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Another day has almost come and gone
Can't imagine what else could wrong
Sometimes I'd like to hide away somewhere and lock the door
A single battle lost but not the war ('cause)

Tomorrow's another day
And I'm thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

It's almost like the hard times circle 'round
A couple drops and they all start coming down
I might feel defeated,
I might hang my head
I might be barely breathing - but I'm not dead

Bring on the Rain – Jo Dee Messina


Six years ago, the life as I knew ended. Renee packed our bags and headed for Portland, leaving Charlie and our life in Los Angeles. Renee said she could not breathe and she needed room to fly. I thought our new life was perfect, we had the Victorian house, high school was a breeze and Renee was happy at last. Then on a rainy night coming home from a bar-b-que, that life ended too. Renee was killed by a drunk driver.

We said goodbye to Renee on a colourful, dusky day, the way Renee would have wanted it. When it was time to release her ashes in the ocean, Charlie stood by my side as I read the words of her favourite poet:

Of all the things I've ever seen,
Of all the dreams I've ever dreamed,
The finest sight that's come to me,
White horses wild beside the sea

They ran across the tracks of sand
In that remote, forgotten land,
And in their running they were free
Beside the boundless, unchained sea.

They raced the first light of the day
And surged across a shallow bay
To feed at ease in grassy plains
With wind alone to groom their manes.

No barn or stable was their home.
No one could govern where they roamed.
They galloped on the fenceless tracts
With no ones burden on their backs.

And each swift horse was nature's child
At home on land forever wild,
And each wild horse was meant to be
At home on land forever free.

By: Christopher Ryes

I released her into the wind, so that she could forever remain free.

Because I am an only child, Renee left me with everything: the house, the cars, money, but I did not want everything; I only wanted her.

When Charlie came to visit me in April, I felt lonely, as if I was missing something. It was at that point I decided to put my mom's house up for sale and move to Manhattan Beach with my dad. There was nothing holding me in Portland anymore.

One month ago, my mom's house sold. Today is June twenty-second and, I am moving to Manhattan Beach. As I gathered up the last of my things and loaded them into my 2008 Chrysler Aspen, I turned back to my house for one final glance, to look at what was and what was no more. That had been our house, but she was gone, and now it was my time to find the happiness that left when she had been taken from me. A silent tear fell down my cheek as I left my past behind.

"Goodbye mom!" I whispered to myself as I drove away. Today was the start of a new day and a long drive.

Twelve hours and two bathroom breaks later and with help from built in navigation, I pulled into the driveway at Charlie's house. .

"Holy Fuck!" I squeaked. Before me stood a two-storey grey stucco house, with a three-car garage, a sidewalk surrounded by wild flowers of every sort, and palm trees. I stepped out of my SUV hearing the sound of the waves as they crashed on the shore. My dad, Charlie, is a successful realtor in Manhattan Beach. He owns and operates his own office. About a year after my mom and I left, he sold our family home and purchased this beautiful beachfront property. My dad's house was not the largest on his street; his neighbours seemed to have him beat.

The neighbours on the left had a colossal modern white stucco glass home, with a five-car garage that looked to be the size of my house back in Portland.

I walked up to Charlie's front door. Before I could knock, the door flew open with massive force by my dad.

"Bells! I am so glad you are finally here. Why don't we get your things unpacked and get you settled?" Charlie held me in a massive hug.

I let out a strangled breath, "Uh... Charlie...I mean Dad, can you let go just a little bit? I can't really breathe."

"Oh, sorry! Your room is at the end of the hall. Hope you like it." He put me down, and walked out the door to grab boxes from my truck.

While exploring the house, I noticed that Charlie had painted the walls in understated, neutral tones of beige and brown. At least, he had taste. I came to the last door at the end of the long hallway, and pushed it open. Stunned by the simple beauty, I wandered over to the large picture window that overlooked the ocean. The sun was beginning to set, and I could see along the sand for miles.

Looking around it was obvious that Charlie had me in mind when he decorated the room. The walls were a hue of light smoke grey, and all the windows were trimmed bold white. A king- size, black, leather bed with matching black and white bedding dominated the space. The floor was a beautiful espresso brown bamboo wood. I continued to walk around, my spacious room.

"Hey Bells, finding everything?" he asked as he set down some boxes.

I just stared confused and whispered, "You did all of this for me?"

