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Scrat and Scratte's Final Distance

Chapter 4: Two is better than one

With my rabbit-sized feet carrying myself across the white blanket of snow, I had found shelter over the horizon! Sighing with satisfaction, I scurried on over with a VERY tiny acorn I had found in another tree. I don't care if it belonged to another squirrel…I NEED ACORNS!!

I coiled myself up in a corner, with the acorn wrapped in my arms to keep it from being stolen. Although with my kinda luck, I can almost guarantee that my acorn'll disappear in the next 50 seconds.

I wonder what Scratte is doing down there… It's been so lonely around here without her. Relatively speaking though, I've been alone MANY times before, so why would it matter? But it DOES matter…to me. Maybe the point is, I've never felt this way towards someone before. Sure she was the EXACT opposite of me, but I cared about her. The feeling of love has gotten to me, course, I already feel that way towards my acorn…but it seems as though she matters to me just as much as the acorn.

Maybe one day when she finally escapes underground, she'll find the acorn I offered her. Although I do wonder why I actually LEFT it there…but on the bright side, I found a new one. Glimpsing over to my arms, I had suddenly realized that my acorn has disappeared! Ya see?! Just as I predicted it, MY ACORN DISAPPEARED WITHIN 50 SECONDS!!

Wonder who took it THIS TIME?! Clenching my fist with fury, I sniffed my surroundings with my long nose to find this acorn thief. Luckily, I was able to spot a shadow figure up ahead. I dunno who or what it was, but I had to go after it…FOR THE SAKE OF MY ACORN!!

I scurried across the snow squinting my eyes to see if I could get a closer look at the figure. But when I made it to the exact spot where it was, he was gone!

"Aw GREAT! NOW HOW AM I GONNA FIND MY ACORN NOW?! I'm left all alone once again…mateless…acornless… I must be the unluckiest squirrel on EARTH." I angrily mumbled to myself.

"…I NEED to find Scratte…I can't live without her or my acorn…"

Suddenly, my ear picked up the voice of an Australian accent. "Then it looks like you could use some help, mate!"

I turned to the voice with a black weasel standing in my presence. He was wearing a vine with cherry bombs strapped to his chest. Gray spots were covered all over him, along with a half chewed ear, plus he was holding a…gun? Wait a second, what?

"W-what is that weapon you're holding, and WHO ARE YOU?!" My sudden scream was loud enough to stun the weasel.

"AYE! AYE! Calm down m-" I interrupted only to startle the weasel.

"Wait a minute…IT WAS YOU!" I shouted pointing directly at his face.

"What?! What're you-"


"Aye! Ya didn't let me continue mate!"

"Then why is there an ACORN sign on your gun?! It's an ACORN BLASTER ISN'T IT?!" I continued to scold him for stealing my acorn.

The weasel smiled proudly. "Why yes it is!"

Eyes widening in realization, I startled him once more. "Ah-HA! I KNEW YOU STOLE MY ACORN, I JUST KNEW IT!!"


I paused in a more calm and perplexed manner. "Wait…what?"

"Iah toldju, another squirrel stole it. But when he took it, he didn't look so happy for some odd reason. The last words Iah heard was, "THE ONE THAT STOLE MAH ACORN SHALL ONE DAY PAY!!!" and then ran off."

I was able to realize what he had explain…the one that I stole the acorn from stole it back from me… I coiled up in a corner with humiliation that plastered upon me.

"I'm such a loser…" I moaned.

"No ya ain't, mate. Iah mean that squirrel jus' needed his food righ?" The weasel said, trying to keep an optimistic side.

"Yeah…but I did too…" I flatly replied.

The weasel glimpsed his surroundings. "Well there oughta be more acorns 'round here somewhere…"

"Nope…" I moaned.

"Anyway, the name's Tuck mate. I've been living in these 'ere lands for decades. Are ya new 'round 'ere?"

I looked up to him with an un amused expression. "No…I've been around here for decades too. Chasing an acorn all my life. But I have however been to an underground dinosaur la-"

Tuck eagerly interrupted me. "UNDERGROUND DINOSAUR LAND??!! WHERE??!!" He yelled grabbing a hold of my arms.

Surprised and freaked out from his sudden outburst I replied to him, "ABOUT 478 MILES FROM HERE!!"

Tuck blinked. It was news to him about an underground dinosaur world for some odd reason… "No way…"

"What? What is it?" I asked suspiciously.

"Ah, nothing."

I turned my back on him. "Well, just to let ya know, I've been trying to find my way back for about 11 years so I could find my love."

The weasel's eyes widened in shock and amusement. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up there, mate. You been trying to find your way back into the dinosaur world to find your mate? So have I! Well, actually…I've been trying to look for mah long lost twin brother, Buck."

Starring at him with confusion, I began to question who this "Buck" animal was. "Buck? Who's that?

"Why he's only the greatest dino-hunting weasel in the world! He's been chasing dinosaurs since we was 7 years old! We got separated by the age of 8…and Iah don't know what he's doing down there now, but I'll betcha he's killin' all them dinosaurs down there. And who knows? Maybe he even found a HE-UGE dinosaur for him to fight everyday! One that can't even be killed…or when that even HE fears!" Tuck explained.

What kind of phenomenon is THIS?! I've never even HEARD of an underground-dino hunting weasel before… You'd only expect to hear stories like this in a book rather than in real life… Either way…it IS pretty amazing to hear… But now that he's mentioned it…what if Scratte encountered a monster down there? What if…she already died…or what if…she was even SAVED by Buck?! …I have to go back…I have to see Scratte…I have to keep my promise… But…how will I be able to find my way back?

"Mate…I just came up with a crazy idea…how would you like it if we both teamed up to go searching for the Dinosaur World, and find both Buck and this…mate that you speak of?"

I widened my eyes with shock and amusement. Yes! This is the perfect opportunity to get back to Scratte! Tuck seems big and strong…he might be able to help me survive through all the danger out there! And then he'll even be able to get back to this Buck…animal he speaks of. If I accept his offer now…I'll finally be able to keep my promise in return in Scratte's arms once again…

"Um…yes! I would love to! I'll go on the adventure, but…it won't be painful will it? Cuz, I'm the kind of squirrel that gets injured a lot, truth to be told." I explained nervously.

Tuck began to laugh with a proud smile on his face. "Why OF COURSE IT WILL BE! But as long as you just stick with me and try to live and not die, then you'll be just fine!"

I only gulped with my stress meter beginning to raise to its maximum level. But, hey, it's for Scratte, right?

"Um…okay, so where to next?"

Tuck glimpsed his surroundings, with my eyes growing larger with excitement to hear his reply, with the intensity growing more and more enthusiastic.


I fell on the ground moaning at the horrible sound of confusion on where to go next.

"But I gotta FEELING tha' we should be heading straight ahead. Get behind meh, mate…cuz you're about to head on to the GREATEST AND MOST PAINFUL ADVENTURE OF YOUR LIFE!!" Tuck shouted proudly through the sky.

I gulped once again, nervous to know how painful my adventure will be… But as long as I'm going to finally see Scratte again, I couldn't be more excited or happy.


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