Just once.

A/N One of my very first ever fanfictions and the only one that has stood the test of time (I have a habit of deleting stories out of sheer embarrassment)! I've had a few people talk about a continuation and while I am flattered that you enjoyed the story I do intend to keep this a one shot. I have, however, started a new RyuShui fanfiction called 'Savior' if you are wanting to read some more. Other-wise, enjoy and please tell me what you think! (:
- Chantelle


Shuichi sucked on the end of his strawberry pocky stick, swirling and twirling it between his lips as he watched the less then interesting happenings take place outside a large window through bright violet eyes.

Hiroshi and Suguru were even less interesting, discussing release dates and interviews for the up and coming week.
Shuichi knew he should have been paying attention, but he had lost all interest in nearly everything since he broke up with Eiri.

Or, more or less since Eiri broke up with him. Yet again.

This time, Shuichi had decided that pondering on such matters was pointless. He still cared about Eiri of course, but now he knew it was time to just forget about trying to get back with him.
Fresh air was what he decided he needed, and moving to get up from his seat, Shuichi started to head for the door.

"Oh? Where are you going, Shuichi?"

Hiro asked, noticing the absent look on his friends face. He had of course noticed Shuichi's rather low attitude, and guessing it had something to do with the tall blond, Hiro hadn't questioned him.

"For a walk."

He replied rather bluntly. Practice was over for the day, so Shuichi saw no reason why he couldn't leave.
When no-one else spoke up, Shuichi walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

N-G had been rather slow that day, and he figured everyone had finished up practising for the day too, which was why it came to him as a surprise when he saw Ryuichi up a bit further down the hallway.


Came a loud voice, beckoning Shuichi to come with a friendly wave and a slight chuckle when he'd been spotted.

A warm smile spread across Shuichi's lips. He found it hard to be down around some-one so cheery.
He barely had time to say 'hi' back when Ryuichi's footsteps speed up and in moments warm arms were wrapped tightly around him.

"Mr Sakuma, hey to you too!"

He gasped, patting him on the back. Ryuichi's mood was contagious, and Shuichi could barely hide the large grin that threatened to form.

"Does Shuichi have time to play?"

He asked. The thing that always stumped Shuichi was Ryuichi's child-like manner. Shuichi had only ever seen him serious under two circumstances; when he was singing and when he was upset.

Figuring from the question just asked, Ryuichi had time to spare also, and he decided it wouldn't be too bad to spend a little bit of time with him.

Nodding, Shuichi parted his lips to speak.

"Anything in particular?"

He never usually could be bothered with Ryuichi's games, despite being almost as hyper as Ryuichi himself. But he needed cheering up, so he made an exception.

Placing his finger and thumb on his chin, Ryuichi looked up and tried to think.

"How about we explore!"

He finally concocted. Despite his many years in N-G studios, there was still a lot for Ryuichi to look at, and he intended to search every room, dragging Shuichi along with him.
Agreeing but not having much choice, Shuichi allowed himself to be dragged along by his wrist, Ryuichi laughing playfully as he headed towards a row of storage rooms.

"I bet there's lots of cool stuff around here!"

He exclaimed, his cerulean eyes wide with excitement.
Shuichi also found himself to be a bit curious, for he had never been in more than four or five of the rooms in the large building.

The first few rooms contained nothing of interest to Shuichi, but Ryuichi found a few boxes and funny hats and costumes, used for photography.

Shuichi paid no mind while Ryuichi mucked about. Wanting to find more, and acting like there was no more time in the world, Shuichi had to sprint after Ryuichi to keep up, only slowing down when they came to a room near the end of the hallway.

Shuichi was confused when they entered, simply because it was empty. But Ryuichi insisted on going in. He said there was something he needed to show Shuichi, but it had to be in private.
Convinced enough, Shuichi entered and looked around. There was a plain couch and a table on the other side of the room, and Shuichi guessed it was probably an old conference room or something that had long since been abandoned.

"What is it Mr Sakuma?"

Shuichi asked, turning around when he noticed Ryuichi's attention wasn't actually on him, but focused on the door behind him.
Before he could move, Ryuichi's body seemed to inch closer towards him, forcing him to back up into the door, and in turn, closing it.

When Ryuichi didn't reply or back off, Shuichi found himself feeling a little nervous. He opened his mouth to speak, but his words were cut off by a pair of lips against his, and a thick, wet muscle forcing its way into his mouth.