"Well our neighbour, Esme, has a daughter that is your age, and she said it would be better to give you some extra space. She came over and helped oversee the renovations and final changes. I added a walk-in closet right here." He walked over to the corner behind the door. "I hope there's enough room, and over here."Charlie made his way to the right of the door. "This is your bathroom; it has a Jacuzzi tub, and a separate spa shower. They said you'd like it. I guess it has some extra shower streams or something."

"I'll go grab some more boxes," he added before heading back outside to my truck.

I could not help but wander over to the window again. It was a beautiful sight. The sun was going down and the sky was that of orange cream with hues of ruby red. The waves rolled in, while people strolled along the beach. That's when I saw him emerging from the water with surfboard in hand. He was rather tall with pale skin and beautiful copper hair. He wore a tight black rash guard that clung to every muscle on his upper body, and matching low-slung board shorts that let his treasure trail play peek-a-boo. He started to walk over towards the house, and I ducked behind the curtain, as he approached he shook water free from his hair. If that wasn't enough, when he finally got to the neighbours' gate, he peeled off the rash guard exposing his beautifully chiselled chest, and walked up the stairs. I groaned and shook my head.

After that, I closed my curtains, and started unpacking. I didn't notice that Charlie had managed to unload all of my boxes while I gazed out the window. I still needed to find my pajamas, so I figured why not start by putting my clothes away. I dragged the boxes marked "clothes" into the massive closet and started to unpack. When I finally finished, I pulled out my purple cami and boy shorts, walked to the bathroom, and brushed my hair and teeth. When I was finished, I walked out into the kitchen to get a glass of water before bed. My dad was watching some kind of sports game.

"Dad? You have a beautiful home. Thank you for letting me live here."

Charlie turned from the couch and said, "It's your home now too, I hope you're comfortable! I have meetings tomorrow so I will be gone early in the morning, but there's an extra key at the front door for you and it's decorated with bells on it."

I giggled; go figure my dad to get me a decorated key. "Night Dad! Have a great day tomorrow!"

With that, I walked back to my room, crawled into the massive bed, and turned to shut off the tableside lamp. "Dear God or mom or who ever brought me that wonderful piece of man candy to look at. Thank you for the sweet dreams I will hopefully have tonight." I whispered to myself.

I awoke to the sun shining through a crack in the curtains, and turned to look at the silver nostalgic alarm clock that was on my night table: seven-thirty - Fuck me. Why must the sun be so bright so early? I mean, we had sun in Portland, but damn. At least, I could sleep in late. I flipped on the television to check the weather for the day, so I could figure out what to wear in this place. I listened to the Weather channel. The day was forecasted to be warmer than normal. With that in mind, I rummaged through my closet until I found my Freya Supernova bikini. I put it on and admired the way it hugged my body. I grabbed a towel from the linen closet and headed out to the kitchen. My dad left me a note on the counter that read:


The pool guy will be over this morning. I'm not sure if you'll remember him, but his name is Jacob Black. Anyway don't be afraid to say hello, he knows you've moved back in with me.

Don't forget we have a BBQ at the Cullen's next door tonight at six.

I will be home around five.

Love, Dad.

I giggled, of course I remember Jacob Black. Of course, he was not Jacob to me. To me he was Jakey. Back when I was twelve, he had better fashion sense than anyone I knew. We spoke daily; I guess you could say he was my best friend, but I always swore he was trapped in the closet. I wonder if he came out. I know his dad would have been accepting if he did, but Jakey always felt intimidated by Billy so, he held back.

I walked towards the back patio door that opened up onto the pool deck, and sure enough, there was Jakey. However, he was not so small anymore. Before me stood a tall burley man, extremely well chiselled, with bronze-skin holding a pool skimmer. His hair was jet black, and neatly spiked. God he was a specimen.

"Looking good, Jakey!" I called out to him followed by a whistle.

He turned to face me, dropped the net, and rushed to me pulling me into a tight bear hug.

"Bella Swan! I could say the same thing! If I weren't gay, I would so try to hit it!" He loosened his grip and put me down. "My God have you ever grown in to your features, look at you, your hair it's so long, and your ass it's so small, and your breasts," He reached up to squeeze one, I smacked him away and laughed. "Girl, if only you knew, I have so many clothing options for you! How have you been?"

"One at a time." I looked at him. "Yes I do have quite the little body." I did a turn. "Life, well life is different. I have been good, the loss of my mom hit me hard, but I am dealing. I miss her every day." I walked over to the lounge chair and plopped down, Jake followed.

He nodded "Are you going to college?"

"I don't know if I want to go to college, well I guess I do I just don't know what I want to major in yet." I responded.

