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Unfortunate Trust

By Stormwriter and Lorre


Neelix walked into Lieutenant Lacouix's quarters.
looked around. She had bid him enter, but she
present in the main room. Her planters of miniature
and herbs anointed one wall, next to the portals out

Neelix sauntered over and inhaled the fragrance of
unknown herbs mixed with the sweet scent of
roses. She was known for the tiny genetically
engineered flowers. She was the ship's botanist, but she
also had a hobby which Neelix was quite familiar with.

A soft sound startled Neelix and he turned around to
gaze into the redhead's eyes. They said she was unique
for a human. Flame red curly hair crowned her head.
Darker skin that of the Captain, and brown eyes, while
different than other humans, made her quiet beautiful.
Others said the combination was quite different, but in
the end didn't really matter to Marie.
"Yes Neelix, what can I do for you?" Marie said in the
calm voice that was her trademark. Even under extreme
pressure, her voice was said to remain calm.

"I am planning a party of sorts in Holodeck Two next
week. People come costumed." His cheerful voice
echoed thru her quarters. "I was wondering if you would
tell some fortunes, for the sake of atmosphere."

Marie padded over to her chair by the window. "Why
not get a hologram to do it?"

Neelix grasped his hands together, and smiled at her. "I
was hoping for some authenticity. After the Hirogen, I
think we all need to unwind and have a bit of fun." He
walked over and sat across from her. "Say you will do

Marie sighed and rubbed her temples. "It is powerful
magick I call upon, Neelix. Not some parlor trick. I could
see things better left unseen."

Neelix looked crestfallen, but he was not one to give up
readily. "Come on, Marie, it's just a few fortunes. And
I'm sure you'll only see good. Besides, everyone knows
that stuff isn't real."

Marie looked up at him sharply. "You don't know that,
Neelix. This has been in my family for centuries. It is not
fun and games. The magick is very real." She sighed,
looking at the hopefulness in his eyes. Finally Marie
spoke, "I will agree, on one condition. You make sure to
let everyone know that I am very serious about this, that
it's no game to me."

Neelix clapped his hands together, the loud crack filled
the serenity of the room. "Good, then I will get cracking
on the other preparations." He stood and walked
towards the door, then stopped. "Oh, Marie I forgot
something. Wear something fancy, but appropriate.
Maybe I should bring a costume by?"

"No Neelix." Marie held up her hands. She stood and
smiled, "I have something perfect for it..."

Marie stood inside the little tent Neelix had replicated to
her specifications. She had moved the items within
herself, needing as much authenticity as possible. There
was her small table centuries old handed down to
each successive woman in her family with the gift. On it,
she spread out the old purple silk cloth, smoothing out
the wrinkles. Then she set out her various items of
fortune telling, as Neelix had put it: her runes, crystal
ball, scrying mirror, and finally her worn deck of tarot
cards, also wrapped in the purple silk. Next, she set out
the candles that would light the tent, very blatantly
putting 4 larger pillar candles in the four quarters. Even
in space, she could get her bearings for the correct
sequencing of the quarters.

Marie looked at the smaller table behind the main one.
On it were the brazier, ready to be lit, and the sandalwood
incense she preferred for readings like this. And then,
she found the box containing her various bottles of dried
herbs, crystals, and talismans. These she set out around
the tent, both for "atmosphere" for her customers, and
for her own sense of well being.

Marie looked around her. She was satisfied by the tent's
interior, and began to quickly pull on the robe she'd
chosen for this. As the familiar fabric slid over her naked
body, she could already detect the telltales signs of
clairvoyance coming on. She had one of the strongest
cases of the gift in her family for quite some timeor so
her old grandmother had told her on so many occasions.

Marie sat down, and fingered her Tarot cards. She took a
deep breath and began to clear her mind of everything.
She needed her head clear for this. She didn't notice the
first person to stick her head into the tent. It was Lt.
Torres, someone she had little association with. "Are
you available, Lieutenant Lacouix?" B'Elanna whispered,
unsure as whether to disturb the redheaded woman.

Marie looked up, smiling. "Yes, I'm available. Have the
festivities begun already?" At B'Elanna's hesitant nod,
she smiled. "You've never done this before, have you?"

B'Elanna stood by the door as if she was about ready to
rush out of the tent, never to return. "No, I haven't.
Klingons believe that your fortune is what you make of
it." Her fingers played with the tight bodice and full
colorful skirt of the dress reminiscent of European

Marie's smile broadened. "May I ask why you are here
then? Could it be that Tom coerced you?" Then before
B'Elanna could reply, it came to her. "You're here
because you are curious, and confused about something.
Am I correct?"

