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The next morning at school, Puck found himself with a throbbing headache. It had a lot to do with him smacking his head on a headstone the night before, but even though Mr Schue had wanted to take him to get checked for a concussion after he drove Finn home and delivered him to his mother, Puck just told him he'd shake it off. He barely slept because he wanted to make sure he wouldn't slip into a coma or something if he did have a concussion but he couldn't help but nod off near four in the morning.

He'd taken some Tylenol but it wasn't helping very much. What made it hurt more was what happened when he walked around the corner to go to his locker.

As he stepped around the corner, Puck witness Markus slushying Rachel in front of her locker. She gasped at the shock of cold but then slammed her locker closed and stormed away from the laughing baffoons as if nothing had happened. She didn't notice him but as she tried to walk passed he caught her arm and pulled her towards him. Even though the school had learnt of their deception, Rachel still felt weird being with Puck in public in the halls.

"What?" she asked him and when Puck was left speechless she sighed and went onto ask, "Did you find Finn last night?"

His mouth set into a firm line and he nodded with a frown on his face. "Is that how you got the black eye?"

Puck wouldn't have called the bruising around his eye black perse. Maybe light purple. It wasn't too horrible and not noticeable unless someone got in his face as Rachel had. So Puck stayed silent and nodded again. They stared at each other and then once again, Rachel spoke. "Can you please let me go now? This slushie is seeping into my bra."

"I can hurt him." he blurted out. "I can make Markus pay once and for all."

"You're not my boyfriend." she said quietly.

"So?" he demanded. "You didn't let me kick his ass when we were together anyway."

"Well then," Rachel pursed her lips. "I guess there's no need to be chivalrous now that we're over."

"That's bullshit. You know the only reason why I didn't kill him was because you asked me not to." Puck could hear his voice rising slightly and a few people glanced their way but Rachel kept this calm demeanour about her, even though there as orange slushie dripping down her face.

"Well then, yet again I ask you to leave it alone." her eyes became stony as she told him and Puck felt his insides twist up, but he remained as cool as he could be.

He scoffed, "But I thought you said, I'm not your boyfriend. So I guess that means I don't have to listen to you."

"You will listen to me." she commented quickly. "Because in all honesty, you care about me enough to. You're not badass enough not to." She pulled away from his grip and went to the bathrooms.

Puck felt offended that she'd used his own word against him. He was left stunned for a moment before he felt Markus shove him into the lockers, hands right against on his chest. "Hey Puckerman." Markus said as he kept walking passed Puck. He balled his fists up beside him then ripped his books out of his bag before heading to class, ready to be angry for the day.

Finn stood in the middle of the five basketball players, all laughing at him. Well, three basketball players. Two of them were holding Matt and Mike's arms behind their backs so the boys couldn't help their friend out.

Finn looked up to sky, trying to just ignore it but when he looked up he was staring into the fluorescents of the school lighting. Without really wanting it to happen, his eye started to twitch.

The basketball players laughed some more. "Dude, are you seriously that stupid to believe you could've gotten some bitch pregnant without actually screwing her?"

Finn clenched his fists. "Don't call her a bitch."

"You're defending the little slut? Are you that much of a pussy?" another of them laughed.

"Dude," the third, Markus Wilson, said to his friend. "He freaking thought he could have a kid in a hot tub. He's not the smartest crayon in the box."

"I'm smart enough to know you got the analogy wrong." Finn said, glad that Rachel had taught him what analogy meant. "It's brightest crayonin the box."

Wilson just looked at Finn. "Oh, Hudson got some balls. Maybe he did knock up the Cheeri-hoe through a hot tub. Cause his sperm his just that super!" he said the last part mockingly.

Finn growled and looked around the hallway. Everyone was staring, but no one was helping. Well, actually, that was a lie. He saw Matt and Mike still struggling against their captors. "Stop talking about Quinn like that." He growled.

"Oh." Markus pretended to be offended. "I'm so terribly sorry. I forgot that you prefer bagging out that other little slut. The one that was also screwing your best friend. What was her name again?"

"Don't you fucking dare!" Mike yelled.

"We'll fuck you over if you keep going, Wilson." Matt joined in, tugging against the guy who was holding him back.

Wilson ignored Matt and Mike and continued staring at Finn. "You're just a pathetic idiot Hudson. You and that little brigade of sluts and homos are all a bunch of Lima Losers. Rachel included."

Finn growled one more time and pulled his fist back, slamming it into Wilson's jaw. For the second time in a little less than a week, he felt his knuckles split but this time it was as they connected with Wilson's jaw. Instantly, the other two jocks were on top of him, grabbing his arms just as Wilson got up. "You're going to pay for that." Wilson said, spitting out some blood. Before Finn could even move, he was being punched in the stomach over and over.

Just as he started bracing himself for the fourth, he saw a blur fly down the hallway and leap at Wilson, knocking him over. It took a few moments for everyone to recognise the blur as none other than Noah Puckerman who was now straddling Wilson and delivering blow after blow to his face. "Stay... the... fuck... a… way... from... him!"