It took him a while to register in his head that Ryuichi was indeed kissing him. Questions began to race through his mind, but because of the situation he'd been put in, it wasn't exactly like he could ask.

When Ryuichi finally pulled away, Shuichi found himself too stunned to speak. This side of Ryuichi, Shuichi only saw when he was singing.

He was too afraid to move, in case it would destroy the moment that he knew he would never get back. Ryuichi stood before him and smirked. He had initiated the first move, and now it was up to Shuichi to continue things.
What silence couldn't say, Ryuichi's eyes did. Shuichi moved forward and placed his hands on either side of Ryuichi's cheeks before drawing him in to a deepened kiss, sliding his tongue along Ryuichi's tender bottom lip, begging for entrance.

Ryuichi responded by parting his lips and sliding his hand underneath Shuichi's top, gently tracing fingers across his chest, earning a soft moan from Shuichi.

Overcome with a new sensation that even Yuki had never been able to produce, Shuichi pushed Ryuichi to the ground, not taking care to be gentle.

Enjoying the rough attention, Ryuichi pulled Shuichi on top of him and then rolled him over, climbing on top of said male.

A small gasp escaped from Shuichi's now parted lips, and before he could catch his breath again, Ryuichi's were lips were pressed roughly against his, meshing them together.
Shuichi moved his hands to pull off Ryuichi's jacket, and Ryuichi wriggled around slightly to help ease the struggle.

Whilst propped up on top of Shuichi, Ryuichi could feel how hard Shuichi had become; himself too, and when they both accidentally brushed, shivers and soft moans of pleasure emitted between the two of them.


Shuichi moaned, disappointed when their lips parted briefly in order for Ryuichi's tee-shirt to be slid off.

Wanting more attention, Shuichi pulled off his own jersey and top before pushing Ryuichi over on to his back and sliding his pants down his legs, finding precum soaking his dark boxers. He was almost surprised when his own pants were removed and he found himself to be in the same state.

He looked up to find himself on his back with Ryuichi on top of him, looking down at his exposed body with a sly smirk on his lips.

Shuichi only noticed how hot his body had grown when Ryuichi's hand ran itself up his waist and across his stomach, wiping away all the moisture that had covered the two male bodies.
Sighing softly, Shuichi closed his eyes and tilted his back slightly; wanting to simply enjoy the closeness he and Ryuichi were now sharing.

Kissing Shuichi ever so softly, Ryuichi moved his lips lower, trailing kisses along Shuichi's jaw, then down to his neck, and making his way down his chest and stomach.
Shuichi knew what was coming next, and his eager erection throbbed in anticipation.

Dark boxers were tugged down Shuichi's legs, and then kicked off. Exposing Shuichi completely. By this time, Shuichi hardly had a second to register anything, when warm lips kissed the tip of his penis. A shudder shot down his spine and a short gasp escaped his lips before his vision went blurry, but only for a second.

When he could see again, his eyes darted down and saw Ryuichi, who now had the whole shaft in his mouth, his tongue exploring the thick muscle and tasting every inch.

Amazed that he hadn't released his seed yet, Shuichi began to pant, to which earned a wide smile from Ryuichi. He began to work harder at pleasing Shuichi, by in turn pressing his tongue against Shuichi's slit.

Shuichi was almost glad there was nothing around for him to grab, or he probably would have crushed anything his hands could touch.

He began to wriggle, wanting more but barely able to contain himself from the pleasure he was being given.
Freeing his lips for simply a second, Ryuichi placed two fingers in his mouth, and in the short period of time he had before Shuichi grew impatient, began to moisten them as best he could, covering them in a wall of saliva before returning to his most recent of actions.

This time whilst Ryuichi sucked Shuichi off, he traced his two wet fingers over Shuichi's balls and teasingly stroked his entrance. Knowing Shuichi wouldn't be able to handle it.

This time his loud pants grew into moans and gasps, growing louder by the second. Ryuichi was more than glad Shuichi was so vocal, it made things a lot funner for him.


Shuichi had started to speak, but was too incoherent. Words seemed to escape him, and exit as incoherent syllables.
He could only imagine that Shuichi was begging him to enter, and finally giving in, Ryuichi slid the two digits inside, not bothering to go slowly. The muscles that were at first tense, relaxed around Ryuichi's probing fingers.

Allowing him free movement while he searched for Shuichi's sweet spot. When Ryuichi pressed against one particular spot, the reaction he got was exactly what he had been searching for.
Slipping his fingers out again and giving Shuichi's throbbing cock one last, teasing lick, he moved to change his position, leaning down more so he could place the other males' legs over his shoulders.