The temperamental Klingon was almost shy as she
tentatively approached Marie. Marie indicated that she
should sit. B'Elanna quietly replied, "Yes I am curious
about something." She grasped the hem of her skirt and
twisted it unconsciously. Her eyes glanced nervously at
the door to the tent.

Marie stretched out a hand to touch the Klingon's arm.
"There is nothing to fear, B'Elanna. I will do what I can
to help with your curiosity." A flash of insight. She
pulled back to pick up her deck of cards. "As I don't
know you all that well, I am going to do a very ancient
spread that will allow me to learn more about you, as well
as show you that I do not make this up."

Marie fingered the cards, noted that B'Elanna's eyes once
again darted toward the front flap of the tent. "Would
you like him to join you?" she asked gently. "I can do
this reading either way."

B'Elanna nodded curtly. She shifted in her seat. "No, go
ahead and read them without him here. He won't be
satisfied until I get them done, but with him out there..."
Her voice trailed, as she looked back into Marie's eyes.
B'Elanna implored her to understand the situation. The
faster she could get out of there, the happier she would
be. She had to make this decision on her own, without
Tom's help. She had to know it was for herself, and
herself alone.

Marie smiled and began to shuffle the deck as she spoke.
"As I said, this is an ancient spread, and requires your
assistance. Please take this deck and separate it into
three distinct piles, then choose one and point at it." She
waited as B'Elanna did so, then took the pile in question
and reversed its orientation and placed it between the
other two piles, then handed the deck to the other
woman. "Good. Now, please shuffle the deck three

B'Elanna did this with ease. Once B'Elanna had finished
and handed the cards back, Marie began to lay out the
cards, six of them, in a star pattern. "This is the personal
star spread. It tells me all about you." She looked at the
cards before her and smiled. So far so good. A rather
mild reading, but combined with her flash of insight, it
would hopefully answer the young woman's questions.
"Now this first card is what is on your mind right now.
I've drawn the 3 of Wands, which says optimism and
new beginnings are uppermost in your thoughts. These
next two, the Empress and the Lovers, represent what
you are doing right now." She suppressed a grin as she
said, "According to these cards, you are working on a
commitment with Tom, feelings of contentment, perhaps
pursuing a family?"

B'Elanna just sat there, a shocked look on her face. Her
hand reached down to protectively caress her stomach.
She looked up into Marie's face, unable to respond.
Marie's warm brown eyes smiled back at B'Elanna. The
gift was rarely wrong. Then she returned to her reading.
"The next two cards, down here, represent your past,
what you've come from. Here we have the ace of Cups
reversed and the 9 of Swords." She frowned, staring at
the cards, then lifted her eyes to gaze at B'Elanna for a
moment. "According to these cards, you don't come
from a happy background. There was much anxiety,
sadness, loneliness, and disappointment." The muscles
surrounding B'Elanna's eyes tightened in pain, as
memories of her childhood surfaced. It took her a
moment to reign them in.

Marie waited then continued. "Finally, we come to the
sixth card, the 9 of Pentacles, which tells of your spirit,
your inner self. There is much security and achievement
within you, B'Elanna." She smiled. "You have traversed
a hard path, relying only on yourself and come out a
winner, despite the adversities." She paused, then
looked up at B'Elanna. "Does this make any sense? Was
I close?"

B'Elanna nodded, fear apparent in her eyes. "It's so
close, it's frightening." She paused, trying to decide
whether or not to continue. "Tom asked me to marry him
tonight." She straightened her body. "I haven't given
him my answer yet. It just seems so fast."
Marie's smile grew. "If you want to know something,
B'Elanna, when I touched your arm, I got a flash of
insight. I saw you two together, Tom's arms wrapped
around you as you cradled your tiny child close." She
stretched a hand to B'Elanna again. "The spirits are
pleased with you two. If I were you, I'd feel the luckiest
woman in the universe to have such a man love me as
Tom loves you."

B'Elanna nodded at this. Indecision that was so apparent
when she walked in, was replaced with a serene
calmness. She stood up, smoothing her skirt. "I know
my answer now. Thank you, Marie." She used the
lieutenant's first name, a sign of great respect.

"It was my pleasure, B'Elanna. And feel free to seek out
the spirits' counsel through me any time you may need
it." She didn't normally extend that offer, but it seemed
the right thing to do with this particular young woman.
She watched B'Elanna leave, then began to pick up the
cards, shuffling them thrice before setting them aside to
wait for her next visitor.

Tuvok stumbled into the tent not more than a few
seconds after B'Elanna had left. Marie looked up and
almost chuckled. A cheery-eyed Ensign Kim was right
behind him. "Now Tuvok, you promised that you would
do this favor for me. Fortunetellers are an ancient earth
custom." Kim grinned as he watched the Vulcan's

"I fail to see the logic of getting one's fortune told,
Ensign Kim." Tuvok replied dryly.

