Audrey Weasley

Audrey is Muggle-born. She grew up a Muggle. When Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, came to tell her she was a witch, her parents didn't take it well. They told Dumbledore they didn't want their daughter near a world like that. But, Audrey was ever so curious. One of her good friends, Abigail, was also a Muggle-born, and attended Hogwarts. During the summer, Abigail would teach her all she'd missed. Abigail, told her about what was happening in the Wizarding World, about the evil wizard, Voldemort, and how he was taking over the Wizarding World. Abigail, told Audrey about Harry Potter, and how he would save the world. Audrey got more and more jealous, and got angrier with her parents. She so badly wanted to go to Hogwarts, and to live in the world she belonged in. She knew only the bits of magic that Abigail taught her. She didn't have a wand, so she couldn't perform any magic.

Starting in the summer before Abigail's fifth year, she would bring home books for Audrey to read. Every Christmas, she would also send Audrey magic books. Audrey hungrily read the books.

One day, during the summer before Abigail's fifth year, Audrey snuck out of the house and Abigail took her to Diagon Alley. During this trip, Audrey got her first wand.

Audrey secretly practiced all the spells in the books Abigail gave her. When Audrey turned 18, deeming her an adult, she left home, and rented an apartment in Diagon Alley. She got a job working at Weasley's Wizard Wheeze's. She loved the Wizard environment, and loved the owner's, George, carefree ways.

Audrey learned of the victory, and she even met the hero. But then, one day, George's older brother Percy came into the shop. She instantly fell for him and mere months later they were married.

Audrey has long golden blonde hair. She has blue eyes. Her skin is a soft, light color.

Audrey is very gently, sweet, and soft-spoken. She is very patient, and is the kind of person who never gives up. The way she grew up made her that way.