A deadly war has surged. The battlefield has been devastated and every single person has ran for their lives.

What caused this great catastrophe of agonizing devastation?

A simple little string.

"You're going down, Waluigi! Your lanky legs are no match for my spotted eggs! Ha ha!" Yoshi cried as he grabbed several of his green-spotted eggs and ran towards Waluigi.

Donkey Kong, overhearing this, began tossing his giant yellow bananas on the battlefield. "Not if you slip up, you won't!" The red tie-wearing brown ape teased as he laughed.

Waluigi grinned, holding his infamous whip in his right hand and some Bo-Bombs in his other. "Come and get me, you ugly green loser!" He hissed.

The three way war was under way. What happened earlier was that there was a string that Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Waluigi found, and they all fought over it. Now, two hours and forty seven minutes since then, they turned the beautiful, quet, and peaceful meadows into a wasteland of disaster as each of the three try to outdo each other. But alas, it wasn't a pretty sight.

Yoshi started tossing his green-spotted eggs at Waluigi, with Waluigi countering with his Bob-ombs. The two explosive items collided with each other and exploded, sending back Yoshi a bit as he pressed forward, tossing more eggs. Donkey Kong continued to chuck more giant bananas on the battlefield, only to be tangled and whipped by Waluigi, who kicked him in the face repeatedly. Yoshi slipped on one of the bananas, but he continued, turning into and egg and rolling towards Donkey Kong and Waluigi. A big collision occurred, with Yoshi flutter kicking Donkey Kong as the ape slapped both him and Waluigi, who continued kicking Donkey Kong as he whipped Yoshi across the body with his whip. The three went soaring in the pitch dark sky, crashing in a garbage heap. The heap started to move towards the left and right as the three continued smashing each others brains out, until it leaned too far to the left and collapsed.

Emerging from the garbage, Yoshi tackled onto Donkey Kong, who started slamming the earth with his feet. Waluigi emerged last and began whirling in his Waluigi Tornado, crashing into the two animals as the three brawlers wrecked their way out of the dump and fell into a river, where they continued their ever non sentient brawl there, the water not bothering them for they were too focused on themselves.

Dixie Kong was walking through the Mushroom Kingdom, only to feel the ground shake violently as she glanced around, wondering where it came from. She then could spot Donkey Kong, Waluigi, and Yoshi all attacking each other in the river as they went right by her, with the trio of morons occasionally bumping into the walls of land like the idiots they were, making the female Kong sigh in disappointment as she folded her arms together.

"Should I even ask..." Dixie muttered in disappointment as she turned her right head to see Dry Bowser pushing a cart full of red apples in a wheel barrel, with some of them falling due to the tremors made by the 'war' for the string.

"I wouldn't bother if I were you. Those three just don't know when to stop." Dry Bowser explained, with one more shake causing the skeletal reptilian to break into a pile of bones, the wheel barrel falling as all the apples began rolling towards the river as a result.