Outing Four: Jeepers Creepers

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Once upon a time there were two little girls, Alice and Echo, who went on an epic journey to Pandora Ginza. They were sent there with a mission: to go and buy certain somethings and come back with them in their little red wagons.

However, due to some rain and a conveniently placed bench, both girls ended up falling asleep. Upon waking they reached out for their wagons and headed back home. Sure that they had successfully completed what they had set out to do.


Vincent, upon taking off the white sheet that covered the otherwise open wagon, glanced inside at what Echo was supposed to have brought back to him. Instead of seeing that though, he was greeted by pounds of tightly wrapped meat.


And just what was he supposed to do with all that meat? He could eat, yes, but it would surely go bad before he was able to eat it all…and, well, he had really wanted what he had sent Echo out to retrieve…


Meanwhile, Oz and Sharon made their way over to their wagon, which was also covered by a white sheet, protecting the contents inside from the elements. Upon pulling off the covering and taking a peek inside, they didn't see what they had expected. There was no sugar, corn, or strawberries. There wasn't even the meat that they had fully anticipated little Alice to buy!

Instead, they were staring down at pictures.

A wagon full of pictures.

All of Gil.

A photo of Gil sound asleep, the blankets snaked around his form, and his hair tousled by the twisting and turning of his head against the pillow.

A picture of Gil, sleepy eyed, eating breakfast; a small amount of crumbs surrounding his lips and a glass of orange juice in hand.

And so they continued: Gil practicing his shooting, with an intense expression on his face; Gil calmly puffing away on a cigarette, his eyes closed and his shoulders relaxed; Gil panic stricken as girls gather around him in the marketplace; Gil happy, smiling softly as he secures the hat on his head.

Any and every moment of Gil's seemed to be contained within this wagon full of photos. Oz and Sharon weren't quite sure what to do with them all. Urgently calling little Alice over, they spotted a snap shot that caused the small blushes on their cheeks to turn into full, blown-out flushes. It also caused little Alice to go into shock.

A photo…of Gil…just coming out of the shower…A towel just barely, and loosely, wrapped around his waist. It was a sight that none of them had been prepared for and it was at that moment that Gil decided to walk in.

He advanced towards them, stopped above them, and glimpsed inside the wagon. He then proceeded to fiddle around in his pocket, producing a pack of cigarettes, taking one out, and pulling out a lighter along the way, he lit the said cigarette. And, instead of placing it in-between his lips, he let the lit cig fall into the wagon of photos.

"Burn them. Burn them all."

His voice no turned into a shout, it continued to stay level and contained. But, of course, that's what made his statement so horrifying.


Later that night Gil went to visit his younger brother, Vincent. Once they were alone in the room together, Gil inquired, "Why don't you just send me a blue feather like normal people do?"

Vincent gave his older brother a devilish smile, "My love for you isn't normal, silly. Besides, I'll give you a blue feather when you finally get around to giving that master of yours one."

Gil had no retort to supply his brother with besides a burning blush.

Of course, Gil got the last laugh when his brother let out a cry of anguish upon realizing that his elder brother had put alight all of his precious pictures.


The moral of this story: Don't be a creeper. If you love someone, show it to them, don't stalk them.


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