula (after coming to her senses a bit) fled from her incarceration in a fire nation prison. She rallied up others who still had the will to fight and the stubbornness to defend the spoils of war, which their country had taken. This small army rebelled for six months before their leader finally abandoned the cause, she left them all to the mercy of the other nations, while she herself went into hiding. This army roamed the earth kingdom for six horrible months. To be exact: They burned fear into the natives hearts for one-hundred-and-seventy-seven days. They marched relentlessly, driving away entire cities out of fear, whilst they themselves were hunted down by an even bigger and more powerful army, led by the avatar himself. When winter finally came, the snow and cold slowed the wild plunderers down. The cold affected their powers, the constant march left them weak for they lived of of plunder and never stayed long. Walking forever, arriving in empty cities, the food evacuated as well, made them very hungry. Near the kingdom of Omashu, lies a forest and some of these tired warriors took refuge among them trees, five days before they surrendered and three days before Azula betrayed her troops, a small group of soldiers found a cabin… Here they warmed their cold bodies and slept there as well, they regained hope for a while… It was here, that they fed.

Five days later, on the day the war of a hundred years truly finally ended, the treaty was signed by a general who replaced their disappeared leader, his name was Hozon, and he got of with life. On that same day (at 8 a.m.) the 'Gaang' flew over that very same forest on Appa's back. They guided helped out the weak and drove out the strong of both sides. The mist was almost as thick as Appa's coat and dew still covered the ground, though it had already been turned to frost. Having helped out seventeen soldiers already, Aang and (his now girlfriend) Katara were getting quite tired, Toph was just plain and simply bored. Sokka looked through the long scope he carried in an attempt to find other people, who might be lost.

"I still don't get why we have to help the fire nation soldiers get out too." Toph complained. And it may sound like fair remark, after all grief they've caused.

"Because." Katara replied. "If we want to create a new and better world, we have to make sure we don't build it on the same hatred the last one ended in."

"Yeah, well anyways Aang, I think were to deep into the forest. No soldiers would have passed this place, I think." Sokka mentioned.

"Why's that Sokka?" Aang asked.

"Well, this deep into the woods is just to far away from the command centre they had, you'll find a lot more people near the edge of the woods."

"Ah. But it's those that are in deeper that are in the most need of help."

Sokka sighed and turned his head towards the monk and away from his scope. "Fine, don't listen to me, after all, I'm only the 'Idea-guy'." He turned back to his post as lookout. "But for the record, I don't think we'll find… A boy in the woods, with a chain around his neck!"

"Well, either that's a big imagination you have got there, or you were wrong Sokka." Katara joked as Aang had already turned around the flying bison.

They landed a small distance away from the boy and greeted him by trying to shout him over and waving towards him. Appa's figure scared away all the 'wolffoxes' that had followed there weak and tasty prey. Reluctantly they would come to regret that their waiting for him to fall on the ground, unable to put up a fight, cost them their snack. Knowing fully well that he tasted as good as his family had, 7 days ago. The boy, shrouded by mist and covered with snow and blood and sweat wasn't aware of his surroundings anymore and hadn't moved since they landed. The trail of blood soaked through his footprints in the high layer of snow, and froze in his on his slender face and his black clothes. These ordinarily fancy clothes, being from high quality and beauty were now ripped and stained with blood. The color black stained with something close to bordeau. His gaze telling nothing to no one. The Gaang jumped to the ground and walked towards this strange figure. Before they got far, however, the boy collapsed, he fell flat on his face. The thick snow that had given him hypothermia now broke his fall and probably saved him a broken nose.

By now the group ran towards him and gathered around him. Sokka turned him over. The skinny boy, breathed one word before he lost the last of his consciousness… That word was 'Mischa'.

Though Toph hardly recognized his weak and hoarse voice, she knew there was no doubt. 'Mischa' was the name of the sister to the one person with a voice she could link this one to, though it was terrible to hear it in this state. A brother and sister of earth kingdoms royal blood from a family befriended to hers. A brother and sister she had met just once, four years ago. Instantly she placed her hand on his left hand and counted his fingers, six of them.

There was no doubt… this lad was Hannibal Lecter…

While Hannibal had his uncomfortable dreams, through which he'd scream if he had the strenght in his lungs, the group carried him to the top of Appa's sadle and put covered his cooled body, sheltering it from the blizzard that was slowly building up. Toph quickly bended the chain of of his neck and Aang used firebending to keep him warm while Katara did her business as the medic. She seemed worried, Aang could see it in her eyes. Toph knew it without having to see Katara. Her being quiet and strained meant it wasn't going well. To top of Toph's speculations, when she took the hand of the ill young man, same age as her (being 13), she felt his pulse was slow. Furthermore did she feel a certain void coming from within him, it seemed best not to mention it right now. The fear of losing someone she knew, even though she only met him once, agitated Toph. To relieve her frustration she yelled at Sokka, that being the custom.

"Sokka, what the hell are you doing there? We need to leave, bring him to the infirmary, meathead!"

Sokka, who had returned to the place Hannibal had fallen yelled back in return, his reason being the distance betweem them rather then annoyence. "He had a chain on! Perhaps we'll find something or someone if we head back down his trails."

"Mischa" It dwarreled through Tophs head, though she didn't say it out loud.