"Oh come on, Tuvok. Lighten up. Even your Vulcan self
needs to relax. Besides, you gave me your word." Harry
winked at Marie. She had often worked with him, when
they were collecting botanical samples for hydroponics.

"Yes, Ensign. I gave you my word, you were interrupting
our game with your chatter." Kim chuckled at the
Vulcan's distaste.

Kim had known that it was the only way to get the
promise out of him. Kim pulled the chair back, and gently
pushed the uncomfortable Vulcan into the seat, then
placed his hands on the man's shoulders. Tuvok didn't
see the logic in Kim's actions as he was much stronger
than the Ensign.

Marie suppressed a chuckle and gazed at Tuvok. "What
sort of reading would you like, Commander?"

Before Tuvok could reply, Harry piped in, "Read his

Marie laughed as she reached for his palm. "Well, it's
definitely a given that you'll have a long lifeline." She
gazed at the lines on his palm. It was true, there was a
long lifeline. She traced the line with a delicate finger.
"See, Harry? He does have a long lifeline."

Tuvok stared at Marie without blinking. "This is a fact,
Lieutenant, due my species' lifespan, not some
ambiguous illogical future." He turned to Ensign Kim,
"The perfect fortune lays in fact. Therefore she can not
be wrong."

Marie smiled and continued, knew this reading was more
for Harry than for Tuvok, so she used it as a lesson for
the young ensign. "And here's his heart line. He's got
very deep feelings for....two people. I can assume one is
his wife. The other....I'm not sure who it is."

Harry looked at Tuvok. "Tuvok, you sly old dog you.
Holding out on us?"

"I don't know that this is romantic love, or simply a deep
respectful admiration of someone, but it's there." She
paused as an image of the captain flickered in her mind's
eye. Wisely, she said nothing about it. "This lines
shows how, despite his Vulcan ways, Commander Tuvok
can be very passionate about many aspects of his life."
Marie raised her eyebrows in surprise. " I know he is
very dedicated to his work and to the relationships he
has cultivated aboard this ship." And now a vision of
Kes appeared for the briefest of seconds. "And here,
this means that he has a very deeply rooted creative side
which should be cultivated." Marie released his hand
and looked up at the two men. "Very nice reading,
Commander." She glanced at Harry. "Care to take a
chance on a reading?"

Harry looked at his palm, unsure that he wanted to see
his own future. He shivered and looked at Tuvok. While
the Vulcan didn't give any regard to Marie's rambling,
Harry did. He looked back into Marie's eyes. The
calmness about her, lured him in. "Sure, why not."
Tuvok stood and Harry sat in his place. "It would be nice
to know if I ever got home, or if I should start looking..."
His voice trailed not wanting Tuvok or Marie to know his
intimate thoughts.

Marie smiled at Harry and picked up the tarot cards
again. She shuffled them, had him cut and shuffle them.
Then she held the deck in her outstretched palm. "Pick
out one card, Harry. And flip it over sideways, without
looking at it." She looked at the card and smiled. The
ace of Cups. And then, without thought, she reached
over to grasp the hand that had picked the card, staring
into Harry's eyes for an intense few seconds. He tried to
smile confidently, even feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Marie let go of his hand before he could say anything.
"You've picked the ace of Cups. This card signifies
growth, emotions, and love." An impish smile tugged at
the corners of her lips. That brief contact with him had
shown her exactly who that love concerned. How could
she tell the handsome young ensign that he was sitting
across the table from the woman he would be
romantically involved with? "As far as getting home, I'd
venture to say that you are already home, that Voyager
has become home to all of us. As for growth, look at
how much you've already changed since you came
aboard Voyager."

"What about the love?" a confused Harry asked, the
image of Libby filling his head.

As if sensing what Harry was thinking about, Marie
smiled sympathetically. "You must deal with Libby on
your own terms, and in your own time. I do know that
there is a young woman here on Voyager that you will be
very happy with."

Harry shook his head in confusion. "So you are saying
that the woman I will be romantically involved with isn't
Libby?" Even though he had given up hope to be with
her again. Marie's comment caused the last bit of him
connected to Libby to break away. Harry ached inside,
but he stood looking at Marie. She knew something she
wasn't saying.
"Yes, Harry, that's what I'm saying." She paused. Part of
her wanted to tell him the whole truth, but she knew
better. "Everyone has had to give up a loved one from
the Alpha Quadrant. That doesn't mean we can't find
someone to love out here, or we love those in the Alpha
Quadrant even less." Again she paused, choosing her
next words carefully. "Harry, what I have seen has told
me that Libby was not the soulmate you need to
complete you." She blushed ever so slightly as she said,
"The young woman here on the ship IS that soul mate,
the other half to your whole."

