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Romano had finally quieted.

This could either be a good or bad sign. It could firstly mean that he had finally managed to gain control of his temper, which Spain found rather hard to believe, or it could mean that he was just taking a breather and would soon start throwing stuff at the door and/or him.

Really, at moments like this, he had no idea why he was still friends with Prussia. Of course he loved Lovi and wouldn't mind being locked in a room with him for an indeterminate amount of time in most situations, but being locked in a room with a homicidal Lovi was another matter entirely.

"Lovi?" he finally decided to venture, slowly standing and walking over to where Romano was standing, stabbing the buttons of his phone furiously to type out some note. Probably to Prussia. Probably threatening bodily harm.

He finished and then turned, crossing his arms over his chest as he glared up at him. "What, bastard?" Well, he sounded angry, but at least he wasn't throwing anything or attempting to injure him in any other way.

Which he took as a good sign. It really had been much too long since he'd had a chance to be alone with Romano. They'd both been so busy with their jobs as nations that they hadn't had much personal free time. Spain sighed and then slowly slid his arms around the smaller male's waist, nuzzling his nose into the auburn hair and breathing Romano's scent in deeply without answering. It felt so nice to hold him like this. They fit together so perfectly, like they'd been made to be together. And it was even better when Romano wasn't pushing him away immediately like he used to.

Romano didn't visibly react to his administrations, although he could feel that he was much more relaxed than usual. He even gave a soft sigh after a moment before moving backwards and attempting, but failing, to replace his usual irritated expression. "All right, now tell me what you guys are up to?"

"Up to, Lovi~?" Spain questioned back, rather disappointed that he'd moved away so soon. Lovi was slowly growing more receptive to his romantic advances, but they still definitely weren't at the level that Spain would like them to be.

Although that probably could partly be blamed on the fact that he would like them to be at the level where it would be entirely okay for him to suddenly grab Lovi right now, throw him across the bed, and have his way with him.

Which really was an incredibly tempting idea. If he hadn't known that it would most likely just lead to him lying on the ground, about to have his head broken in with a lamp.

"Answer my question, bastard!"

And he should probably not be thinking about when Romano was in the room and only a few levels of irritation away from busting his head in without him making any inappropriate moves.

"I'm not up to anything, Lovi."

Romano crossed his arms over his chest and continued to glare at him, obviously not believing him. "You want me to believe that you, Prussia, France, Hungary, and Japan are at England's house with my brother for no reason whatsoever? I'm not that stupid."

"Of course not, Lovi~!" Spain looked horrified at the idea.

"Then what the fuck is going on here?"

And herein lay the dilemma. Whether Lovi would be angrier if he refused to tell him what he wanted to know, or if he told him that they were trying to set his brother up with Germany…

Why had they given this job to him? They knew that he couldn't refuse Lovi anything. And he'd tried. Many times…

"We—promise me that you won't get angry with me, Lovi?"

Romano's eyes narrowed suspiciously at the request. "What did you do?"

"Promise me?" He doubted that a promise would actually do anything, but you never knew.

"Fine, I promise, damn it. Now tell me what you're doing."

Spain sighed, offering a quick prayer upwards. "We—we're trying to set Feli up with Ludwig."

For a moment, there was complete silence from Romano and Spain hesitantly allowed himself to hope that he was actually going to keep his promise.

Yeah right.

"WHAT?!?!!? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!" His entire body was twitching, particularly his fingers, which kept curling and uncurling into fists. "You…my brother…with the potato bastard…" And then he was back at the door, kicking and pounding his fists against the wood. "YOU KEEP YOUR FILTHY POTATOEY HANDS OFF MY LITTLE BROTHER!!!!!!! DAMN IT, PRUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!!! UNLOCK THIS FUCKING DOOR!!!!!"

Spain nervously watched for a few minutes. If he waited until Romano began to tire, then he could attempt to calm him without getting injured himself. The poor door was pretty much a goner.

It took quite a while, but eventually Romano's kicks and punches began to slow and slam against the wood with less intensity.

And the door was still standing. He was impressed. Apparently England had pretty strong doors.

After another few seconds, Spain slowly stood and crossed the space between them before wrapping his arms around Romano's body and resting his head against the smaller nation's back. "You're so cute, Lovi~"

"What the— Get off me, bastard! You're part of this!" Romano attempted to kick him backwards in the shins, but Spain managed to dodge the blow. You had to gain fast reflexes if you were going to be around Romano for any extended length of time.

"It's so cute that you care so much about your little brother~"

"Wha—what? I do not care about that idiot!" This time he did manage to kick Spain's shin. Thankfully not as hard as he was capable of, but still hard enough that he'd end up having a bruise there tomorrow. "I just don't like that potato bastard!"

