If She Never Knew Him

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Fiona returned to the hideout but with sadness in her eyes but smiled a little as Shrek joined her but he had a feeling that Jazi had told her that he wasn't from this world but he felt her hold his hand.

"It's okay I know what's happening.

But why did you make that deal with Rumpelstilikin?" she asked him.

Shrek sighed at her question.

"I just wanted to get my mojo back because I used to make hunters afraid but now they want me to autograph their pitchforks and stuff like that.

I thought I could get it back but I know it's not worth messing the things I care about up." he told her.

She understood as he felt her kiss him.

"Let's go." she said leading him away.

Later that night, Shrek and Fiona were lying in the forest in a clearing looking up at the stars in the night sky but things seemed peaceful.


How come when we first met each other a few days ago, that you came from another world?" she asked.

"I thought you wouldn't believe me." he answered her.

"I do now but in your Far, Far Away, what am I like?" she asked him.

"You're very kind and loyal.

Trusting and caring but very fiesty when those you care about are in danger like when Charming and the villains took over Far, Far Away.

You're a good mother." he answered.

She gasped at that.

"We have children?" she asked as he nodded.

Shrek nodded in reply.

"Yes." he answered.

"Are we hunted?" she said.


The humans there saw that they have nothing to fear from us.

We need to stop Rumpelstiklin." she answered.

He agreed as they were in each other's arms.

A warm feeling filled him that he hadn't felt since coming here but hoped he could return to the world he knew and loved along with his family and friends.

He then saw Jazi return but was wounded.

"I see you escaped from Rumpelstiklin." Shrek said.

Jazi smiled seeing they were getting along.

He had hope for putting things back to normal......

As the sun rose the next morning, the ogre movement was ready.

They then prepared to leave the hideout and head for Far, Far Away on their mission to set things right but Fiona was nervous but felt better as Shrek was holding her hand.

Jazi smiled at this as the movement made it's way to Far, Far Away but Jazi was nervous as he knew that the ogre hunting witches would be after them but Shrek had a plan about them dividing to confuse them.

Jazi liked the idea as they made camp that night but stayed up along with Shrek.

He knew he was nervous about what would happen in Far, Far Away.

But he hoped that Rumpelstikilin could be stopped.

Rumpelstiklin was nervous as he and Farquaad were having dinner.

He was angry that Jazi had gotten away from him but smiled knowing the entire movement would come to stop him as he cackled evilly.

"What're you laughing about?" Farquaad asked him.

"Because the ogre movement will come here and then I'll have my fun and the kingdom will be ours!" he answered as Farquaad understood but laughed with him.

Kathy and her witches were preparing for the movement.

They were excited.

But they didn't want to let their King down......

As the days passed, the movement had made it to Far, Far Away.

They were hopeful as they were wearing hooded cloaks so the others wouldn't be caught by the witches but Jazi smiled as they began their plan as they got the witche's attention.

"Get them!" Kathy ordered as the witches flew after the movement as Jazi laughed.

This was a lot of fun but was nervous as he saw Shrek and Fiona run off but Kathy was chasing them but knew they could handle it.

But Shrek was nervous as Kathy had thrown chains around Fiona but saw her trying to break out but couldn't as it scared him.

"Let her go!" he pleaded.

"Hmmm....... you care about her.

Surrender yourself and I'll let her go." she answered.

Shrek was torn but knew what he had to do.

"Alright I'll come with you.

Just don't hurt her." he said.

Kathy smirked unchaining Fiona.

"Don't worry about me.

Go find Jazi.

I love you." he whispered kissing her.

She nodded as she left.

Jazi was nervous as he saw Fiona join him.

"Where's Shrek?" he asked her.

He and the others had taken care of the other witches.

"He's in the castle.

He surrendered himself to save me." she answered.

Jazi understood as he and the others headed towards the castle.