Visibly shaken, Harry walked out the door. It would take
awhile for it to sink in. Marie sighed, but they had 70
years. The shock would wear off. Shaken, she watched
him go. It was the first time she had seen her own future

Tuvok glanced at her before leaving. "Intriguing,
Lieutenant, if I was a scientist I would want to continue
this for further study." As Tuvok followed Harry, she
knew that this would be the closest thing to a
compliment that the Vulcan would ever give her.

Marie stepped out of her tent to get something cool to
drink, blinking at the brightness after the solace of her
dimly lit tent. She saw Tom and B'Elanna talking quietly
near one of the refreshment tables. She moved that way
when B'Elanna smiled at her, motioning her over. "Hello,
B'Elanna, Tom."Marie greeted them. Tom's grin lit up his
face. Marie grinned back at him. She didn't need to be
psychic to know that B'Elanna had told him.

B'Elanna flashed her ring finger to Marie, a large
sparkling rock caught her eye. "I said yes."

Marie picked up B'Elanna's hand, shimmering in the light.
An image of a baby hit her hard. B'Elanna's future was
even clearer now that she had chosen a path. "A baby,
and soon." Marie whispered to B'Elanna.

Tom caught her muttering. Shock apparent on his face.
He turned to B'Elanna. Trying to hide her embarrassment
B'Elanna muttered, "I forgot my booster last month."

Tom pulled her away from Marie gently. "We have to get
you to the doctor right now." He pulled B'Elanna
towards the door of the holodeck.

Marie shook her head, smiling as she watched the young
couple leaving. Grabbing the water and a small plate of
fruit, she began to make her way back to her tent again.
She saw Harry sitting in a corner, deep in thought,
staring directly at her. She wanted to go to him, explain
all that
she'd seen. However it was not her place to do so. He
had to come to that realization himself.

Glancing over at Chakotay talking with the Captain and a
few others, she smiled. There was something there. She
could sense it from the Captain, but she couldn't tell
which man it was coming from. A deep sense of longing
and love washed over her. Two hearts were singing in
concert. Shrugging, Marie stepped back into the tent
and quietly ate. There she sat waiting for her next

Chakotay popped his head in. "I hear that you're telling
fortunes, Marie. You know I wouldn't miss getting mine
done." He chuckled huskily. "If Tuvok comes out of
here a bit shaken, then you must be doing really good
this evening." He held out his hand, assuming that Marie
would read it.

Marie smiled up at him and shook her head. "No palm
reading for you, Commander. You know I never read
your palm. It's the deck for you." She handed him the
deck of cards. "You know what to do. Or at least you
should by now." She loved this banter with Chakotay.
His beliefs were the closest to hers, and that had brought
about a very close friendship between them. She
watched as he expertly shuffled and cut the deck. Then
he spread out the cards in the personal star. She didn't
even have to spread the deck for him, he knew it by rote.
Marie suspected Chakotay could probably read cards
nearly as well as she. "So, Chakotay," she said with a
smirk, "what do YOU see here?"

Chakotay winked at Marie. "I would never dare to
presume on your area of expertise," he chuckled. He had
begun getting his cards read on a regular basis when he
had first come to Voyager. Their deep friendship had
started as a means to bridge the gap between Maquis
and Starfleet. "But if I hazard a guess, I would think that
this card," He fingered the lovers. "That this card means
that I am to soon become involved with someone."

A low chuckle escaped Marie's lips. "You are getting
very perceptive with the cards, Chakotay." She glanced
over the spread again. "Yes, you will become very
involved with the woman who will prove to very
probably be your true emotional equal. But this may
cause some concern among the crew. Nothing major, but
a minor concern." She drew in a breath. "I see a fork in
your path, Chakotay, a situation where someone very
important to you will need you, but you will have to
choose whether to help this person or not. Your
decision will have great impact on your relationship."
She paused then, looking up at him in confusion. It
passed and she shook her head, beginning to pick up the
cards. "I'm sorry, Chakotay, I can't see anything more."

Chakotay reached out to touch Marie's hand. "Mon
amie." He'd resorted to her native french. "It's okay.
That's the strongest reading you have given me in a long
time." He hung on expecting her to catch a glimpse of
something, anything that would make the fortune easier
to understand.

Marie smiled her thanks, biting her lip. And then a flash
of a torrid kiss cut by a terrified scream. She jerked back
from his touch, clearly unnerved by the vision.

Concern in his eyes, Chakotay whispered, "What is it
Marie?" He resisted the temptation to reach out and grab
her hand again.

"Nothing," Marie murmured, unconsciously sliding her
chair backwards, away from him. "I'm fine. It was
nothing." She took a deep breath, expelling the fear and
the image as best she could. "I'm fine, Chakotay," she
repeated finally looking at him.