"Do you have a job?" He continued to ask questions.

I shook my head. "I don't have a job yet but I may start looking." I let out a breath.

"What do you do for fun?"He fired at me.

"I enjoy swimming, it's the one thing I can do without tripping or hurting myself. It keeps me in shape. So make sure my pool stays clean, got that Pool Boy?" I chuckled.

"I just want to take it easy for a bit, let my life settle enjoy some calm." I paused. "What's new with you?"

"I'm sorry about your mom! My life is not so exciting. I love living by the beach. I mean, it's not like your dad's house, but it works. I started cleaning pools and doing landscaping last year after high school. I wouldn't mind a job in landscape design, but I figured I might as well see if I will actually enjoy it first. I came out to my dad two years ago, and I thought Billy wouldn't take it so well, but oddly enough he took it fine. High school was a little rough, being the only gay guy, but I survived. No one messed with me, but I wasn't exactly welcome, ya' know?" He let out a sigh.

"Not really, but I am glad you finally came out. Now I have a shopping buddy. That is, when I go," I laughed.

"Sounds good Bells, whenever you want to talk, or shop, or anything I am here, but I need to get back to work. I have to go to the neighbours' next and help Esme with some gardening."

"Okay Jakey, I am gonna go down to the beach, and go for a swim. Catch ya' later!" I walked down the hill, and I was at the back gate, when I heard him yelling,

"Watch out for surfers Bells, you can't always see them coming!"

I opened the gate, and walked out onto the soft white sand. I love the feeling of sand between my toes. The sand quickly turned from soft to wet and mushy as I strolled down the beach. I enjoyed watching the children play in the water. The beach bimbos whose breasts were exposed with the exception of their nipples were humorous and a bit disgusting. I mean come on who wears a thong for a swimsuit? That can't be comfortable. While I continued searching the waves, I noticed a group of six men surfing and conversing with each other, and they were fuck hot. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking when I tripped over something warm and hard.

"What the fuck?" An overly gorgeous blonde girl screeched at me.

I picked myself up off her, "I am so sorry, I was lost in thought and I didn't see you! " A small dark haired lady started laughing.

"Relax Rosalie!" she cooed. "Are you okay?" She reached out her hand. "I'm Alice"

"Ya...I'm fine, just the story if my life, Bella resident klutz!" I shook her hand and laughed

"This is Rosalie; she can be a bit rude sometimes.."

"Excuse me, I am not rude. She tripped on me!" she shouted

"Rose, come on, you are our resident bitch," Rose gave Alice the evil eye.

"Are you new here, Bella?" Alice asked

"Ya' I guess sort of, I just moved back to my dad's. I lived here six years ago, and my mom recently passed so I decided it was best for me to move back."

"Oh Bella, I am so sorry, do you want to sit with us?"

"Um... thanks maybe just for a bit," I sat down and looked out to the ocean.

I caught sight of the water drenched surf gods again; I just stared in awe of the sight in front of me. A large man with short dark brown hair, built well enough to be a football player graced the waves on a large blue surfboard; he wore low-slung orange board shorts. Next to him, was a tall lanky man riding a yellow board, he had blonde wavy hair to match, and his upper body was nicely carved. Waiting in the back was another blonde man with a six-pack, nope-wait-an eight-pack. He looked like a fighter of some sort the way his muscles packed a punch through his skin. As the wave broke another one came, and from nowhere the copper haired god from last night stood, this time he was shirtless, my breath hitched at the sight of the water beads that dripped down his perfectly carved chest and snaked along his treasure trail as he rode the wave with complete ease and grace.

"Fuck me!" I sighed.

"You okay there Bella?" Alice asked as Rosalie eyed me.

"Um ....ya...I just forgot.... I need to get back home... Nice meeting you both." I stuttered and got up to walk away.

"Bye Bella! See you around the beach!" Alice called after me.

"Yea bye, Bella," Rose snickered "Watch where you're walking will ya'?"

I turned back towards my house, and all I could think about was him. Could there be anything more perfect on this planet? This was the second time I saw this mysterious copper haired man. If I could help it, it would not be the last. I still hadn't seen his face. I walked into the yard, and Jake had already left to go to the neighbours, so I decided to go for a swim. I figured I might as well make use of the beautiful pool that took up half of the yard.

It was so hot outside and my blood was boiling, so I jumped right into the water. The water felt nice and cool as it washed over my skin. I found a float in the pool, so I hoped on and lounged around the pool for the next hour. I decided to get out of the pool and try out the outdoor shower.

