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The Tenth Battalion

European Campaign


In 2016, Iran and Saudi Arabia launch major weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) upon each other. The subsequent nuclear explosions destroy both nations and cripple the vast majority of the world's oil supplies. The following year, the United States and the European Union develop the SLAMS (Which were an immediate success) and agree to co-develop technologies. The Russian Federation has its economy skyrocket because of the massive influx of petrodollars. With crude oil at eight hundred US dollars a barrel the continent of Europe decides to band together and create the European Federation. The Balkans (Except for Greece and Bulgaria) is too weak to join and collapse. Russia immediately forces policies of mass conscription upon her people and subsequently seizes control of this region. In 2019 members of the Russian Spetnaz Guard Brigades (SGB) loads a virus into the European missile defence system. Consequently the Europeans were powerless to stop the SLAMS destroy the new Freedom Star shuttle during liftoff. Tensions between the United States and Europe rise drastically as a result of the 'accident.' Meanwhile Russia blackmails Germany and Poland into allowing them to set up military bases in there nations. Both nations agree and Russia takes total control of both countries. Tensions are on the rise and the world will never be the same again