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Author's Note: This is the first of several Christmas giftfics I am writing this year. This one is to Dark Albino who is my muse and darling and everything that is important.

Warning: Yep. Sex. Oh, and skirts. Everyone has to write at least one… this is mine. Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas Drabble #1

To: DarkAlbino

From: Me!

"Good evening, Mr. Uchiha."

Sasuke Uchiha, CEO of Uchiha Inc. and one of the richest men in the western hemisphere, nodded his hello to the smiling doorman and stepped inside the large gold and glass doors. The flashes from paparazzi camera's reflected off the shiny glass but paled in comparison to the decorations that adorned the inner lobby. White fairy lights looped up the many marble pillars and twisted in and out of fresh greenery and velvety soft white and gold ribbon.

Stopping just inside the closed doors, Sasuke pulled off his black kidskin gloves. "My idiot?" he asked and the door man nodded.

"Mr. Uzumaki came home forty minutes ago, sir. They nearly ate him alive," the doorman said and jerked his head toward the flashes and muted yelling of questions Sasuke would just as soon slam down their throats as answer.

"Hn," Sasuke said as he started walking across the lobby to the elevators.

"Merry Christmas, sir!" the doorman called out.

Sasuke stepped into the elevator and turned to look at the man. His face curled into a sinister smirk. "Merry Christmas, indeed." And the golden doors slid shut, reflecting a confused looking doorman and hordes of blurry paparazzi.

His status as an Uchiha ensured that he had had his share of run-ins with the paparazzi. His net worth was only rivaled by his older brother's. He had a tragic past that he had triumphed over spectacularly. He was gorgeous, the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He was broody and unapproachable. And he showed no signs of every pulling himself off the market.

In short, he was the paparazzo's walking wet dream. A picture of Sasuke wasn't just worth a thousand words. They hounded Sasuke's every move. A snapshot of Sasuke at a business lunch was worth thousands of dollars, a blurred shot of Sasuke on a private beach- a cool million. The Golden Grail of every professional shutterbug- Sasuke Uchiha smiling- priceless.

As a result, he was no stranger to media attention and then, last week, he admitted to dating Naruto Uzumaki, the golden boy of the silver screen. Naruto was the current heartthrob of the movie world. He had been compared with every great actor since the silent movie premiered. Everything he touched turned gold. Women and men alike flocked to anything with his name in the credits and everyone anticipated the golden hair actor would be adding a second Oscar to his mantle come next spring. He was rumored to be with… everyone. Men, women, co-stars, hairdressers… the list was endless but when asked, he only winked and then charmed the interviewer into buying him lunch. At the news that he was connected to the youngest Uchiha, it would have been impossible to miss the collective orgasm of the paparazzi world.

Sasuke smirked at his reflection in the elevator doors. The funny part was that he had been dating Naruto for three years and had known him since they were lost orphans in the same boarding school. The only reason anyone knew now was because when he'd asked Naruto what he wanted for Christmas, the blond had thrust his arms into the air dramatically and said, "I want the world!" Sasuke glared, and Naruto finished, with a chuckle, "To know that you are taken."

Sasuke hadn't ever denied Naruto anything. He wasn't about to start now.

So, last week, still wrapped together in their rumpled sheets, Naruto pulled his laptop between them and wrote a blog to his official website proclaiming he had finally fallen deeply, madly, and insanely in love.

Speculation flared across the web and media like wild fire.

The next day, Itachi Uchiha 'accidently' let it slip that his little brother was seeing someone.

The frenzy built and built. Every news program aired pictures of Sasuke and Naruto, throwing half baked theories about who the two most sought after men in the country had fallen for. Ironically, and much to Naruto's amusement, no one collected the dots.

So, on Christmas Eve, Sasuke's limousine pulled up to the Konoha Snowflake Charity Ball. Flashes erupted before the door even opened, but when, instead of walking down the red carpet, Sasuke turned and extended his hand to someone waiting in the car, the crowd waited with bated breath.

When Naruto Uzumaki stood beside Sasuke, wrapping his arm loosely around his waist and kissing him soundly on the cheek, the flashes could have been seen from space.

And then Sasuke tilted his head down slightly to hear Naruto through the screaming and questions and a smile came to his face. The world of paparazzi would never be the same.

Leaving the cameras behind, Naruto and Sasuke faced the questions and congratulations from all of their friends and acquaintances on the inside. Unlike all the events and parties that the two had attended in the past, Naruto stayed pressed against Sasuke's side, smiling like the sun, and touching Sasuke for the smallest things. Naruto run his fingers over Sasuke's chest or kissed his jaw to get his attention. He squeezed his hand if he was bored and pulled playfully at the hair on Sasuke's nape when he wanted 'saved' from a particular admirer.

