(Welcome to Dog Hell)

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Author's Notes: This is my own Homeward Bound. A family moves from their comfortable two-storey Queens, New York home back to Detroit, Michigan. The problem: the apartment the family is moving to has a no-dog rule. There is only room for a few pets. A rabbit, a cat, and four turtles. Rapunzel, Milo, and Sam are left at a friend's house. Wanting to be with their humans, they make their escape—first from the house, then from the pound. Italics are the pets' POV.

My name is Milo. I'm a dying, old dog. Of course, my sense of smell is still keen, but everything else is starting to go. Sounds are muffled—unlike the old days when I was still young and strong. My eyesight is going. But I can still see my humans. Of course, there are only two of them left now. You see, humans are a strange pack. They stick together until their young reaches a certain age. Then they release them to be alone in the world. But they come back and visit from time to time. One of my humans, Sam, has already settled down with his mate. Both Rapunzel and Sammie (not my human, my mate) said that they caught the two in heat—on the floor of our old house back then. But I digress. They have very cute litter. I was blessed to see them before my sight began to fade. Although I'm almost blind and almost deaf—not to mention arthritic and dying—I still remember clearly. Everything. I remember how Sam, Rapunzel, Satine the cat and I travelled for miles just to be with our humans. We had to escape dog hell—a.k.a., the pound.

Allow me to tell you my story—our story. Our story begins in the fall of 1996, Queens, New York…