The day I let eyes upon you I was obbsessed, like a prisoner and you had the keys to my freedom.

I'm sure you feels the same, otherwise we wouldn't be here now, in a dirty hotel room with nothing to care for but each other.

Naked bodies melt into one, bliss.

They have no idea about us, why should they? We are too cought up in each others passion we forget them, frankly we don't give a shit about them.

They cause us nothing but pain, driving us insane in the worst possible drive me mad, that thing you do with your toung makes me crazy and I love it.

I hate the sunrise, it means it's over and we go back to our normal lifes, you do look beautiful in the glow tho.

You kiss my chest, and I smile, your warm lips against my skin feels nice and reminds me that someone actually cares for me.

It's funny how this started out, two lonley souls that had almost given up on everything around them found company in each other, mysery loves company as they say.

But yet, when we are together I don't feel as lonely or depressed, I feel all my responsability slip away and the pressure of waking up with a fake smile goes away, now I wake up with a real one...giddy as a little boy to meet you again.

You remind me of a Christmas morning.

What scares me the most about this 'fling' as you call it is it might not be a fling for me anymore...

I feel different...


And I'm sure of it now, I love you.