Previously On Queer As Folk: Having almost lost Justin in the bombing at Babylon, Brian decided it was time to settle down and proposed. Justin initially turned him down until he learned that Brian was selling the loft and the club, and that he had bought them a manor in West Virginia. Simon Caswell, an art critic from New York, gave Justin a rave review, stating that Justin would have a bright future if he moved to New York. Justin was willing to forgo his career to be with Brian, but they both realized that they would be sacrficing their lives to be together. After spending one last night with Brian, Justin headed off to New York to start his career.

Recovering from his injuries in the bombing, Michael was asked to represent the Committe of Human Rights. Hearing that a bomb had gone off at Babylon, Hunter returned and decided to stay for good. Michael and Ben decided to adopt Hunter, assuming that Proposition Fourteen did not pass. Michael brought Brian to Babylon and made him realize that some things weren't meant to change. Brian decided to keep the club and reopen it.

Both newly single, Emmett and Ted went to Mount Flame to celebrate Ted's birthday. There, they were reunited with past acquaintances: Blake and Calvin (a schoolmate of Emmett's.)

Not wanting their children to be mistreated because of their sexual orientation, Melanie and Lindsay moved to Canada.

Debbie returned to working at the Liberty Diner, still living with Carl and Emmett.

Thumpa thumpa. The pulsating beat of the music reverberated throughout Babylon. The nightclub was packed with men, all gyrating to the music. Glitter flitted through the air and covered the dance floor, its inhabitants, and the bar. Brian Kinney, owner of Babylon and its most frequent guest was dancing with his best friend Michael Novotny. They had been friends for practically their whole lives and Michael was one of the few people Brian actually shared his feelings with.

Emmett Honeycutt and Ted Schmidt were nearby dancing together, since they had come without their boyfriends for the night. Michael's husband Ben Bruckner had taken their adopted son Hunter Novotny-Bruckner out to but a suit for his upcoming graduation.

As usual, Brian was high, but not high to the point where he couldn't walk, only stumble. Since his boyfriend Justin Taylor had moved to New York to pursue an art career, Brian had gotten high more often than he had in the past. It was the only way he could deal with the pain. Never before had Brian loved someone like he loved Justin. Hell, he'd even asked Justin to marry him, which to everyone who knew Brian was completely shocking since Brian didn't believe in marriage.

Looking out at the crowd, Brian noticed a young blond guy walking toward him. Justin! His heart skipped a beat, and he smiled at the guy, only to realize that it wasn't Justin, just some one who bore a passing resemblance to him. Brian's heart sank. The guy noticed that Brian had been smiling at him, and walked over. He began to run his hand down Brian's chest, working towards his belt. "Fuck off," Brian said, turning back to Michael, who looked on in curiosity.

The guy stopped for a moment and then smiled. Once Brian began dancing again, he wrapped his arms around Brian from behind. "I said fuck off!" Brian shouted, pushing the guy down.

"Holy shit, Brian! What are you doing?" Michael exclaimed.

Without a word, Brian made his way to the exit with Michael running after him. "Brian! Wait! What's going on?" Michael asked.

"Nothing, Mikey. Go back inside," Brian replied irritably, getting into his Corvette and tearing away into the night.

Michael stood outside for several seconds before heading back into Babylon.

In New York, Justin lay awake in his bed, staring out the window of his room. As much as he tried to focus on his work, his thought always shifted back to Brian. I can't believe we called off our wedding, he thought. Sure, hearing Brian Kinney say that he would rather cuddle than have his dick sucked had been shocking, but now, in retrospect, Justin realized that Brian had just been trying to make him happy, and who was to say that that was bad?

Even though Lindsay had told Justin that his art was good and that he stood a chance here in New York, the truth was that Justin was miserable. He missed Brian, he couldn't paint because he had no inspiration, and he had no money – sure he had a job, but all of his wages pretty much went to paying the rent and buying food.

Just then, his cell phone vibrated. Without looking at the Caller ID, Justin hurriedly picked up the phone, hoping beyond hope that it was Brian. "Hello!" he said quietly, mindful not to wake up his roommate Shelby.

"Hey Sunshine." It wasn't Brian, but Debbie, Michael's mom.

"Oh, hey, Deb. What's up?" Justin asked, trying the keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"Not much, honey, just the usual – working at the diner and keeping the guys in line," she joked.

"That's good. How's Brian?"

"Well, to be honest Sunshine, I haven't really seen much of our dear Mr. Kinney since you left. Last I heard, they reopened Babylon and he and Michael were down there like in the old days," Deb replied.

"The old days..." Justin began, his heart sinking.

"To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't fucked a single person since you left. He didn't leave the loft except to go to work for days after you left. Michael finally had to force him to go out."

Justin smiled. It was good to know that Brian wasn't back to his old tricks. "I miss you guys."

"We miss you, too, Sunshine. When are you coming back home?" Deb asked.

"Uh...soon I hope. Work's really slow here and I miss Brian...he hasn't called me once since I've been here."

"Really?" was all Deb could manage. She found that odd. Brian had been so devastated when Justin had left. So, why the fuck hadn't he kept in touch?

"Yeah. Maybe I'll come home this weekend and surprise him," Justin considered.

"That would be nice! Let me know if you're coming for sure, I'll have a little get together."

"Okay Deb. Well listen, I'd better let you go, I have work early in the morning."

"Yeah me, too. You take good care of yourself Sunshine, you hear?"

"Yes, Mother," Justin teased.

"Good night, sweetie."

"Good night, Deb." Justin hung up the phone and sat for a moment in silence. Making up his mind, he dialed Brian's cell number. It rang a couple of times and went to voice mail. Hurt and at a loss for words, Justin hung up.

Setting the phone back on his bedside stand, Justin pulled the covers up over his head. Why not? Brian will be so happy to see me, and maybe this time I'll be able to convince him that I don't really want this. After several moments, Justin fell asleep with a smile on his face for the first time since leaving Pittsburgh.

Back at the loft, Brian was wandering around in a drugged stupor. The guy had looked exactly like Justin, or had he? Brian's drug addled brain couldn't remember all of the details clearly and he felt a head ache coming on. Lying down on his bed, he massaged his temples, slowly losing consciousness.

He was jolted awake by the sound of his cell phone ringing. Slowly, he reached for it and looked at the Caller ID – SUNSHINE. Even though his heart began to beat faster, Brian stared at his phone for a long while, trying to decide whether or not to answer it. He did not want Justin to come rushing back to Pittsburgh for him, and yet he would give almost anything to be with Justin.

Finally, the call ended. Maybe he'll leave a voice mail Brian thought, waiting for the voice mail alert to pop up. After a minute of waiting, Brian realized that Justin hadn't left a message. Disappointed and angry at both himself and Justin, Brian threw his phone across the loft. Exhaustion set in and Brian passed out on his bed clutching the rings that he and Justin were to have worn at their wedding.

Next Time On Queer As Folk: The young blonde man from Babylon returns and propositions Brian. Will he give into temptation? Michael revels in the joy of having a family. Debbie gets a phone call from Justin that heralds good news. Emmett decides to throw a party. Ted wants to take Blake away for his birthday.