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A/N: This occurs before The Fury, as I haven't reached that far. And well before the Founder's Day.


Damon hates how they look at him like he is purely evil, with no remorse—he can be good. He simply chooses not to.

It isn't that he hates his brother, or Elena—he is jealous. How easily good comes to Stefan, and love to Elena. Or the reverse, actually; the two are both good and in love. That drives Damon crazy.

But, like every other emotion he feels these days, he lets it all blur into one; hunger.

And the jealousy, and envy, the dislike, is crunched beneath his feet and drilled into the ground.

More often than not, so is the remorse.


Oh yes, I am aware this is a sucky ficlet. But, I've completely fallen in love with Damon Salvatore, and you'll probably be seeing a lot more of him. :]