As Calm As Snow

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AN: Takes main story takes place five our so years after Naraku's death, but certain events changed during the battle itself.

P.S. Inuyasha goes through a change, it'll explain itself hopefully.


A soul mark of red tarnished the blanket of white that covered the land. All his life that is what he has been, an abomination in an otherwise perfect world, a blemish on the face of society. Demon's exiled him, humans wouldn't take him in. A few accepted him and even so much as loved him, but even they now could no longer hide him from the truth. He was nothing more than a weak and pathetic half-blood. He couldn't even protect what he cherished most in this world from the scourge of the land.


Naraku had ambushed them as they were settling in a hut to hide from the snow. The conflict triggered an avalanche separating him from his friends. he spent hours trying to dig through. When he did the site before him, destroyed him. Kagome lay on her Back split open from neck to the bottom of her crotch, the blood soiled the snow around her, her scent drowned out by it. His gazed searched for the rest of his pack. Miroku was found back up with his cursed arm severed and laying non but four paces from his body, but what brought tears to his eyes was shippo nearly torn inside out.

"Not even the child survives his wrath? He truly is far gone." The undead priestess approached, the mourning Inuyasha.

" I wasn't strong enough....I couldn't...p.... them." Inuyasha stood frozen as if from the snow itself, he had yet to see the slayer but assumed the murder got progressively worse and wished not to know of her state.

" True. A demon could of saved them all, you let that girl weaken you." Kikyo Moved her glare from the half blood, to the dismembered bodies of his friends her gaze ever unchanging.

"The fuck would you know? She accepted me as is."

" And look what that landed her?" Inuyasha, flipped over quickly pressing his claws to her throat. " Do it." Kikyo pressed her neck against his claws causing her clay skin to crack. Her removed his hand, and fell back into the cold snow.

"Why are you here?" Inuyasha didn't raise his head to look onto the priests, he kept looking over his hands as if he murdered his loved ones.

"To help with Naraku, but I'm guessing I'm late." Kikyo's attention was caught by afar of object, she wondered off the acquire it, the half-blood had received no response from him when she returned assuming the words hit hard. "Here." She offered him what she had retrieved.

"The fuck is..." What Kikyo held was a completed shikon jewel. he questioned as to how she had acquired the whole thing. " How did you..."

" It was laying about by the monk over there." Inuyasha's glaze darkened. " Take it use it."

"Why to become human and live happily ever after with you? Kagome was my happily ever after." Inuyasha gaze returned to that of pain and regret."

" No to gain your vengeance."

" Even with it I can't he;s proven his stronger than me, I have nothing to fight for."

"So you won't even try, who killed Inuyahsa and replaced him with this squishy pile of shit?" He raised his chin as if to speak but remained silent. " He stole everything from you and you'll let him go?" Still nothing. " That;s why I quit my pursuit of you, she made you as strong as you are weak."


"She loved, you she accepted you, and protected you. I know all of this already." I should just pass on, like her. Never saw why shed let a pathetic half-breed as your self touch her let alone bare your child." Inuyasha rose quickly, staring down on Kikyo.

"She was, with my child? Why didn't she tell me?" Inuyasha questioned.

" I'm guessing she assumed you'd overreact, or do something stupid like let her die."

( I'm making kikyo a bitch.......I like it.)

That was the last straw, he jumped kikyo, swiped the jewel from her possession, and swallowed it down. Kikyo smirked.(Can she?), The usual transformation when Inuyasha became demon did not occur. He looked exactly the same.

"Inuyasha?" She placed a hand on him, only to be cranked into an arm bar.( Inuyasha watched UFC)

" No matter what you do priestess, your getting him back I'll let you go, but take these killings as signal not to pursue him." Kikyo stared in shock. Inuyasha burning amber eyes were replaced, cold emotion less blue ones, his vice stood just above a whisper.


" Bitch I told you he's gone, Inuyasha is Dead, He died with his mate and child. I see nothing of them here. Only Snow.

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