Chakotay stood, glancing back at Marie. "Are you sure
Marie?" His eyes clenched in concern.

"I'm sure, Chakotay. It was It was just a phantom
image, probably some spillover from my earlier readings."
She couldn't believe she wasn't telling him the truth, but
this was odd. She didn't know why, but she couldn't
place any of the people in the vision. That bothered her
greatly. "I'll be fine, honest."

"If you're sure." Chakotay's smile was warm. He
watched her nod, turned and left the tent.

Marie sat down and waited. She closed her eyes, and
took a deep filling breath. She felt each molecule of air
pass down her throat as it expanded her lungs. She
couldn't shake it. A darkness settled over her soul. She
shook it off as merely the conflicting images of everyone
she had read tonight. Everything had been good, all her
readings had been good. She had to remind herself of it.
Nothing bad was going to happen tonight.

And then Marie watched as Kathryn Janeway, her
captain, walked through the door. "Is this where we
our fortune told?" Kathryn had a warm smile.

Marie, shocked at Kathryn's presence, simply
that she should sit down. "Is there anything in
you'd like to know, Captain? Or would you prefer a
general reading?"

Kathryn leaned forward, and Marie could smell the
synthehol on her breath. The captain wasn't drunk,
warm and open to possibilities. "Oh, do whatever
would normally do. Perhaps something like
had done. He came out of here with a huge grin on

Marie studied her captain, then turned to the various
items on her table. Usually one thing or another
scream for her attention to be used. But nothing did
the captain. She thought for a moment, then
decided on
her method. She stretched out her hands. "Let me take
your hands, Captain. I'm going to do a slightly different
reading for you." Kathryn smiled as she held out her
hands. She wasn't uncomfortable touching her crew, and
did so frequently. Marie held the woman's hands lightly
in her own. "Just relax, Captain. Don't say anything at
first, let me gather my impressions. Then I'll ask you if
you have any questions, and we can go from there."

Marie felt Kathryn relax across from her. Taking deep
slow breaths, she closed her eyes and focused on
Kathryn Janeway. Bits and pieces of information and
images filtered into her brain, a surprisingly large amount
came to Marie. "Okay, Captain," she said slowly. Her
eyes closed, still concentrating. "Do you have any
questions you'd like me to try to answer? Anything at

Kathryn leaned forward, "Yes, the first one that comes to
my mind is whether or not we will make it back to earth?"
It was obviously the first question she would want to
know, as it was the focus of her life at this point.

"I see Voyager returning to the Alpha Quadrant, but as
far as any details, I see nothing. Just that Voyager will
return home." An image popped into her head; Chakotay
very close to a woman, very obviously attracted to her.
She smiled. "Any other questions?"

Curiosity piqued Kathryn asked, "So will Chakotay play
an important role in my personal life?" She phrased her
words carefully, not wanting to reveal her innermost

"Chakotay will always be an important part of your life,
that much is certain. You and he are connected on a
level that defies description." In her mind, Chakotay
moved closer to the woman, obviously about to kiss her.
His arms pulled her closer, wrapping about her slim waist.
"There is another man who has an equally undescribable
relationship with you. I cannot see a face, but he is
someone you trust your life with." Marie shifted slightly,
placing just a bit more pressure on Kathryn's hands.
She tried to pull at the new image creeping into her mind.
She fought the faint distant image, as it was difficult to
keep hold on. "You are at a crossroads, Captain.
Someone very close to you will betray you. And that
betrayal will forever change your relationship."
Chakotay leaned in for the kiss. Marie could see in her
mind's eye that it was not the captain he kissed, but
another woman by the name of Sam Wildman. "But
someone else will be there to pick up the pieces. That
relationship also will change forevermore."

Marie paused, the phantom image starting to come into
glaring clarity. The Captain, fear etched on her face,
backed away. She shook her head back and forth.
Obviously trapped and afraid. Marie faltered a bit at the
juxtaposition of the two images. "You will need to keep
your wits about you, Captain. Strange things may
happen when you least expect them, and you could find
yourself in danger. Find ways to surround yourself with
those you are closest to, for they will protect you."

A very uncertain Kathryn leaned back. Unsure of what to
think. "What do you mean, Marie? Who am I to trust?"
Kathryn's voice contained a pleading note. Her Irish
roots screamed. Down deep, beyond her scientific mind,
she believed in the power of the fae.

Marie opened her eyes to stare at Kathryn, to try to rid
herself of the images she saw. "Anyone you hold close
to you. I would venture to suggest Chakotay, Tuvok,
your senior staff. The people you hold closest and
dearest to you onboard Voyager are the ones you should
surround yourself with." She released the woman's
hands. That dulled the visions a bit. "I know you have
Irish blood in you, Captain. You must know the power of
the fae. They have spoken to you through me, and they
urge you to seek out those closest to you." She sighed.
"You are in danger. I know not when or what, but danger
follows you at your every step."