Finn's eyes widened and he felt the grip of the two jocks holding him slip. Instantly, he pulled free and spun around, punching one in the face and the other in the stomach. Matt and Mike had also slipped from the guys holding them and were in the process of fighting back.

Wilson kicked Puck off of him and landed a punch of his own. Puck was dazed for a moment, leaning against the lockers. Wilson took the chance to grab Puck's head and slamming it against the lockers four times. Finn turned around just in time to see Wilson land a kick in Puck's side. Finn turned back to the two jocks he was fighting and slammed the closest one's head into the locker. He was about to turn around to grab Wilson off Puck when Matt grabbed him instead and threw him back against the opposite lockers.

Finn was grabbed around the middle and shoved head first into the lockers by the other guy he had been fighting and just as he was about to be turned around, the hands gripping his back were pulled away. He turned around and saw Puck standing there, looking less alert than he should be. In fact, if he had known that in Puck's mind he was repeating the mantra of, help first, sleep later, Finn actually wouldn't have been surprise.

There were two jocks left plus Wilson, who was trying to get to Matt. Mike was beating the shit out of one of them, landing in swift kicks to the chest which left one that Puck and Finn had to deal with.

Puck yanked him back by his hair and held his arms behind his back with his other hand. He looked up to Finn and nodded and Finn landed a punch in the guys nose, knocking him out instantly.

Finn turned just in time to see Wilson throwing Matt to the ground and Matt clutching his side in pain. Mike turned for a moment and the guy he was fighting landed a well aimed blow to his head. Everyone in the hallway was cheering and booing and Finn could distantly hear someone sobbing. He briefly wondered where the hell the teachers were but then it didn't matter because Wilson was trying to get to Puck again.

He was about to go and grab him when he noticed Mike was against a locker, about to get his head slammed between the lockers and a door, the corner of the door aiming at his head.

"Go!" Puck yelled, just as he got whacked in the head. Finn gave a brief nod before Finn tackled the guy to the ground. Mike yanked himself off the lockers and went over to Puck, kicking Wilson in the groin before he landed another punch on the dazed and confused Puck who was now only fighting because he was trying to determine which of the five Wilson's he was seeing was the right one.

The blow he'd received to the back of the head, really wasn't doing him any favours, especially seeing as it was the same place his head had slammed into when Finn punched him and when he'd slammed it into a table the week previous to that.

Wilson fell to the floor just as Puck stumbled forward, Mike catching him before he hit the ground. Matt was getting back up, just as Finn slammed the last jock into the locker. He fell to the ground unconscious and the four boys stood in the midst of the chaos, watching with slight disgust as a large part of the student body were screaming and shouting for more.

He remembered the days when him and his friends had craved this attention from their peers. He winced when he felt two skinny and long arms wrap around his middle and he stumbled back a little. He looked down and saw Quinn, sobbing into his chest. At that moment, all Finn could do was whisper soothingly into her ear and stroke her hair. He looked up to Puck who was half dazed but awake enough to nod his approval.

From behind where Mike was trying to hold Puck up, Finn saw Rachel, standing there and her eyes filled with tears and sadness. He looked back at Puck and just before he was about to nod back to him, Puck sunk to his knees, Mike barely able to hold him up and his head lolling to the side. Finn heard Rachel scream and saw her run over to him and without realising it, he was letting go of Quinn and tugging her to Puck's side, kneeling down beside him. "Someone call 911!" he yelled out and it was only then did he notice the blood seeping down the back of Puck's mohawk. "Shit." he swore and he looked across Puck to Rachel who was crying silently, holding Puck's hand in desperate hope.

He'll be fine... he thought and soon enough the teachers were flooding the hallways. Where the hell had they been ten minutes ago?

"Finn." Quinn whispered in his ear. "Grab Matt and Mike and get out of here."

"What?" Finn asked confused, but soon enough Matt and Mike were trying to pull him up and away from Puck. "What? No! I have to wait!"

"No you don't." Kurt said. Where the hell had he come from? "We've got it. Trust us. You'll probably get thrown into jail and, trust me Finn, orange would not match your skin tone. I mean, yellow barely matches it and we all know an orange is just an over cooked lemon."

His head was too dazed to completely register what cooking lemons had to do with anything, but he nodded anyway.

The whole world grew around him and he saw the scene fully for the first time. Wilson was curled up in pain. One of the other players was unconscious, the one he'd slammed into the locker and the one Matt had thrown across the hallway was down, holding his jaw with a pained expression. The other two jocks had run when they saw the blood from Puck's head seeping on the floor. Everyone had their phones out, texting someone on the opposite side of the school. He could only see Artie on the phone with the ambulance. Mercedes was on crowd control, pushing everyone away from the scene as police (or ambulance?) sirens made themselves known. Tina was pulling Rachel into her arms, trying to pull her away from Puck while Brittany (surprise much?) was checking up on Puck to make sure he was still breathing.

Quinn just pressed her hand lightly on his chest. "Go. I'll get you when things calm down. Let Kurt fix you up and you can come back to the hospital looking a little less guilty for when the police want statements."