"Of course, Lovi." He continued to nuzzle the nation's shoulder blade and, when he didn't immediately break away, took that as encouragement to continue. He pulled Romano back against his body and started to gently brush his lips against his neck. "Te amo."

For a few seconds, Romano didn't answer. Then he sighed and glanced up at him so he could see his face. His lips were quivering, his eyes were bright with unshed tears. "Do you really, Spagna?"

For a moment, Spain was shocked speechless by the utter adorableness of the statement and expression. Then he immediately began covering every inch of skin that he could see with kisses. "Te amo, Lovi. Te amo. Te amo!"

"But, Spagna, if you really loved me then YOU WOULDN'T HELP THAT POTATO BASTARD!!!" He immediately broke away, leaving a slightly deaf Spain to stare at the space he'd just left in shock, and stomped to the bed. Then he threw himself onto the sheets, crossed his arms defiantly over his chest, and flashed him a furious glare.

"Ah, Lovi~!" Ow…that had actually hurt. His ears were ringing now. "You said that you wouldn't be angry."

"That was before I knew that you were helping the potato bastard get into my little brother's pants."

"Now, I'm quite sure that he isn't trying to get into your brother's pants…" Maybe… He actually couldn't be entirely sure of that. The guy did have some rather interesting fetishes. Plus he'd been brought up by Prussia… He doubted that anyone could live with Prussia for an extended amount of time and not be at least slightly tainted.

Anyway, he'd prefer not to think about Germany's sex life right now. Particularly not when Lovi was sitting on a bed, in a locked room, looking absolutely ravishable.

"Besides, Lovi, you want your brother to be happy, right?" He moved slightly closer, ready to duck if Romano threw something at him. So far, so good.

"As long as being happy doesn't involve any potato bastards."

"Lovi~" He sat down on the bed beside him and wrapped his arm around Romano's waist, tugging him so their sides were pressed together. "You aren't being very fair."

Romano just flashed him a look that quite plainly read 'So? Since when do I have to be fair?'

Spain occasionally wondered just why he'd fallen so hard for someone who was so incredibly difficult to deal with. This happened to be one of those times. He sighed softly and then slipped his hand into the soft auburn strands that covered Romano's head and gave a slight tug on a handful. "Your brother would have been so much easier to deal with," he sighed.

He immediately received an incredibly sharp elbow hard in his side. That would also be leaving a bruise tomorrow. "Don't talk about my idiot brother."

Ow... "But he would have been," he whined. "He doesn't hit or kick people and he'd make food for me if I asked him to and…Ow! Lovi~!"

"I said quit it." Now Romano was glaring at him with an almost…hurt expression. "I'm better than my idiot brother at lots of things! I can—I can—" He hesitated for a long moment, his anger starting to falter as he searched his mind for just one thing that he could do better than his brother.

Spain noticed, startled by the sudden saddened expression that crossed over his Lovi's face. He immediately leaned down and pressed his mouth against the downturned lips, drawing back slightly after a moment to murmur softly, "But then again, I think that's part of what I like so much about you, Lovi. You're much more interesting than your brother."

Romano looked slightly happier at that statement. "Hm? Really?"

"Oh, yes." He kissed along his jaw line now, feeling Romano's hands move to his shirt and grip tightly at the fabric. His own fingers slid down the front of Lovi's chest and began to carefully unbutton the shirt from the bottom. "I'd say that you're much more interesting than Feli. And a million times more attractive." Note to self, buy Lovi shirts without so many damned buttons. It was too hard to undo them all when you're simultaneously attempting to leave as many love bites on his neck as possible.

Romano solved said problem for him, as he'd apparently decided that he was taking too long to undo them. Spain suddenly found his fingers pushed out of the way and then Romano tugged hard at the fabric, causing the buttons to break off and scatter across the bed and floor.

England would be thrilled at that.

"You're too slow, bastard." Romano was now smirking slightly, his amber eyes narrowed with amusement and more than a hint of lust. "Horny bastard. You've been eyeing me since that Prussian bastard locked us in here." He scooted forward a tiny bit so he was resting between Spain's knees. "Tell me how much better I am than my brother."

This could be very useful information for the future. Spain wrapped his arms around the other nation's back, beginning to slip the loosened shirt from his shoulders. "Well…" Damn it, it was hard to think when he was being stared at by those heated eyes… "You're more attractive and…smarter…and…" He was cut off by a pair of lips against his and a set of arms that slid around his neck in order to bring them closer.

And a better kisser, he bet. A tongue invaded his mouth and they battled for dominance for a while, Romano's fingers tugging at his hair as his own ran along the bare chest almost pressed against his own.

And then his cell phone started to ring.