Kathryn, concern written on her face, squeezed Marie's
hand. "I always have danger hunting me down like a
hound on the scent of a fox. Can you tell if it's more
dangerous than normal?" Her scientific mind gone, and
her roots talking to her strongly.

At the tactile contact, the images swelled within her
again. "This is a far more personal danger than ever
before," Marie suddenly blurted. She wanted
desperately to jerk her hand away, but couldn't. The
voice screaming in her head again, like in the vision from
Chakotay. Only this time she recognized the voice. It
was Kathryn Janeway. "Captain, this is serious. Please,
even if you don't believe what I believe, PLEASE take
every precaution to safeguard yourself from harm."

Stunned Kathryn only nodded, and stood up. She would
give the matter some serious thought. Perhaps talk it
over with Chakotay, as he was the one she most trusted
on the ship. Marie had told them that they would be
together in the end. It had to be the man she was
describing. Kathryn had held out, deep within herself,
that someday they would be togther. She had to find
him. Chakotay was more spiritual than she. Warmth
washed through her as she left. Both she and Marie
needed some time to clear their minds. Chakotay would
know. What to do.

Even with the loss of tactile and visual contact with the
Captain, the images still surged within Marie's mind. She
saw as if she were the captain. She looked about, trying
to find Chakotay. Suddenly raw red anger and pain
welled up within her. Before her stood the man she'd
been searching for, the man she cared deeply for. Only
he wasn't alone. He didn't even acknowledge her
presence as he wrapped his hands around the slim waist
of Sam Wildman.

Chakotay pulled her close for a passionate kiss. Marie
wanted to scream; she didn't want these images, nor did
she know why they were still coming. Then the image
shifted so dramatically it almost knocked Marie off her
feet. She was in a darkened corner of the room, looking
at Sam, who was smiling and talking, though she heard
no words. And then her hand reached up to caress Sam's
cheek. She recognized Chakotay's hand. Marie could
see the emotions so clearly written in Sam's eyes. The
woman was in love with Chakotay. And realization came
to her in a blinding flash. Gone was the pain of her far-
off husband.

Kathryn was not the woman in Chakotay's vision, Sam
Wildman was. And again, a shift in perspective.
Kathryn's eyes searching, blinking. It was obvious
Kathryn Janeway did not want to believe what she was

Marie realized that this was that fork in the paths of both
people. Yet she sensed further pain and betrayal. She
shifted perspective yet again. This time from eyes she
did not recognize. They watched intently as Kathryn's
face drained of color as she watched Chakotay and Sam
passionately kiss. They saw as Kathryn's heart broke,
shattering into millions of tiny shards never to be made
whole again. Finally watched as Kathryn turned and ran
out of the holodeck.

Marie felt a hand on her shoulder. The tight squeeze
brought her out of her trance. As she was being pulled
out she felt something, as if she was the person she
looked out through. Jealousy and pain so extreme
washed through her, knocking her to her knees. "Marie,"
the arms wrapped around her in concern.

A small child's voice echoed the call. "Marie, mon amie.
Are you alright?" Marie's eyes fluttered open, and met a
child's blue. It took her a second to realize she was
looking directly into little Naomi Wildman's eyes.

The arms that held Marie so firmly in their grip pulled her
back into a strong muscular chest. A soft, normally
friendly, now very concerned voice filled her head. The
words brushed her ear, and sent shivers down her spine.
"Are you okay Marie?" Harry held her, as the shaking
subsided. She took a second to try to calm the racing of
her heart.

"I'm I'm okay. I just haven't eaten much, and
sometimes my visions take a lot out of me." Not exactly a
lie. Then Marie noticed the nervous look in little Naomi's
eyes. "Well, Miss Naomi, have you come to have your
future read?"

"Yes Marie." Naomi paused hesitant to ask. "I need to
know something very, very important." As Marie was on
the floor, at her level, she leaned to whisper into Marie's
ear. "I need to know if Chakotay will become my new

Marie looked into her wide blue eyes, could already tell
the answer without any of her normal means of
clairvoyance. Her vision told her all she needed to know.
She moved into a more comfortable position, motioned
for the girl to sit in her lap. It was more for Marie's own
comfort than the child's. "Naomi, what do you think?"
She looked up as Harry moved behind her, pulled her
back to lean against him. This seemed so natural that
she gave no thought to it. "You have a bit of the sight,
Naomi," Marie continued smiling. "Did you know that?"

