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{Several years later}

Walking beside Luke down the mountain path from Garmon District, Wizard waited for his friend to speak. They'd just returned from Toucan. Luke had suddenly stopped by insisting he needed another pair of hands to help carry all the things Sue and Samson had brought with them for Lucy's child day. The fact Luke had insisted he walk Wizard home hadn't escaped his notice.

"Man, I'm totally stoked! Soon Lucy will be running all over the place just like Anila and Arian." Tossing an arm over Wizard's shoulder, Luke laughed. "They'll all be the best of friends, just like all of us."

Wizard stumbled a bit under the added weight, Luke never half did anything. "Yes . . . . I hope our children will get along well with one another."

"Hell yeah, that's the ticket." Reaching up Luke ruffled Wizard's hair. "I really appreciate all your help, pal. I would've had to make two trips without you."

At the edge of the property Luke released Wizard and turned to leave. "I better get back. Pop wasn't all that happy that I was taken the morning off plus taking tomorrow off too. It's not like I could just let Selina's parents carry all that junk from the pier to the Carpenter Shop."

Now the truth came out, problems with his father again it seemed. Even after all these years Luke and his father still had trouble communicating with one another.

He'd spoken to Luke about fixing his issues with his father many times before, but it never seemed to happen. It couldn't be easy all of them living under the same roof, especially after Luke married Selina and they'd had little Lucy.

Smiling Wizard nodded. "I'm sure Dale knows how important tomorrow is. Perhaps . . . he'd be less agitated if you suggest he close the Carpenter Shop down . . . so you could all celebrate Lucy's child day. Lucy would be sad . . . if her Grandfather Dale wasn't there with her too."

The stress Luke had been holding back finally evaporated. "That's why I love you man-you have the best ideas!" Pumping his fist, Luke turned and headed back up the mountain trail.

"I feel like such an idiot, I never invited him to go. That'll shut ol' growly up." Stopping, Luke turned and yelled, "You guys try to stop by if you're around town tomorrow too." before taking off full speed to Garmon District.

Wizard chuckled and returned Luke's energetic full arm wave with a small wave of his own hand. It had been touch and go between him and Luke years ago when they had both been vying for Hikari's affections.

Just as Wizard had realized he had feelings for Hikari, Luke showed up and took her out on a date. Jealous, Wizard had snooped on what the two felt for one another. It had been very clear that the Luke was very much in love with Hikari and he'd thought Hikari cared for Luke the same way.

Back then Wizard hadn't realized that there was more than one kind of love and you could care for someone and enjoy their company while still not wanting to marry that person. So when he read Hikari's heart and it showed Luke to be special to her, Wizard had jumped to the conclusion she must love Luke back.

He'd been devastated, the first time he'd fallen in love in his long life and she loved someone else. He'd basically thrown a tantrum and wouldn't even listen to what Hikari had to say. Then he'd discovered she was in danger and because she didn't understand his magic she was unwilling to listen too.

Because of their unwillingness to listen to one another Wizard took actions that caused him to be punished by the Time Spirits. Back then neither of them took the time to listen or ask the right questions.

He'd no experience dealing with feeling like love and was never very good at interact with others and Hikari was just starting out in life and while she dealt with magical beings all the time since coming to Harmonica she didn't have an understanding of what magic could and could not do.

Luckily Hikari had cared enough about him to get the items needed to save him from his punishment.

After that they all agreed to take time to really get to know one another before making a decision like who you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. It was an important decision and Wizard learned that it was one that should be based on more than just how much fun you were having at a given moment.

Hikari had taken a lot of time explaining to him how mortals only have one life time and they needed to try and make better choices so they didn't waste the time they had. Well what she had really said was you needed to make sure you married someone that you could support and they could support you in return. But it still led back to not rushing into something you would regret later.

The three of them remained just friends for a couple of seasons before Hikari decided who she wanted to start a relationship beyond friendship with.

Thankfully Luke kept his word and even though Hikari picked Wizard they still all remained friends. Any hurt Luke might have had over Hikari's choice disappeared quick enough. The other young woman Wizard had seen in his crystal ball that time had finally caught Luke's eye and he pursued Selina relentlessly.

Luke admitted to him, after Anila was born, that he thought Wizard was the better choice for Hikari. Luke was still uncomfortable with magic, ever since the time he'd seen the Harvest Goddess.

