This was a strange feeling. It was so surreal. To know you're in a dream…

I don't usually walk around all the time claiming to be dreaming, but I knew this couldn't be reality.

Why? Well… I was walking hand in hand with my best friend, Bella. And that's not that weird of a gesture between long-time friends… but this felt different. I knew we were more than friends. She looked at me differently.

I was looking at her differently.

Then we stopped at the edge of a forest. I looked behind where we had just walked and there were people sitting in chairs. I saw all my friends and family in dresses and suits. What is going on? I looked questionably back at Bella; but when I did, I only came face to face with more questions. She was wearing a long white dress; a wedding dress. Quickly I looked down at myself and found something ever more confusing. I was in a finished black tuxedo.

Wait a moment. I'm not about to do what I think I am… am I?

"I do." Bella said sweetly to some pastor who just appeared in between us.

"Edward, do you take Bella to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the pastor asked of me.

I looked at the audience first. I saw my mother crying into my father's shirt. This feels so real. Then I looked at Bella. Can I marry her? She's my best friend… I've never thought of her like this before. I mean, the thought isn't repulsive. She knows me better than anyone else does… and she is beautiful after all.

"Edward?" the pastor repeated.

And just like that- I said, "I do."

"Good. You may now kiss the bride." The pastor said with a smile.

I'm not going to lie; the thought of kissing her didn't sound repulsive either.

We both started to lean into each other, I cupped her soft pink cheek into the palm of my hand and…




Groggily, I pulled my comforter off from over my head, and picked up my phone.

"What?" I answer annoyed, while running my hand through my messy brown hair. What a weird dream.

That's when I heard the most beautiful sound that had ever pierced my ears. What is that melodic noise? It sounded like a harmony of bells in the wind.

"Wow, what a way to answer the phone to your best friend, Edward!" Bella laughed.

Wait a second. Was that her laugh? Have I been deaf for the past ten years? How have I never noticed how beautiful her laugh was before?