"They'd all have video..." he murmured, helplessly staring at Puck.

Artie wheeled over to him. "I'll take care of that. The ambulance will be here in five, the police are walking the school. Go, okay?"

Matt tugged him again and this time he went, but he couldn't help but stare at his best friend, lying on the ground with a small puddle of, what he convinced himself was simply cherry slushie. Left over cherry slushie. From the good old days when him and Puck had slushied everyone and had been best friends.

Rachel sat in the hospital chair waiting. Everyone from Glee was there with the exception of Kurt, Mike, Matt and Finn. Tina was holding one of her hands and Brittany held the other. Santana was pacing up and down the hallways, her heels clacking with every nervous step she took. Mr Schuester and Miss Pillsbury were waiting there, their hands intertwined as they spoke quietly. Artie was getting food for all of them while Mercedes was looking for information.

"Someone..." Rachel said hoarsely, and everyone looked at her. She cleared her throat of the tears and tried again. "Someone needs to pick his sister up from school." Brief surprise crossed all of their faces but everyone just nodded. Mr Schuester offered seeing as Isla was living with him, but it wasn't three yet so he waited as long as possible.

Soon enough, Quinn walked out of one of the rooms, (having gotten in by explaining he was the father of her child), and wiped the tears out of her eyes. "He is... he's still in surgery. He had... has a fractured rib and a punctured lung and..." she sniffed. "And they don't know when he'll wake up because..." she sniffed again. "Because he has bruising... in his head and... and he's not... not showing any signs of... being there?" Her beautiful blonde face became very confused before Mr Schuester went and wrapped his arms around her and held her close to his chest.

"What do you mean he's not there?" Rachel scoffed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"He's in a coma." Tina whispered and Rachel stood up.

"I know that!" she yelled. "I figured that out! But why is he not there? He's still breathing right? He knows we're all here, right? And he's being operated on, right? So maybe he's just out from the gas! Noah has to be there. There is no other place he can be!"

"Rach." He heard her name being whispered softly from behind her. She turned and saw all of the Glee boys standing there, all of them looking forlorn. It had been Finn who said her name, a large swollen bruise was where his eye should be.

"You!" Rachel yelled at him. "You did this! You started it!. You punched him and he hit his head on the stairs last week. I knew it had hurt him more than he let on. I knew it had bruised. I told him he should've put ice on it." Then she paused. "Oh no wait... I didn't. I thought I should have but... I didn't. Because I was so mad at him... Oh god, this is my fault." And then she fell to the ground, but Finn caught her before she fell and pulled her up into his chest.

"No, its mine." he murmured into her ear. "It's all mine Rach, okay? Just let it go. He'll be okay. Okay, he's going to be okay." And he kept saying things he really didn't believe, the whole place echoing with his hollow words.

Puck was still in surgery an hour later and Mr Schue had left to pick up Isla from school, leaving the teens by themselves.

Rachel was lying on Mike, having fallen asleep on his shoulder after tiring herself out with sobbing and Finn was sitting on the ground, unable to get comfortable in the seats, his head resting on one of his arms which in turn was resting on his knee, his other leg stretched out in front of him. Quinn was sleeping on Artie's shoulder, also tired out from tears and Matt was leaning back against Artie's wheelchair, waiting with his legs bundled up. Tina and Kurt had gone to fetch some food and Mercedes, Santana and Brittany had phones and were calling everybody's parents for them, everybody else too tired to do so themselves.

"Finn?" everybody's eyes darted to the doorway and Quinn and Rachel jumped out of sleep, Artie and Mike instantly calming them. Finn's mother stood there, looking crazy and petrified all at the same time. She was wearing tracksuit and a t-shirt and was looking like she had just been about to relax at home.

"Mum?" Finn looked up at his mother, sounding as if he was half-asleep.

"Finn!" Deborah ran forward and fell to her knees next to Finn, pulling him into a tight hug and pulling him tight against her. Everybody watched curiously as Mrs Hudson cried into her sons shoulder. "They told me you were in surgery and you weren't responding and that you'd died twice but they revived you and..."

Finn shook his head, pulling back. Before he could explain, Mrs Hudson grabbed his face. "Your eye! Finn what happened? Why are you all here?"

He opened his mouth to say something but the words didn't come out. He tried again and again and then leaned forward, pressing his head against his mum's shoulder and crying. Mrs Hudson looked around to the other teens, purely confused. Rachel sniffed and felt it was her duty to fill in the gaps, not only for Mrs Hudson, but for everybody else who was wondering why she came. "About a week after Noah moved out, he changed his and Isla's emergency contact details to you." she said weakly, no one mentioning the fact Finn was crying.

"Oh." Mrs Hudson said quietly, gripping Finn tighter. "Oh Finny..." No one laughed at the name, no one thought about paying him out about it later. They just let him be. Because if all of their mothers (or fathers) were here, they'd probably be doing the same thing. "He'll be okay, alright?" Mrs Hudson said, but her voice was thick with tears. She looked up at the rest of the Glee kids, her face full of the confidence the rest of them were lacking. "He will be fine."

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