As Naruto's laugh carried throughout the ballroom, mingling with the soft Christmas music, Sasuke held Naruto's hand and ran his thumb gently over Naruto's knuckles, wondering why they'd kept their relationship a secret so long.

The elevator doors slid open and Sasuke stepped into their top floor pent house. Tossing his keys into a bowl on a wooden table meant just for that purpose, Sasuke kicked off his shoes and walked quietly across the living room. The Christmas tree was lit and bathed the room in a golden glow that Sasuke hardly noticed as he walked swiftly to the back hallway and their room.

Naruto had slipped away a half hour before Sasuke. The benefits of the idea were twofold. First, it would hopefully make getting away easier if they didn't leave together. It didn't matter if the temperature had dropped ten degrees while they were inside, cameras would still be waiting when they left.

Secondly, Sasuke had granted Naruto's Christmas wish… now it was Naruto's turn to grant his.

"Merry Christmas, Sasuke," a voice all but purred and Sasuke leaned against the doorframe of their room. A slow, predatory smirk curled his pink lips and his long fingers loosened his tie, pulling it free from his neck with calculated slowness.

"Merry Christmas, indeed."

Naruto lay propped up against their cherry wood headboard with his tan legs crossed at his ankles. The bedding beneath him was a deep red silk and shone in the Christmas lights that had appeared around their bedroom. His arms were propped with a poised laziness on several pillows.

All of this was enough to make Sasuke's mouth dry, but it was Christmas Eve and this was his Christmas wish… and when had his pants gotten so fucking tight?

Sasuke blinked, forcing himself to focus. And what a wonderful Christmas gift it was. Naruto wore a Santa hat on his head, wisps of blond hair curling around his ears and at the nape of his neck. Sasuke's fingers itched to thread through those curls and pull Naruto's head back. With a forced effort, Sasuke moved his eyes down, past Naruto's brilliant smile, and to the velvety, long sleeve top he wore. It was red like his hat with white, fluffy trim around the cuffs and hem at the waist. The fabric hugged Naruto's chest like another skin and when Naruto shifted, the hem rode up and revealed a sliver of smooth, tan skin between the top and the…

"You know, bastard," Naruto said darkly from the bed as he drew his right foot slowly up his left leg. Sasuke couldn't look away. "The last time I wore a skirt I made seven million dollars and was nominated for an Oscar."

Sasuke pushed off from the frame and began unbuttoning his shirt with cool efficiency. "I'll write you a check," he growled and his shirt fell to the floor followed but his pants and boxers.

Naruto's chuckle was breathy, and perhaps more moan than chuckle. His foot had slid nearly to his knee when he let his leg fall to the side. The short, red skirt he wore slid higher on his thighs and exposed the fact that he wore nothing underneath.

"Fuck," Sasuke drew out and crawled slowly up the bed. He stopped at Naruto's ankle and trailed his fingers over the warm tan skin he found there. Wrapping his pale fingers around Naruto's ankle, Sasuke lifted his leg, gently forcing his knee to bend and match the other leg. Now, Naruto was spread open to him, his red skirt caught at the base of his hard, dripping cock.

Moving to his knees between Naruto's legs, Sasuke must have licked his lips because suddenly Naruto leaned forward and cupped his jaw, running his thumb over the wet trail Sasuke's tongue had left. "Thank you for my gift, Sasuke," Naruto whispered and pulled his head forward until their lips met. Sasuke immediately pushed his tongue past Naruto's lips and sucked eagerly on Naruto's tongue, feeling his soft mewls of need vibrate in both of their mouths. Parting just enough that their lips brushed as they talked, Naruto said, "I hope you enjoy yours."

Sasuke smirked and his fingers moved between Naruto's legs, ghosting over his dripping cock to cup and roll his balls. Sasuke watched as blue eyes widened impossibly and Naruto bucked up against his hand while his own hands wildly reached up and gripped the sides of Sasuke's head.

It was only then that he heard the soft, chirping jingles. Removing his hand from the warm, wrinkled skin he had been toying with, Sasuke gripped one of Naruto's wrists and brought it in front of his face. Nestled in the soft, white fur were three silver bells.

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered and Sasuke looked back into Naruto's face. His pupils were dilated from the dim lighting, but mostly from need, and his lashes fell slowly against his cheeks. Lust swirled in their crystal depths and Sasuke had to bite his tongue so he didn't get lost in the love he saw there. Without breaking eye contact, Sasuke slowly brought Naruto's wrist to his mouth and kissed the soft, smooth skin over Naruto's racing pulse.

"These are nice," he said as his nose bumped one of the bells. "And I intend to enjoy them and the rest of my…" He released Naruto's wrist and bent at the waist until he could nuzzle the fine, blond hairs at the base of Naruto's cock, like he had the fur on his cuffs. "… gift," he finished and swallowed Naruto's cock whole.

