Okay everyone this is my first FF on this site! I hope you like it.

It will go inbetween Rose and Dimitri's POV

IN this story they havent met yet.

Some stuff has happend like in the VA books

But in this story Rose is 19 , and Dimitri's Guardian of Tasha and her Boyfriend.

So i hope you love it!!

I do not own any of this characters except the ones i make up.

Prouloge DPOV

I never thought in a million years i would be in this situation.

But hell, this job is full of surprises nothing should surprise me. But this? This did. I mean all my life i've been in 6 actual relationships, 4 of the times they broke my heart. But hell it made me look not so much like a when this life chaning experiance happened it was like nothing i've never felt.

Everytime we touch i can feel the static , and everytime we kiss i swer i can fly. The words repeated over in over in my head because thats exactly how i felt. Nothing compared too a touch i've felt before. The touch i could reconize with out looking in her eyes. But as usual its not that simple. I'm in such a huge ditch i can't dig myself out.

For once in my life....I don't know what too do.


It feels so wrong,but so..... Right. I can't help it just the way he makes me feel sends a hundred electric shocks to my heart.I think...... I love him....

But to our kind its such a scandle, people would talk..say things. But i think i can handle it , iv been contiplating.

Well thiers also the fact that he's univalable , but everytime i look in his eyes it looks like hes about too give up anything in his life just for me. Out of all the guys i've dated, he's the one , i just know it our conections so strong. Almost like we have a bond (which its impossable were both Dhampires) , we understand each other. Soul mates.

For once in my life....I don't know what too do.

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