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This fanfiction is based off one of my original stories that I'm writing. It's called Frozen Past: The Awakening. It's a Harry Potter fanfic with the pairing:Harry/Ginny.

Rise of the Fallen


Legend says that long, long ago before civilization, there lived the Old Species. They were the species Youki, Dragons, Fireyas, Shadow Faery, Naturians, and Dijns. One creature from each species was chosen each generation to be in the Ancients' Court. They battled the darkness and the land flourished under the Court's rulers. But the Dijns turned dark, stealing the magic of the court's leader, Shadow Faerys and their life magic, to gain immortality.

For causing the deaths and forbiddingly stealing the magic of the Court, Dijns were therefore banished to the Deathly Realms. Soon humans were overtaking the lands of Janena and to ensure their survival each race gave a special gift to humans' families. Youki gave their powers, DNA, and instincts to the Redmoon family, which later became the Granger Family. Dragons gave their powers and DNA to the Malfoy family. Fireyas gave their powers, and the beast affinity to the Ravenclaw family, which later became the Weasleys. Shadow Faerys gave their powers, DNA, and the Aura Sight to the Constainca Family which became the Evan's Family. Naturians gave their DNA, and powers to the BlackRose family, which became the Longbottoms. The Banished Dijns went to the Dumbledore family.

This is the story of the next Ancients' Court, as they pass the challenging tests to gain their rights as the Old Species' rulers once more.

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