* * * * *

Instead of heading east to 395, Gibbs drove west. Tony hoped they were going to get lunch before they headed back across the Potomac to the Navy Yard – anything to delay the inevitable. But a few minutes later, the car pulled onto Four Mile Run Trail and Tony swallowed hard. The car bounced on the barely paved road for about a minute before Gibbs pulled over just after a clearing and turned off the car.

He got out and walked to the front of the car. Noticing that Tony hadn't followed suit, he turned and looked at him through the windshield. "Get out here," he ordered.

Tony started protesting immediately. "Oh come on, Boss! Not here!"

Gibbs walked over to Tony's side of the car, yanked the door open, waited just long enough for Tony to get his seatbelt off and then hauled the young man out of the car by his arm. He pulled him to the front of the car and then released him.

"Lose the pants," he said in a deathly quiet voice.

Tony clicked his teeth. "But Boss…" In one swift motion, Gibbs had a hold of Tony's belt and was unbuckling it. "Ok, ok, I'll do it," Tony cried as he pulled away. He finished unbuckling his belt and unfastened his slacks.

"Give me your belt," Gibbs said before Tony had finished.

"Are you serious?" Tony whined. But the look on Gibbs' face made him comply. He glanced down at Gibbs' waist, wondering why he wasn't just using his own – it was canvas. He slowly pulled his belt out of the loops and placed it in Gibbs' outstretched hand. After another withering look, he finished unzipping his slacks and slowly pushed them down.

"Shorts too," Gibbs ordered.

"Why?" Tony whined.

In one swift motion, Gibbs grabbed Tony's arm, leaned against the car and pulled Tony over his lap. His fingers deftly slipped under the waistband of Tony's boxers and yanked them down to his knees. Before Tony could even wrap his head around what had just happened, Gibbs' hand cracked against his backside.

"Ow! Boss!" he yelled.

The hand cracked down three more times. "Knock it off DiNozzo. You've been acting like a little kid all day."

"But ow! But Boss! Ow! Stop!" Tony struggled against the strong arm holding him in place as a very hard hand rained down painful spanks on his bare backside. Gibbs' only response was to tighten his grip and increase the speed and intensity of the spanking. Eventually, Tony accepted that he wasn't going anywhere and stopped struggling. As soon as he did, Gibbs stopped spanking him and loosened his grip. Tony jumped to his feet and started to pull his pants back up.

"Not so fast," Gibbs said, standing up. "That was just for your whining and fighting. We still have to deal with your disobedience." He picked up Tony's belt from the hood of the car, and pointed to the car, indicating that Tony was expected to bend over. Tony opened his mouth to protest, but Gibbs cut him off. "One more word, and you'll be cutting a switch off that tree next."

Tony considered this for a moment. His butt was already hot and stinging. And the belt was only going to add to that. Wisely deciding that he didn't want to know what a switch would feel like on a freshly-strapped backside, he bent over and put his hands on the hood of the car. He felt Gibbs' hand on his back and then the first lash of the belt. It was worse than he'd expected it to be! Before long, he was howling in pain as lash after lash fell on his already well-spanked skin.

Without stopping the whipping, Gibbs started a lecture. "I didn't have to let you come with me today. I could have left you back at the office with McGee and Ziva. But I trusted that you could handle it and you betrayed my trust. You deliberately disobeyed me – twice!" The belt landed twice, extra hard, as if to emphasize his point. "And when I called you on it, you chose to act like a spoiled four-year-old instead of taking responsibility for your actions. You are my senior field agent and you had better start acting like it soon. Do you understand me?" The belt kept landing painfully on Tony's backside. "Do you understand me?" Gibbs repeated, delivering another extra hard strike of the belt.

"Yesss! I understand!" Tony yelled between sobs.

"Good," Gibbs answered, still spanking. "Because if we ever have to have this conversation again, we'll have it every day for a week." The last three lashes left no doubt in Tony's mind that it was not an idle threat.

Finally, the spanking ended and Tony slumped against the hood of the car sobbing. After a moment, he felt Gibbs' hand on his shoulder and heard the older man whispering that it was over.

Gibbs waited until Tony had calmed down before he took a step back. He let Tony stand up and pull his pants back up before he gathered him into a hug. "Son, you have got to learn to control yourself," he said – echoing the very same words he had heard many years earlier, when he was the one with the throbbing rear end.

* * * * *

Gibbs glanced over at Tony as he steered the car toward 395. Tony was staring out the window, but Gibbs knew he wasn't sulking. He was thinking, and – thanks to the barely paved road they'd had to drive back to the main road – hurting. So he kept quiet for a while. Eventually though, he knew that he had to interrupt the young man's thoughts before he fell too deeply into the trap of beating himself up.

"Do you want burgers or burritos?" he asked, as if they'd been talking the whole trip.

"I don't care," Tony answered, still looking out the window.

Gibbs sighed. "Tony?" No answer. "Tony." Still no answer. "DiNozzo, what's the problem?"


"You know I don't believe you, right?"


"So what is it? Is it that I spanked you?"


"Then what?"

Tony finally looked at Gibbs. But to the older man's surprise, he was grinning. "Isn't there a BBQ place around here somewhere?"

Gibbs looked at him sideways for a moment. "Uh, yeah. I think it's at the next exit."

"Good," Tony answered.

Gibbs shook his head in amazement. When he glanced back at Tony a few minutes later, he was still grinning.

"So, what's so funny?" he ventured as they pulled off the interstate toward lunch.

Tony shrugged.

Gibbs pulled into the parking lot at Pete's BBQ Pit and turned off the car. He turned in his seat and looked at Tony. "What?" he asked, slightly amused.

Tony smiled and shrugged. "You called me 'son'."