Spain was not usually a violent person—the doors that he'd splintered with his conquistador war ax didn't count, as they'd been standing between him and his Lovi. He usually held no feelings of hatred or homicidal rage toward anyone or anything.

However, there were certain times when harbouring said feelings of rage and desire to kill were entirely understandable.

Having your phone ring when you were in the middle of making out with the person you had been pursuing for the past few centuries was one of them.

It startled both of them apart, Romano looking dazed enough to not even realize what in the world was going on.

Spain groaned irritably, half wanting to just take the phone out and chuck it across the room. Although he recognized the ring tone. His boss…

"Ah, just a minute…" He slid his hand into his pocket and pulled the object out, glaring at it furiously. Stupid boss. Of course he had to have such ridiculous timing…

Romano stared at the phone for a few moments, as if he wasn't entirely sure what it was, and then his expression slipped into irritation. "Just ignore it, bastard."

"I can't. It's my boss." He started to open it and then found the screen snapped shut, a pair of amber eyes glaring at him furiously… Shit, Lovi looked even hotter than usual. His eyes flickered back to the name "Boss" flashing across the screen.

It could quite possibly be a national emergency or something important like that. His capitol could be under attack…

And then Romano's lips were back at his, biting at his bottom lip as if punishing him for even considering that a national emergency could ever be more important than he was.

Spain sighed, dropping the phone onto the bed and moving into the kiss. His boss could handle whatever it was on his own.

"Ah, Lovi…" Romano was now returning the favour by working on his shirt; he could feel him fumbling with the slippery pieces of plastic, the movements growing less accurate as they fought with their mouths for dominance. Spain sighed, sliding his own fingers down to Romano's belt loops, starting to pull at his belt.

And then his fucking phone rang again.

He couldn't hurt his boss. He also couldn't yell at his boss.

Romano, apparently, figured that he could, however, as he suddenly reached over, grabbed the phone, and lifted it to his ear, his expression clearly murderous. "Would you leave us the fuck alone! Spagna is fucking busy you piece of shi—"

It had taken Spain a moment to realize what had happened. However, now he squeaked in panic and grabbed the device out of his former charge's hand, pressing his hand over his mouth to muffle the sling of profanities that were forming on his lips.

Shit. Shit. Shit.


"Lo siento! Lo siento!" Spain knew that he was going to be hearing about this at the next meeting with his boss. Probably for a few hours. At high volume.

"What is going on, España? Wasn't that…" There was a short pause as his boss attempted to remember which country the voice belonged to.

Really, by now he should know. "Italia."

"El sur de Italia?"

Eh, better than his last boss. At least this one remembered that there were two of them. And apparently also remembered which part of Italy had the filthy mouth. "Sí."

And then he yelped when said country suddenly leaned down and bit on the side of his neck. Causing him to drop the phone in the process.

Which Romano had apparently been expecting, as he immediately snatched it up and remarked, surprisingly calmly for him. "Look, Spagna can't talk right now. I'm about to fuck him until he can't stand, okay? He'll call you back later." There was a short pause as Spain just stared at him in horror—well, kind of horror…a mixture of horror at the thought that he'd just said that to his boss and extreme arousal at the actual words. Then Romano grinned, the smile eerily reminiscent of his expression while on the football field and he continued, "Oh yes, it's quite possible…Mhm… Oh, don't worry. I'll be gentle." Then he snapped the phone closed, tossing it casually back to Spain with a content grin.

Spain stared down at the plastic object for a few minutes before he sighed and picked it up, snapping it open and flipping through his contacts until he came to Prussia's number. He probably should be upset about this. "You probably just scarred my boss for life." Instead he hurriedly began to type out a short message to the ex-nation before hitting the send button and turning the rather irritating piece of technology off.

Romano was still grinning, looking rather supremely pleased with himself. "Good. That'll teach him to take the hint the first time."

Yes, he really should be much more irritated with the other nation right now. But he looked so incredibly hot right now and he honestly couldn't bring himself to care that his boss was probably now attempting to drink himself into oblivion to forget what he'd just heard. Some bosses found it rather hard to accept the fact that nations had the same abilities and desires that humans had…

He just sighed and shook his head slightly, reaching behind Romano's back and pulling them against each other again. "There's something else that I'm sure you're better than your brother at." Lovi really was incredibly beautiful, he thought vaguely as the other nation smirked up at him. Especially when he looked so pleased with himself. He really liked to see his Lovi smile, even if it was because he had just told off one of the most important people in the world.

"Mm, and what is it?"

"I'm quite sure that you're much better in bed."

Romano paused for a moment, just staring at him in slight surprise. Then his grin widened predatorily and he leaned onto his chest, his eyes glinting evilly. "You're probably right. Should I prove it?"

Spain laughed and pulled him down into a bruising kiss, grinning to himself. "Oh, please do…"


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