Naruto's hands immediately latched onto the dark hair next to his ears and he smiled, sucking all the harder, when light jingles rang in his ears along with Naruto's dark curses.

"Oh, god, Sasuke…" Naruto bit out between draws for air. Sasuke lifted his eyes and saw Naruto lean forward. One hand loosened from his hair and Naruto's fingers trailed shakily over Sasuke's stretched lips. "Fuck," Naruto whispered in awe, "you are so…" Sasuke's tongue pressed harshly against the underside of Naruto's cock, dragging up quickly, and licked the slit at the top. Naruto's words were lost in the shout of surprise he released before he fell back into the red sheets.

Still bobbing his head and increasing and decreasing the suction in a way that made Naruto's fingers curl and uncurl around the soft fabric of the sheets, Sasuke pushed his hands under Naruto's skirt until it bunched around his waist. Sliding his hands down Naruto's thighs, Sasuke pushed Naruto's knees up and out until his ass slid down the bed and he was open almost obscenely to Sasuke's eyes.

Sweat gathered on Naruto's golden skin, reflecting the light of the candles and Sasuke loosened his mouth so that a bit of saliva slid over the wrinkled skin of Naruto's balls and onto the puckered skin of his hole. Without warning, Sasuke took as much of Naruto into his mouth as he could and pressed a finger deep inside Naruto's tight heat.

Naruto's whimper drew Sasuke's attention and he looked up to see that the hat had fallen off of Naruto's head leaving his blond spikes tussled and damp from sweat. "More," Naruto begged, "god, I need…" and Sasuke slowly slid his mouth off Naruto's cock even as he pushed another finger deep inside his blond.

"So tight, Naruto," Sasuke breathed and kissed a trail over Naruto's quivering thigh. He added a third finger and leaned back on his heels to watch Naruto arch off the bed and moan his name.

Naruto ran his fingers through his own hair desperately and looked at Sasuke with lust filled eyes. "Now, please, now…" Sasuke's fingers curled, brushing punishingly over Naruto's prostate and he screamed. "Sasuke! Please!"

Yanking his fingers free, Sasuke leaned to the side and grabbed the lube Naruto had left waiting on the side table. With practiced ease, and despite his shaking hands, Sasuke covered his own neglected cock and leaned down and kissed Naruto until the blond twisted his head to the side, gasping for air. "Now, bastard," he hissed and then grabbed Sasuke's face in both hands, yanking him down until their teeth clicked harshly and bit and licked at Sasuke's lips. "Please."

"Yes," Sasuke whispered and wrapped his fingers under Naruto's knees. Naruto's arms, bells ringing pleasantly, wrapped around his neck while tan fingers curled into his hair.

For one brief second, Sasuke stilled, the head of his cock pressed against Naruto's opening and the only sound was the swallow lisps of their breathing. Naruto blinked wide, blue eyes and nodded and Sasuke pushed forward, sliding deep inside without pause.

"Ahhhhh," Naruto moaned and tugged painfully at Sasuke's hair. With no regards toward the pain, Sasuke pushed Naruto's knees up to his elbows and stood on his knees. He pulled out slowly and shoved back into hard enough that Naruto's body slid over the silk sheets. "More, harder," Naruto demanded and moved one hand to wrap around his straining cock.

The bells on his wrist jingled wildly with the movement of his hand and spurred Sasuke to match the pace. His black hair clung to his forehead and the side of his face while he muscles rippled over his back. Naruto's red shirt had rode up, exposing glistening, tan skin, and his skirt bunched above his cock.

Naruto's words fell from his lips in an incoherent jumble of moans and pleas that pulled Sasuke faster and faster toward his completion. "Naruto," Sasuke moaned and nearly bent Naruto in half as he slammed into his heat over and over.

With a primal cry of Sasuke's name, Naruto's hips lifted off the bed and he came, white cum covering his red shirt and skirt. Sasuke's eyes rolled into the back of his head, white lights blinding him from behind his eyes, and he came hard, gasping for breath and Naruto… both equally as important, as he couldn't live without either.

He had no idea how much time had passed, but Sasuke growled low in his throat when he felt Naruto shift under him. He tried to tighten his grip on Naruto's waist, but Naruto easily pushed him off and stood. Sasuke turned his head and with just one eye open, watched Naruto walk gingerly toward the bathroom. The red shirt still rode high up Naruto's back and the skirt brushed teasingly just past the swell of Naruto's ass.

"Hmmm," he said and Naruto stopped mid-step, turning to look at him. The skirt swirled softly around Naruto's thighs and the bells jingled at Naruto's wrists. Propping himself up on his elbow, Sasuke smirked. "Yes, Naruto, I loved my Christmas present."