"It doesn't seem like the smartest thing, though!" Aang yelled with his air-bending-speaking, for the wind of the blizzard roared up and snowflakes fell in great numbers. "We can't leave him here while we look for others, he won't make it!"

"He needs my care and your warmth, Aang." Katara told him. "We can't keep him here, he'll die."

Toph, hearing this, jumped of of the saddle. "Then you guys get out of here! Sokka and I will look for others, that 'Mischa' he whispered, before the blizzard covers the tracks." Aang and Katara seemed reluctant to leave there family and friends alone in a snowstorm. "It's the only choice we've got! My seeing through the earth might be able to find others."

"You might freeze to death, Toph. You can't even wear shoes, because else you're truly blind." Katara reasoned.

Toph's reply was honest as well as brave. "More people might freeze to death if we don't do this... My mind's made up. Try to come back as soon as you can, I'll bend a high pillar of earth, so you can find us."

Aang closed his eyes and bit his lower lip, when he released it he spoke two little words, though he didn't like to say them as he usually did. "Yip yip." The bison took off.

"You know..." Sokka started, a little annoyed. "You guys could have asked me if I wanted to go on this little quest. I mean, I'm all for saving more lives, but if we don't find shelter, we'll freeze to death." When Toph, more serious then ever didn't reply to this, he continued with a sigh. "Let's just keep moving, then. Be careful your feet don't freeze off."

"Yeah, about that." She bended the earth beneath her to lift her above the snow. "Hop on, you tell me which way to go, I'll go as fast as I can."

So it was that while Toph raced across the earth, following Sokka's instructions, that Appa raced the white skies to get to the field-hospital in time. The wind blew vigorously and the snow started to turn into hail. It pounded on the three youngsters on the bison's back while the storm nearly blew them off. In his constant altruïsm, Aang still wondered how his friends were doing, even though he was in a lot of trouble himself. Katara kept talking to the boy, reassuring him. Aang wondered if the mysterious boy could hear her while even he couldn't over the roars of the blizzard and the groans of his bison.

In Hannibal's mind he was surrounded by darkness. His weak state affecting his mind. His mind, which had already recently gone through a transformation, now threatened to lose quite some memories. They fell into the dark and he could not get them out. There was a barrier holding him from them, it consisted of something deeper then fear, something more primal than force and more ugly then hatred. Hannibal categorized it as 'weakness', it consisted of empathy, love and the belief in a just world. If he wanted his memories back, if he wanted to find whoever did this, he would have to brake down that wall and become the monster 'THEY' had created. Though there was no promise that he'd find out what happened, he knew it to be true. And he listened to the voice, telling him it was alright to become...

Had it not been for Toph's speedy way of transportation, they would've walked for about as long as Hannibal had. In a cold forest like that, such a thing isn't a good idea. Neither would they have been able to follow the footprints, the snow covering the rapidly. Finally, just as the tracks completely disappeared, Sokka yelled out in relief. "I see a light over there. Let's head that way, it's where he came from, most likely."

"I have to tell you, 'Over there' isn't really something that works for me, Sokka. Tell me where it is." Toph replied in annoyance towards Sokka's relentless particular amnesia about her being blind.

"Oh sorry, it's just a bit to your right." His voice carrying his shame.

After reaching the hospital, Aang wanted to return to his friends, even against the will of the doctors. They begged Katara to stay, as they were short of hands, she agreed. Aang returned to his flying friend, to go get the others, it was obvious however, that Appa wasn't going anywhere. The previous flight had left him completely worn out. He had fallen to the ground, fast asleep. People took shelter in his fur to keep themselves warm, and in return kept him warm. So for that it wasn't this friend he was worried about at the time... He took his glider and took off, to find Sokka and Toph.

Finally they arrived at the cottage. Toph, sensing no movement arround them said it was alright to enter. One small lamp was still glowing slightly in the dim cabin. The young boy and girl were in awe from the first vision they received from the cabin. Toph, being blind and seeing through vibrations, may not have been able to see the blood across the floor, walls, even the ceiling and in the pots, but she did notice the bones, human bones that lied next to the pots... completely gnawed of... "This... it's just... sick..." Sokka spoke, his voice weaker then ever before, and Toph concurred.

In the hospital, Hannibal had regained enough strenght to scream in his nightmares... Katara shook him slightly, trying to awake him, to get him to eat and drink a bit before making him go to sleep again. At the lightest touch he opened his eyes and turned calm. He saw the girl in blue clothes, with brown hair and a slightly darker skin bended over him, but he did not acknowledge her.

Hannibal had willingly chosen to become...

A/N For those of you who didn't know, Hannibal Lecter (the book-version) does have polydactyly.

I do not know where I'm going with this story yet, although I do know a way to create a showdown with Mason Verger which includes the Gaang as well as Hannibal... That and the fact that my exams are coming up probably made it so that I shouldn't have posted this yet... but as I rode through 'Nachtegaal Park' ( a park behind my home) on my way to school this morning it was snowing, and I just couldn't put this story out of my head... I could see the first scene coming to life in front of my own eyes... hope you can too now.

P.S.: It's not gonna be a story in which Hannibal wil try to kill of and eat up the 'Gaang', nor will they duke it out, in fact: They won't know about his desires, at least for the first few chapters.

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