"You sure you want this, Yao?" Japan looked worriedly at China, who was pale and trembling. But China was stern, and he had prepared this meeting since a week ago. Since the night with Russia.

Japan was quite… shocked. He was happy China had returned his feeling. He felt he was dependable when China started to tell him everything, memories from his childhood, his feelings, his dislikes and likes, also the tale with England. Japan felt like a man when China snuggled inside his arms and rocked himself back and forward. China has become so childish in a week. China was asking every moment Japan had to spoil him. And Japan gladly fulfilled the wish.

So when suddenly China said he needed to meet England, Japan was surprised (and scared).

But it's fine. China wouldn't run anymore. So there they were, standing hand in hand in front of room 402. A good, modest apartment. More expensive than theirs, located near a police station China feared.

China pushed the bell.

"Yes? Please wait a moment." A sound coming from inside, and a man opened the door.

Japan locked on his sight on the man. Taller than him, just a bit. Blonde, western like. Thick eyebrows. Green eyed. No, Japan was more handsome than the man, he told himself. He won.

Because he loves China more than the man.

"… Arthur, aru… how are you…?" China asked the first ice breaker question. England was surprised, shocked, stunned and too polite to close the door in front of a guest's nose, so he answered back.

"I.. I am good. How are you… Yao?"

"I… I am good, aru."

Then silence followed. Like any other British, he attempted to say something about the weather that day, but then again, England couldn't move his mouth. But suddenly a man came from England's back. The man was taller than any of them, blonde, with glasses, muscular and big. He grinned.

"Ah, the cute chef last time! You know him, Artie?"

"Don't call me that, you moron!" England shouted, blushing red. China saw the blush, and he smiled.

"I see that you are happy, now, aru. I am glad." China spoke while grabbing Japan's hand tightly. "I am here to say… thank you and sorry, aru."

"…Yao?" England held his breath. The memory was still fresh. He asked the small boy to leave, even though the boy made no mistake, making the (previously blushing and smiling) boy went pale and stared soullessly at his soup. The boy didn't even look at him when he bowed down so low and went away from the restaurant's door. England never saw him again after that, but the image haunted him. He felt so guilty it hurts.

"I am sorry too, I …"

"No, let me finish, aru. I am glad I met you. You saved me when I was small and again you saved me when I was desperate. You were too kind to reject me. I am sorry I pushed you into uncomfortable condition. I am sorry I did blame you for everything. I am sorry I always used you to make myself feel better. But I am thankful because the image of you had helped me through my past. Thank you, and…. Good bye, Arthur. Let me graduate from you, aru."

England nodded. He needed to apologize too, but he couldn't. China bowed down, leaving the door. Japan followed him after politely bow to the couple by the door.

America sighed. "Is he the boy you always told me?"


"He is not as weak as you told me, Artie. He is strong. Maybe even stronger than you."

"Yes, he had matured." England smiled. "I am glad he does. He had found someone he loved better than me. Good for him."

"Yes. And you can forgive yourself now." America kissed his lover's hair. "By the way… the scone is burning."

"WHAT? You moron! Help me put out the scones from the oven!!!"


China was sobbing inside his arms. Japan looked up, and stared at the sky. He couldn't say anything and China didn't want him to. So he let China cried as much as he wanted.

His resignation wasn't accepted by France. Apparently the directors wanted him back; they even offered him a rise and a double bonus (Japan sighed; he was only an intern. What he needed more was a secure place in the company). But Japan knew he couldn't take that because it would be like accepting a gift from his enemy. He had decided to move to the village, where green was still natural green and the tallest thing around was trees and not skyscrapers. He had checked and he could buy a small land. He would become a farmer and China will help him. That way China will work all he likes while Japan could support for both of them.

China had done what he needed to do. It's now his turn.


"…" China was busy sobbing, ignoring his name being called.

"… Would you… marry me?"

The sobs stopped and China looked up.

"But… hiks, aru… we are… already… hiks, aru… under the same family reigst…hiks, aru… ration."

Japan stopped blushing. He started to laugh. China smiled, asking, "What are you laughing at, aru?"

"No, it seemed like we had married from the start." Japan laughed. "Funny how this all turn out."



Russia? Don't ask me. I don't know. Maybe he is enjoying his bed with Belarus and Lithuania (threesome?)

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