The (Not so) Long awaited sequel to my (Worthless) other Christmas story, the Aluclause, This story will not make any sense to you unless you have read "the Aluclause" (Which possibly would be a better read if you have seen the film "the Santa clause" but I do think it should be decent if you haven't) Metropolis kid advised against using an OC as the point of view character for a story so I can assure you it will only be that way for one chapter, I am happy to say though that she couldn't be further from a Mary-sue than she is, and no, there is no romance between her and ANY Hellsing characters.. that would be wrong.

Pairing: Alucard/Seras
POV Characters: Marina Haynesworth (OC based on the girl in the Santa clause film)
Genres: Humor/Romance/Alternate universe
Rating: K+ (Why isn't the movie "the Santa clause" rated T yet?)

Chapter 1: Deck the Halls with... Blood?

It was the first day of Christmas I lay comfy and warm,
with a black plush stuffed hell-hound held tight in my arms.
I got it from Santa that Jolly old man, except he wasn't an oldy but a vampire, with fangs!
True he came from the chimney, but no noise and no clatter he wore red but I truly imagined him fatter.

His little elf helper, To my surprise. Neither grumpy nor hairy, she was pretty, and nice.
As I gazed at the tree and the presents they'd brought, I knew it was a great Christmas, or rather.. I thought..

Alucard stared at the table in slight puzzlement. A bucket was placed upon it, it's contents two full blood packs and numerous ice cubes, not everyday would a mortal human child give him something to drink, the last case had been sir Integra, but it had been at least forty years since the last time she could still be called a child.
The vampire took both blood packets from the bucket and stuffed one in his red frilly suit for Seras, as he raised the other to his mouth and prepared to bite down on it, sucking the blood through the plastic he noticed the girl shiver slightly and he thought better of it. It was also not every day a child would witness a feeding vampire and the sight could be pretty disturbing.

Noting the glass placed beside the bucket he sighed and tore the straw-like top off the packet emptying the liquid in the small container. He sighed at having to deal with such a strange kid as he lifted the glass to his lips resisting a scowl as he gulped it down, B positive... His least favourite blood type. But he would not look a gift-horse in the mouth, he'd gotten used to drinking that stuff, Integra always gave it to him when he'd bothered her again and she did not feel like wasting a bullet on him. Placing the (Not quite empty) Glass back on the table he thanked the girl before returning to the chimney. Gesturing at the presents to let the girl know he did not care when or where she decided to open them, as long as she bloody well did.

As the vampire rose up the chimney with the now empty bag he grinned at the little girl a last time, while it looked a little frightening she understood he was trying to be nice. As soon as the last edge of his black rider's boots had disappeared from sight the girl quickly rushed to the Christmas tree where her presents were waiting to be opened, in her hurry she bumped into the table making the ice bucket in which the single glass still stood, partly filled with blood crash against the floor. Staining the white rug red as the blood seeped into it.

Marina's foster parents had of course heard the the noise and came rushing down from their room in alarm. Unnecessary to tell both were disturbed at seeing their adopted daughter stand in the middle of the hall with small droplets of crimson liquid splashed over her nightie, standing on their expensive, blood-soaked rug. This scene, the talk on school of the nonsense she spread about Santa clause being a blood sucking vampire. The girl would have a lot of explaining to do.

"Marina Emilie Natalia Haynesworth! What's the meaning of this?" The father bellowed, him calling her by her full name was never a good sign, the girl knew that. And at that moment she knew, no matter how long she would talk, he would not listen, because who would believe a girl that claimed she had seen Santa happily drink a glass of chilled blood. Honestly, would you have?

No one even considered her story. No, they called her crazy.
Although these two were not her biological parents it still hurt, but hey, at the very least, she was allowed to keep her toys.

Right, like that would cheer her up. As she sat on the back seat of her foster parent's car she prayed, not to Jesus, not to God, But a blood sucking vampire she called Santa clause to get her out of there. Away from people who did not even believe in logical things like Santa and Dracula being the same person.

God, adults could be so damn stupid. Another prayer went to her hopes to never have to become one herself.

Not quite as funny as it were in my head. But nevertheless.

I kept my promise to you to make a follow-up on my Aluclause story, and you keep your promise you may or may not remember making to me to read and review it.

Santa, His helper, and his master, (And I) Demand it!