Brief Intermission


The sound of a crow's distressed cries woke Hatter from his uneasy dreams the next morning. The sudden movement as he startled into wakefulness aggravated his many injuries, making him wince as pain rippled through him from head to toe. It felt like he'd been tied up and then dragged behind a team of horses in his sleep

"What was that?" he called irritably as he struggled to his feet, muscles crying protest as he did so. The echoes of the many pieces of junk that Charlie called an alarm system giving the younger man a headache to add to his list of pains.

"It's the early warning system," Charlie said as he got to his feet after a tumble out of his hammock "someone has broken through the perimeter!"

At the knight's words, alarm flooded through Hatter's system, clearing out the last of the cobwebs left over from a restless night's sleep. His mind automatically went to Alice, and his head snapped around towards the bed where he had left her sleeping the previous evening after their argument. Hatter felt his heart stop when he did not find her there.

Turning to look at Charlie, he demanded "Where's Alice?"

Authors Note: I'm baaaaaaack! I'm not going to bother explaining why I haven't updated in like...a year and a half. Lets just say life has been interesting.

Regardless, followers, if any of you are even still around, will no doubt be happy to hear that I have, once again, regained my muse for this story. I'm working on chapter nine, now, and even better, I wrote out my entire outline for the story. This means, even if I do go on hiatus again, I won't have to worry about forgetting what I have planned, lol. That being the case, you should probably know that I plan to change the ending a bit, when we finally get there. I'm sure I wasn't the only fan who was less than impressed with the climax of the story where people are apparently too stupid to realize that the army of their gates is just a bunch of skeletons on sticks, and then the Queens men just turn on her at the drop of a hat...Lets just say things are going to be quite a lot more interesting ;)

I also plan to flesh out Hatter's history a bit, so you can look forward to that as well!

I should have the full version of Chapter Nine up by this next weekend, so see you then!