Said male was in fact writhing in ecstasy, and had more or less no idea of what was going on any more. He was simply a body, and nothing more. Ryuichi could do anything and everything to him and he would refuse to protest.

Ryuichi knew this and was pleased Shuichi compelled so easily. When in position, Ryuichi spat onto his hand and quickly rubbed it in. Time was wasting, and it seemed both Shuichi and himself wanted it then and there more than anything.

Wasting not a second, Ryuichi placed his tip against Shuichi's entrance, waiting for a sign to enter. Shuichi moaned, half asleep and almost drained from the pleasure. Ryuichi noticed the body beneath him had relaxed and started to enter.


Shuichi begged Ryuichi who had sunk inside of him. He squeezed Ryuichi's shoulders and pushed himself down further, wanting more before he came.

Ryuichi took notice of this, and quickened his past, thrusting almost violently in and out of Shuichi.

It didn't take long before Shuichi almost screamed in pleasure, and by this time Ryuichi was panting loudly as well. He reached up to run one hand through Shuichi's hair, and squeeze one of his ass cheeks with the other.
Shuichi let out what Ryuichi thought to be a muffled giggle, and continued, re-adjusting himself to find Shuichi's prostate.


Shuichi breathed, almost having to spit out the words that were trapped in his chest. Shuichi's heart began to beat faster, thumping hard against his chest and almost hurting.

Ryuichi did as he was told and thrust harder against Shuichi's favoured spot. Earning Shuichi blurred vision, which shortly went white.
Pleased with himself, Ryuichi kept thrusting harder until Shuichi's seed finally broke loose, spilling across Ryuichi's chest.

Sighing contently, Shuichi almost fell asleep, until he realized Ryuichi was still yet to come.
Leaning up, he pressed their lips together yet again, before moving back and placing his own fingers in Ryuichi's mouth, who immediately began to suck.

When Shuichi was pleased with the slippery coating that covered his digits, he softly brushed them down Ryuichi's warm and already moist back until he reached his destination; giving Ryuichi a taste of his own medicine, by purposely trailing his entrance but not entering straight away.

He kept it up while Ryuichi nipped and sucked on his neck. When Ryuichi pulled back to part his lips and speak, Shuichi pressed them back against his own lips and slipped his fingers inside of Ryuichi, who hissed at the new sensation.

Running his finger along the inside of the ring, Shuichi then pulled Ryuichi out of him and climbed on top.
Desperate to know what Ryuichi's limit was, he worked his lips down from Ryuichi's neck and stopped at his stomach, licking up every last drop of semen that lay on Ryuichi's stomach and chest.

Pushing his fingers in harder, Shuichi smirked and used his free hand to brush gently up and down Ryuichi's cock, which was about ready to give.


Ryuichi called, panting loudly. His pants grew into needy moans as he tried to wriggle, hoping that if he moved his body right, Shuichi would hurry up and pay attention to his eager penis.

Shuichi was enjoying watching Ryuichi squirm beneath him, but gave in and grasped Ryuichi's shaft, working his hand up and down.

Ryuichi tried to speak out, but knowing they might get caught, Shuichi quickly pulled Ryuichi into another kiss and slipped his tongue in to keep Ryuichi busy.

Pressing Shuichi closer to him, Ryuichi began to arch his back, signalling that he was ready to cum. Moving again, Shuichi quickly pushed his mouth against Ryuichi's tip, and began to suck.

Semen escaped from the tip, only to be swallowed by Shuichi's waiting mouth. He waited until Ryuichi's cock finally went limp and let himself collapse on the cold floor, breathing unsteadily.

Giggling, Ryuichi sat up and crawled over to Shuichi, who was on the brink of falling asleep, and curled up next to him. Softly kissing his neck and back, while playing with a tangle of violet hair.

"M-Mr Sakuma.. That was..."

Shuichi started. Finding no word to describe how it felt.


Ryuichi interrupted. His voice almost muffled by Shuichi's back. Shuichi had more to say, but chose not to.

"We should do it again some-time!"

Ryuichi said for him, smiling and chuckling. Nodding in agreement, Shuichi closed his eyes and drifted off into a light sleep.

Ryuichi's grin turned into a soft smile, as he leant over Shuichi. Kissing his ear and whispering to him;

"I love you"

Before using his jacket to cover the two of them, falling asleep himself.