The first hurdle for Luke was when Hikari told him about Finn. Luke was never able to see Finn, but he did admit to Wizard he was 'freaked out' by the idea there was some invisible person watching him and Hikari.

The real deal breaker was that summer Hikari insisted on rowing into the lagoon Kappa lived in to give him cucumbers from her garden and Luke went with her. The look on Luke's face when they stopped by his house to dry off was priceless. Hikari admitted later that she did it to test Luke, and it wasn't long after that Hikari made her choice.

While part of him enjoyed the discomfort Luke had towards magic, Wizard made sure to never use any magic around Luke. Wizard came to enjoy Luke's friendship, but the less he reminded the carpenter of what he really was the better.

It was right before their second child Arian was born that Luke asked Selina to marry him, at the bar of all things. Wizard still shook his head at his impulsive friend, but it didn't seem to bother Selina.

He was happy for them both, though he and Hikari wondered how they got along some times. Selina could be sort of demanding and short tempered mixed with Luke's impulsiveness and his habit of not listening, well let's just say sometimes things boiled over.

More than once the villagers in the mining district had come knocking at the door asking Wizard and Hikari to calm the two down. Their arguments tended to spill out of the house to the main road.

Coming around the side of the house, Wizard spied his wife in the hay field petting one of her cows. If he remembered correctly this black cow was the last calf her first cow; Haru, had before she'd died of old age. Hikari had been given Haru as a welcoming gift when she first arrived by Cain. It was a terribly sad day when the old black and white heifer passed away. Though he never cried, it did break his heart to see Hikari cry.

That was the one thing he hated about living on the farm, the animals lives were over so quickly—a constant reminder that everything around him was aging while he wasn't.

Making his way over to his wife, Wizard shuddered at the feel of another soul touching him. Hikari gave him a concerned look. "My younger self is walking through time." Blocking his younger self out for a moment Wizard smiled. "If I remember this day correctly, the children were gone and we went inside for some alone time."

Smiling back Hikari moved towards him. "Should we? I mean it's you, but . . . ."

"It is up to you, Hikari. I can block myself no longer." Turning, Wizard closed his eyes and allowed his younger self to step forward.

Hearing his name called, Wizard turned to face Hikari. Her short, auburn hair bounced above her shoulders as she came to a stop in front of him. They were standing on her property together. Wizard had been here and given her vegetable juice once. Why was he here? He didn't remember leaving his house.

The sun was high and shining, and it felt warm on his face. It was suppose to rain today, wasn't it? He remembered going to sleep last night, not long after Hikari had left. He'd used his power to check the weather. He was never wrong about the weather; the wind didn't lie to him.

"Come on, it's just us right now. Let's go in." She was pulling him into her home, and her smile was different than the other smiles she'd given him before. She looked different today, older in a way. They were approaching her home now, it seemed different too. Was it just him or did her house look bigger? Did he want to go in there? She always came into his home, so it should be alright. They were friends after all.

Hikari hide her smile, she wouldn't do anything too traumatizing to Wizard's younger self.

Most folks would find this situation hard to deal with, but this wasn't the strangest thing she'd dealt with in her life before and after her marriage to Wizard. She'd come to expect the unexpected and had learned to roll with the punches.

Once inside, she pulled him towards their bed and gave him a push so he'd sit down. Maybe a few hints would help clue the time walker in. "I sent them on an errand. So we'll be all alone for awhile." He still didn't seem to understand he was in the future.

Reaching out, she caressed his cheek. He leaned into her touch, and cautiously glanced towards her arm. She'd almost forgotten how innocent he'd been when they'd first gotten married. Not that she had any firsthand experience when they got married either, but the girls from town did talk.


Unable to resist she pressed her lips against his, slowly moving them. He was trying his best to mimic her, still so unsure of himself. This kiss was nothing like what she normally got from her husband.

Forgetting she meant to keep things tame, she snuck her hand under his shirt gently rolling his nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Leaning in she moved her kisses to that sensitive place along his neck.

Wizard replied by moaning in appreciation to her actions. Gods, she loved to hear him make those sounds.

The only thought she had was making him feel good, kneeling down Hikari began undoing his pants. Leaning in she breathed against him, watching his erection twitch from the feel of her breath.

His hand had found its way into her hair. He'd always had some kind of fascination with touching her like this. Wetting her lips, Hikari leaned in again and barely touched his tip to her lips.