"What sight? Oh, you mean seeing Chakotay and
Mommy kissing in the corner." Naomi giggled. "I was
on Uncle Harry's shoulders, you can see very good up

Marie felt Harry chuckle behind her, a nervous sound.
So he'd seen it too. Had everyone? Marie turned her
attention to the little girl. "Naomi, I want you to do
something for me." As she spoke, a vision flashed in
Marie's mind. She saw the captain stalking toward her
quarters, blinded by tears of anger, humiliation, and
betrayal. "I want you to close your eyes and open up
your mind. Think about your mommy and Chakotay.
Concentrate very hard, as hard as you ever have. You
tell me what your mind and your heart tell you about
your mommy and Chakotay."

The little girl closed her eyes tightly. Naomi's whole face
contorted with the effort. Then she whispered quietly,
"I see Momma and Chakotay dressed fancy, standing in
front of Captain Janeway." Her eyes flew open,
excitement in her eyes. "Momma was dressed in a white
gown, and Chakotay was all fancy too. I had a pretty
dress on." Naomi got up off of Marie's lap. "It looked
like the party we attended awhile ago, when Ensign
Springer got married." She didn't need to ask Marie what
it meant.

Marie swallowed hard. "You see, you answered your
own question, Naomi. But you can't tell anyone yet,
okay?" Naomi nodded solemnly to this. "This is a secret
till your mommy and Chakotay say it's okay to tell. Just
you, me, and Harry will know for now." She didn't get a
chance to finish. An image of Kathryn being grabbed
just inside her quarters, slammed into the bulkhead filled
her brain. Marie gasped, stiffening against Harry.

"Marie?" Naomi asked, scared.

"Naomi, go get a bowl of that fruit salad for Marie,"
Harry said quickly. "She's not feeling well. It'll help her
feel better." He watched her leave, then turned to the
woman next to him. "Marie? What is it? What do you

What did she see? Kathryn struggling to break free, the
synthehol fogging her judgement. Marie realized it
wasn't synthehol, but real alcohol. There was also
something else. Marie struggled to grasp it. The alcohol
wouldn't have clouded her vision as badly.

"Chakotay, must get Chakotay." Marie cried softly as
she clawed at Harry. She had to get to Chakotay. He
would help. "Chakotay," She cried again and again.
Harry lifted her up to her feet. She grabbed his hand, and
drug him to where she knew Chakotay would be.

Harry's hand screamed in pain, as Marie's grip was fierce.
"Marie, watch the hand," he told her, but she was too
far gone to hear his voice. She was bent on reaching the
first officer.

They reached the couple in the corner, sitting as closely
together as possible without breaching protocols. It still
didn't keep them from occasionally sneaking a kiss.
"Chakotay!" Marie cried, collapsing against Harry,
winded and wound up. "Chakotay, I need your help. The
captain's vision..."

"Is her vision, Marie. Right now, I'm working on further
fulfilling mine," came the reply. Chakotay wasn't even
looking at her, had eyes only for the woman next to him.

"No, Chakotay, you don't understand. She's in trouble.
You need to help her. This is your..."

"Not now, Marie. Kathryn's just fine. She's probably
gone for the night already anyway."

Anger filled Marie at his callous attitude. She reached
for Chakotay's chin, jerked it toward her. "This is your
crossroads, Chakotay, the fork in your path. Kathryn
needs your help. What are you going to do?"

Chakotay sighed. "If Kathryn needs me, she'll let me
know. Now until then, please leave us alone."

Harry led Marie away, practically dragged her back
toward her tent. She slumped against him, actually
feeling the physical blows from Kathryn's unknown
assailant. It came upon her, Tuvok. "Tuvok! The
captain is in trouble! You have to help." Marie was at
the point of begging the Vulcan.

Tuvok raised his eyebrow in reply. He had just decided
to leave, when Lieutenant Lacouix had caught him. The
Captain had otherwise left, and Ensign Kim was
occupied. "Why would the captain be in trouble?"
Marie could almost felt a flash of fear from him. Vulcan's
didn't have emotion, but she knew it was just how far
buried it was.

"Damn it Tuvok, do you have to ask?" Harry swore at
him. "Even if her visions aren't correct, wouldn't be
logical just to check it out?" Harry stood by Marie,
holding her up as her strength was gone.

"Oh gods, he's hurting her," Marie murmured, shaking in
Harry's arms. Her eyes clouded over as the visions
became stronger.

"I will check in on her, as I was just leaving. You're right
Ensign, it would be a good preventive. It would also
show you how illogical it is to believe in fortunes."

"Just go, please." Marie begged her commanding officer.
In her visions, she felt the blows. Tuvok put down his
drink and walked out of the holodeck. Marie jumped at
the touch of a small hand on her arm. She looked down
to see Naomi holding the halfeaten plate of fruit.

"Here Marie, for you. I had a couple pieces."

