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I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach


He stumbled down through the hallways of WMHS and couldn't really figure out where he was going. Well, he could if he deduced it properly. He was walking into a locker on his right, so he should stumble more to the left so he doesn't hit it. He did and his shoulder just grazed it.

"Puck?" someone grabbed his shoulder and he tried to concentrate on the blurred face. "Are you alright bro?" it was Mike.

No you douche! I'm not! Instead of yelling it at him and looking more like a fool, Puck just grunted back. Yeah, he could still think enough to not make himself look like a complete idiot.

Through his mind the mantra was spinning, you're not that plastered Puckerman, just walk straight. But he was that plastered and he couldn't just walk straight.

Mike frowned and looked up and down the empty hallway. "You drunk man?"

Yet again, he just grunted. Man, Mike liked to point out the obvious a lot. He was about to comment on this when Mike continued to speak.

"Oh shit. Come on." He wrapped his arm around Puck's shoulder and dragged him down the hall. Puck wanted to not follow but his legs were kind of jelly-like and he didn't really have much of a choice. Plus now he had direction and he wouldn't be hitting anymore lockers.

So he followed (was pulled by) Mike.

Into the music room.

Where Rachel freaking Berry was. Puck rolled his eyes dramatically and wanted more than anything to go find a lighter, drench himself in kerosene and light himself the fuck on fire. But then Berry stopped singing and dancing and twirling and jumping in that damn-hell-worthy-miniaturely-short-black-damn-sexy-and-a-hell-of-a-lot-more skirt and stared at him with wounded and shocked eyes. "Oh my God, Mike? What happened to him?"

"Smirnoff by the smell of it. Can you mind him for a bit while I go get Finn or somebody to drive him home?"

"No!" Puck yelled. "No Finn!" Finn would be a girl about this and in his current state of mind, he'd probably tell him everything and he didn't want to tell anyone everything except maybe Quinn, but she was ignoring him because of fucking Santana and her hotness who was still fucking Brittany while she was politely screwing Mike! Poor Mike. Puck looked up at Mike and was about to tell him just how sorry he is that he involved him into the screwed up equation but Mike, yet again, spoke first.

Mike frowned. "Okay dude, but I don't have a car."

"I'll drive him home." Rachel said and Puck turned his head to look at her and while everything else in the room was blurry and wavering in front of him as if he was on a ship, Rachel was perfectly clear and standing just in front of him. Just in his reach. He groaned and fell forward into her arms, Mike holding his shoulders to support most of his weight.

Gently, her arms reached up and wrapped around his shoulders and there, with his face buried in her shoulder, Puck blacked out.

Four hours earlier...

His alarm went off at five am and Puck groaned, leaning over to shut it off. He knew he had to get up though. He wanted to go for his run. So after pulling on a shirt and his sneakers, he quietly left his house and stuck his headphones in his ears so loud he couldn't think.

Which was good because lately, when Puck thought, he would think about depressing things like his daughter and Quinn and Finn and his mum and the bottle of wine that will always be empty on the kitchen counter and the fact that it was never the same bottle as the day before. But whatever, right? They played happy. Well, his sister actually was happy but she didn't know the difference at the moment. What was she? Six? Yeah, six.

He ran down the street along his usual route. It was an hour's jog. Down the road, past Finn's. Then he turned left, right, left again and he would pass Tina's house. As soon as he past her place, he'd dart and go through the more well off streets. Where he would be greeted by Santana and Brittany's houses, side by side with a clear view of them doing yoga in the backyard from the front. Brittany would always wave at him and Puck, like everyone else who felt pity for the girl, would wave back to make her happy. Santana would either scowl or wink, depending how flirty she was feeling. Today, she blew him a kiss and Puck just kept running with a satisfied smile on his face.

Oh yeah, he was getting some today.

Puck would run by Kurt's house next, usually with Mr Hummel outside working on a car bright an early. Puck was the only one who knew (because sometimes he stopped running, jogged on the spot and talked to the older man, usually about the car he was fixing up) that Mr Hummel only did this so he didn't have to listen to his son warming up his vocals in the morning. Puck gave a small wave and Mr Hummel returned it before going back under the hood.

He ran past Matt's and as usual, Matt's twelve year old sister, Daniela, was waiting outside for him with a bottle of water. She had a crush on him and Puck thought it was kind of cute how she would wait every morning. Puck stopped and took the bottle, asking the girl how she was and then telling her to go back inside because it was really early and would be getting cold. Matt knew about all of this and was thankful Puck didn't crush his little sisters heart. He'd always kiss her on the cheek and the girls eyes would pop out of her head and she'd run inside.

Quinn, who lived next door to Matt, would always watch him run by from his window and watch the interaction with Daniela. She would never tell anyone she thought it was sweet that Puck wasn't a jerk to the girl and that it always made her wonder if she was doing the right thing with the baby. And every morning, just before Puck made sure Daniela locked the door behind herself, Puck would look up to Quinn's window and she'd usually close the curtains on him and pretend she hadn't seen.

This morning, however, Quinn didn't close the curtain. She looked at Puck and gave him a small smile. Albeit it was a sad smile, but a smile nonetheless.

Puck smiled back, nodded and continued on his run but not before waving to Artie who was playing basketball out the front of his house, across the road and a block down from Quinn's.

He'd pass by Berry's at five-forty-five-ish and when he looked up to her window, he'd see her waving at him from her weird walking-machine thing. Every morning he'd look up, see her waving and roll his eyes and smile in return and continue running.

Then it was just the matter of cutting through the park and reaching his house by six. Although, he had to run past Tina's house again and by this point she'd usually be awake. Annoyingly enough, when Tina overheard Puck mentioning to Artie he didn't know he played basketball a few weeks ago, she'd discovered that Puck sees Artie every morning on his run.

So, like Daniela, Tina would wait outside her house for Puck to run by and then would stop him. The conversation would usual consist of Tina begging Puck to know whether or not he looked happy that day and whether or not it would be a good day for her to talk to him and try to be his friend again. Puck had no idea what do and voiced that openly, but when she pretty much begged him, every morning, he said, "He looks fine Tina! Seriously, just talk to him already."

But she never does.

He was thankful that this morning, for the first time, she wasn't waiting. Puck smirked to himself, his house just within sight.

Santana blew him a kiss, Quinn smiled at him, Tina wasn't bugging him and on his run, Daniela had given him a cookie. Oh yeah, it was going to be a good morning.

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