Gasping, Wizard looked down at his wife, his younger self had left. The sensations had jerked him right back to where he belonged. He remembered this day clearly, he'd had quite the problem when he woke up that time.

Wrapping his arms around Hikari, Wizard pulled her to stand with him. His unfastened pants tightly gripped his hips, his straining erection stood against his belly with a small pearl of clear liquid gathered at the tip.

"Is our guest gone?" Hikari asked, pulling away so she could trail her tongue across his slit.

Chuckling Wizard pressed himself against his wife, leaning down he sucked on the back of her neck. "Yes, I know for a fact you have completely undone my world."

Hikari gasped when Wizard sucked on the back of her neck. "That was probably very cruel of us."

Playfully growling Wizard stepped around Hikari and began to work her shirt over her head. "It's not often we have time alone, besides at the time I was a several hundred years old virgin with my first wet dream . . . I think I was due."

Hikari arched her back Wizard had found one of her spots along her back and was tormenting it. "Gale." His name came out more as a breath than a spoken word.

Kneeling, he gently ran his fingertips over her sides, eliciting goose bumps all over her body. His tongue drew nonsense figures all around the spot he'd found on her back that drove her insane with passion.

She was soon naked and being pushed onto the bed. Her husband stripped out of his clothes, leaving his jewelry on. She understood each one had a purpose and removing them was a long drawn out process. Not that she cared he left them on, there was something erotic about that cold silver being pressed against her flesh when he made love to her.

Bringing his mouth to the juncture between her thighs, Gale knew just the spot to tease to make her moan. "Gale . . . ." His name was carried on her breath.

"Yes?" She didn't answer him, and that was alright. He'd always immersed himself in his studies, and the ways to pleasure his wife was his favorite subject.

Hikari tensed her legs; he had learned quickly how to play her body like an instrument. Wizard knew just what he had to do to make her wet, what sent her over the edge, and left her sensitive to his manipulation. That was one thing about her husband; he insisted that he helped her find release before he ever began on his own pleasure. His willingness to put himself off for her was just one more thing she loved about him. Gale was always so attentive to her in every way.

Running her fingers through his hair, Hikari bucked up as much as she could with Wizard leaning over her hips. Gasping for breath, she smiled up at him as he moved to position himself between her legs.

Gently entering her, he slid into her slowly; savoring her hot, wet grip. The feel of entering her -it was the closest feeling of being one with Hikari he'd ever felt, it always left him in awe. His favorite reason was if he was perfectly still and concentrated he could feel her heart beating through their connection of flesh.

Pulling out so only his tip remained inside he repeated the motion in reverse just as slowly. Wizard repeated the movement in a steady rhythm. Reaching down, he pulled both her legs up, resting them on his shoulders.

He'd discovered a spot that allowed her to reach her peak multiple times a few years ago and he absolutely loved the glazed look she gave him after they'd make love this way.

Speeding up, he aimed several short, harder thrusts right at that spot, and smiled as he watched her eyes roll back into her head. He was really glad she'd given the children and Finn an errand to run; this way there was no reason to hold back in their lovemaking. Barely touching her, Wizard traced his fingertips across her breast, making her shiver.

Hikari moaned again as she lost herself to his touch, she always loved it when he did this, but she was beginning to wonder if he was going for a new record or something. Well, she certainly wasn't going to stop him if he was. She trembled at the feel of his long graceful fingers running across her nipple, making them so hard they almost ached.

He was almost there now, he could feel himself throbbing. Releasing her legs after Hikari's shuttering lessened from her latest orgasm, Wizard leaned over, sealing his lips against hers. Their tongues intertwined, dancing with their mate. Reaching up, Wizard threaded his fingers into her hair, releasing his passion within Hikari.

Drawing back, he shared another open mouthed kiss with her before pulling away. Resting on his side next to her, Wizard drew her close, holding her against him.

"I'll love you forever." He whispered against her temple.

"I'll always love you too. It's so unfair that my lifespan will never be long enough. I don't want to leave you alone Gale." It was something he'd let slip one day, as the years went by that truth weighed heavily on her. Turning to face him, Hikari pushed his hair away from his topaz colored eye.

His eye glowed for a moment before he answered. "I swear, I will not let even death keep our hearts and souls from one another."

The End?