Hello Everyone! Okay first of all I should be embarrassed by my total lack of updates. But i just got so caught up in life that I just haven't been able to go on, especially with my majors writers block! But what I wanted to say is I'm back! I want to start writing again because I want it to be my profession in life, so I have to grow somewhere. But here's the catch..You guys probably have heard of Wattpad? Well I got this crazy idea for an story original idea,so I am currently writing something on their. But here's the surprise, I am going to rewrite Forgetting Tasha with more detail than before and plus this time I'm going to finish it. However I am going to finish this new story I've started. Its only going to be 10 or 15 chapters, a short story. Bear with me please and you can either read my story on Wattpad if you want(the support would make me so happy and encourage me) or you can wait till I post a message on here telling that I have restarted Forgetting Tasha. So thankful faithful readers who are still reading this and I promise I will make up for my disappearance! (I will post the link to my wattpad story at the very top on my profile if you want to check it out.)

Sum on new story: Cole Ansel Hitchcock was about to end his life before a miracle happened, a beautiful voice from below saved him from what he was about to do. Cole is a broken young man and his savior is about to become a constant person in his life, helping him recover. Cole knows that because of her he will be okay, he knows that once he heard her voice he would never be able to block it from his mind. Can't Stop is a broken love story that may or may not be fixed,it may or may not have a happy ending, but what it will have is a young man who will never be broken again.


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