Harry smiled at Naomi. "Why don't you put that in the
tent? I'll help Marie in and then we can all share what's
left, okay?" He didn't want to leave the woman alone, not
until he knew she'd be okay.

Meanwhile, Tuvok made his way quickly to Janeway's
quarters. He did not believe in fortunes or fortunetelling,
but Lacouix had hit on some very real issues of his.
These were ones no one else knew of. His feelings for
the Captain only surfaced in the deepest of his
meditations. Tuvok quickly overrode the security codes
for the captain's door. Stepping in, he saw her against
the wall crying out with each blow she received. Tuvok
reached for the man, spun him around. "Ensign McNeal,
you will stop this action."

"Fuck you," the young man snarled and pulled away to
return to what he'd been doing.

It was then that Tuvok could see Kathryn's ripped
clothes, the ensign's opened pants. Anger swelled
within him and he reached once more for McNeal,
slamming the man into the wall with a loud crack. "You
will stop this action immediately, Ensign." Each word
punctuated by slamming the man's head against the wall,
anger very apparent in the stoic Vulcan's eyes. Upon
hearing Kathryn's ragged cries of pain, Tuvok released
the man and moved to her side. Scooping her up in his
arms, he began toward Sickbay. In the process he alerted
security, and sent a detail to her quarters to detain

Marie visibly relaxed as she watched the Captain receive
medical attention in
her mind's eye. Her vision of the two were fading, the crossroads had
been chosen. Now if only Kathryn would open her heart to the man that
truly loved her. Before her vision faded out completely, she glimpsed
Tuvok fingering his unconscious Captain's hand. She now knew whose eyes
she had been seeing through Tuvok's stoic eyes.

Marie was still seated on the floor of the holodeck as the fair went on
around her. She look at Chakotay across the room. She heard a far off
beep, and knew that he was getting the communication that the Captain was
in sickbay. She saw the shock and guilt wash over Chakotay's face. He
stood, and kissed Sam carefully on the cheek. He whispered something in
her ear, then left her with a soft smile on her face. Then he exited,
heading for sickbay.

Marie's image of him continued as he stopped outside of sickbay, tears in
his eyes. She knew that he finally understood what had really happened,
what he'd chosen. He wiped them away, steeled himself, and walked into
where he knew Kathryn would be. Chakotay stopped in his track, pain in
his heart replacing the joy that he had felt minutes before with Sam.
There stood Tuvok, by his Captain's side. Marie watched as Tuvok informed
Chakotay what had happened, dropping the fingers that he had so carefully
held. Ease fell over him, after he knew that she would be okay. However,
the guilt might never go away completely. He felt as if he failed her in
some way.


1 week later.

Kathryn called Tuvok into her office. While her body had healed, her mind
had not. She had gone through much in her life, but Marie's warning of
this one shook her to her core. Somehow Lieutenant Lacouix knew. "Tuvok,
I had a lingering question I need cleared up before I can close this
business with McNeal," Kathryn replied, her face buried in the PADD.
Something wasn't right. McNeal had died of his head injury.

"Yes, Captain, what can I explain?" Tuvok's monotone voice softly
filled the silence of her ready room. He had dealt privately with his
guilt over his lack of control over his emotions in that instance. In his
mind he knew that he had used more violence than what was necessary in
dealing with the drunk ensign.

Kathryn glanced up into Tuvok's warm brown eyes. The pain of Chakotay's
betrayal, no longer fresh, had dulled into a fierce ache. "There is one
thing I don't get, Commander. McNeal died from an extreme blow to his
head, but he was humaniod and very drunk."

"Yes, Captain? That is correct." Tuvok carefully replied.

Obviously Kathryn had not been clear enough. "Tuvok, you are a Vulcan,
you could have easily restrained a drunken man without killing him."
Kathryn stood and walked around her desk to face him.

Tuvok stood there at attention, no emotion on his face. Inside he couldn't
figure out the next logical move. Did he tell her, or did he omit the
If he said something, how much should he say?

"Tuvok," Kathryn questioned, sat on the edge of her desk. It was
something she did, when she was less formal, when she was his friend.

"You are correct, Captain. I did use stronger force than necessary." It
would be the only admittance that she would ever hear, the only admittance
to him losing control over his emotions. He raised his eyebrow.

Suddenly Kathryn understood everything, everything
that Marie's fortune had been trying to tell her. She took
a step forward into his space. They were friends so this
was normal, but this time something was different. The
charged air sapped oxygen from Tuvok's lungs. Kathryn
looked deeply into Tuvok's eyes for what seemed an
eternity. She was searching for something, but she didn't
know what. Almost unconsciously her hand reached up
to caress his face. Tuvok's eyes closed. Kathryn was
his only weakness. His head turned to the side
unconsciously and he kissed the sensitive palm of her

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