Bowser Promotes Tryclyde

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Inside Bowser's Castle, King Bowser Koopa was waiting for Tryclyde to arrive. Finally, after a few distracting minutes, Tryclyde appeared, wearing a top hat on his middle head.

"How do I look, boss?" Tryclyde asked, grinning as he took a seat.

Bowser sighed, taking a moment to think. "Tryclyde, I've wanted to tell you this since the very beginning," The Koopa King began as he motioned Tryclyde to come closer. "It has come to my attention that you've been training like I said you should. You seem to have learnt how to control your fire, you seem to have pinned down on how to track your enemies, you seem poised and ready to take on anything." He blinked as he then watched Tryclyde trying to burn down a fly. Face palming, he continued, "Well...almost anything..."

Tryclyde stopped, and he turned to face Bowser after crisping the fly. "Oops. Were you saying something, boss?" He asked, scratching his middle head with his tail.

Bowser placed his right hand down as he pointed at Tryclyde, concluding, "Well, Tryclyde, you may not be perfect, but you have risen to be a good soldier, and we are in need of a new commander, so..."

Tryclyde gasped, his eyes widening with joy. "You... you mean..." He stuttered, his two other heads dropping their jaws.

Bowser sighed, taking a minute before looking back up and grinning. "You're getting a promotion, Tryclyde. Or should I say..." He winked, chuckling, "Commander Tryclyde."

Needless to say, Tryclyde was beyond happy.

"YES!" Tryclyde exclaimed as he breathed fire through all three heads of his in joy, leaving the room enthusiastically as Bowser watched, his arms folded as he grinned, knowing that Tryclyde would be a great commitment to the Koopa Troop.