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Scrat and Scratte's Final Distance

Genre: Romance/Friendship/Adventure/Hurt/Comfort/Comedy

Rated: PG

Chapter 1: Missing Presence

I ran across the flat and dry land as fast as I could. The sprint of my feet would splash across the puddles leaving ripples to flow, and have the reflections of the tree's fade away in a shaking, peaceful, and detached movement.

When I made it to the edge of the cliff leading to the tightly closed Dinotopia Portal, a longing expression plastered upon my face.

"Scrat…where are you…? Didn't we make a promise that we'd see each other again? I miss you…" Tears filled up my green eyes, leaving my shattered heart to fill up into pitiful darkness.

Ever since that day when my mate and I became separated from each other, my life had no meaning at all. What is my worthless life without him? I'd never been so heartbroken in my life. I was never able to do the tasks that I was prone to do ever since he was gone.

But the absence of him is everywhere I look. Whenever I close my eyes…I can already see the first time he had ever smiled so gleefully at me. When he tried to save me from falling off that cliff, even though I didn't really need to be saved… I fell in love with him…but it was all locked up inside of my heart, due to our reckless fight over the acorn.

I can't get him out of my mind or heart. He's the light that makes my darkness disappear. And with him gone…the darkness that I hold within my broken heart remains trapped.

It's impossible to let light race through the darkness in my heart. I just can't take the fact that he's not here anymore…

My name is Scratte, and it's been 15 years since my mate's presence was right beside me. I spent all of my worthless time living in the underground ruins of Dinotopia, making a home of my own. Or at least…a home that used to belong to Scrat and I…

I'd always look around this horrid place, for food, water, shelter, and anything that you can imagine to keep myself alive.

Everywhere I go, I see dinosaurs eye my every surrounding as if ready to attack me.

The only thing that I seem to treasure, is watching the three baby T-rexes and their mother bond with each other like what a real affectionate family would do. (AN: Remember those baby dinosaurs? ;D)

I watch them every day to cheer myself up. Heck, it's the ONLY thing around here that actually CAN cheer me up.

Every day, I try to find a way to get out of this horrid dungeon, and return to Scrat. But everywhere I glimpse, I find no way out of this nightmare.

And I know very well that there is no one here in Dinotopia that can help me escape this horrid place. None of these monsters can talk, or understand a single word I speak. In every inch of the land, I always spot a dinosaur fighting, hunting, sleeping, eating, and nothing that could help the task that I have been wanting to complete for 7 years.

I'd stand alone on the edge of a cliff, waiting for Scrat's presence to return to me. I made a promise that I'd see him again, and do whatever it takes to be in his arms once again.

But that promise remains broken, as I walk down the cliff and back to my home.

I can't break my promise though! I've gotta see Scrat no matter what! I don't care if it means killing myself! I HAVE to see him! I don't want him to have a missing presence anymore!

Scrat is somewhere up there waiting for me…and I'm NOT gonna let him stand there any longer! I WILL come back to him!

That is…if I can find a way out of this horrid dungeon… And that…is impossible… I began to cry for my mate's missing presence, wishing that he was here with me right now…

These tears…are the tears that show the darkness that rages within my dark and depressing broken heart…

To be continued…


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