I sat there letting the cold water wash over my skin. I lathered up my hair with some strawberry shampoo, and rinsed off my body, I then headed into the house to take a quick nap before the "meet the neighbours'" BBQ.

A knock at my door woke me up from my slumber.

"Bells, it's five- thirty, don't you think you should be getting up? We need to be at the Cullen's in thirty minutes!" Charlie said through the door.

I groaned, "I'm up. Be out in twenty," I rolled out of bed, and sauntered over to the closet. I put on a white spaghetti strap sundress that fell just above my knees paired with white flip-flops. I went to the bathroom and quickly curled my hair loosely, put on some jet-black mascara and some rose lip-gloss. A quick spray of perfume and I was ready to go. Simple but noticeable.

"Hey Charlie?" I called down the hallway as I walked to the front door, "I'm ready, let's go!"

We walked out the front door, and Charlie led me to the largest house on the block. This was the very same house where my cooper-headed god-man disappeared earlier. My heart started pounding erratically.

Oh, No


"Um Charlie? What house are we going to?" I needed to clarify my suspicions.

"Come on Bells, just up here," he said as we turned up the sidewalk towards the house, the house where I saw himwalk. "Don't be nervous, Esme and Carlisle are great. They have three children, and all are within a couple years of your age!"

Before he could knock on the front door, it swung open and one of the water gods greeted us.

"Hey Charlie, this must be your daughter," he said as he looked at me

"I'm Emmett, nice to meet you."

"I'm B-Bella," I whispered

"Come on in, everyone's out back!" He led us through the house, and I could see a sitting room where deep in the corner a sleek baby grand piano sat. We walked through a large kitchen that was mocha in color with granite counters. The house had a similar layout to ours, but it was about four times the size. We walked out the door to the patio. It overlooked the ocean much like ours, but they had a pool house that was large enough to be my home in Portland.

A beautiful copper-haired woman came over to me and embraced me in a hug. Her eyes were so piercing green, you could get lost in them.

"You must be Bella. I'm Esme," she said as she pulled back and gave me a genuine smile. "This is my husband Carlisle," she motioned to a very handsome middle-aged gentleman.

"Hello Bella, it's a pleasure to meet you. Please let us introduce you to everyone."

I scanned the faces. In front of me sat two more of the water gods. Then, two young women came walking out from the house behind me.

"Oh sweetheart, Alice, this is..."

"Bella, it's so nice to see you again, I can't believe your Charlie's daughter," she clapped her hands.

I just stood there dumbfounded.

"You remember Rosalie? This is my brother Emmett. Rosalie is his girlfriend. Oh and this one here, he's Jasper, he's my guy!" She winked at him and he stood to shake my hand.

"Hello Bella, we've heard about you!" He chuckled as I felt a blush creep up into my face and I immediately looked down at the ground.

"Oh, and this is James. He's a friend of the guys!" I looked, but didn't see my copper haired god.

"Hi Bella, nice to put a face to the name I'm sorry I won't be able to stay long I have to meet up with Edward," he said with a wink and a creepy smile.

"Edward couldn't make it, he had other plans tonight, but I'm sure you'll see him around!" Alice said with a small frown. My heart sank when she said that.

We all sat down to eat and James excused himself.

"Dinner looks awesome Esme." I said quietly. She had made steaks with fresh baby potatoes and roasted vegetables. This was my kind of food, real food. I stuffed my face.

"Thank you Bella, do you cook?"

I swallowed, "Well yes, actually I do, and I am rather excited to be able to get some proper food into my dad's diet," I giggled.

"Hey, I eat fine thanks," Charlie snapped back at me

"Sure, sure dad!"

Dinner passed as Carlisle and Esme questioned me about my life in Portland. I filled them in with details about me and my life before mom passed. Once everyone finished eating, the girls retreated to the kitchen as the guys headed to the living room to watch some game.

"So Bella, now that we've formally met, what do you think of your room?"Alice chimed.

"It's beautiful, comfortable, and I love the closet. It holds all of my clothes with plenty of room to spare for new items." Alice's eyes sparkled as I mentioned 'new items'.

"Oh, we are so glad you like it!" she said with a grin. "Rose and I are going to the mall tomorrow at ten if you want to come?"

"Sure, why not, I'll meet you out front!"

"Did you trip over anyone else?" Rosalie laughed.

I didn't bother to answer her; I just sat there, and laughed with her as the color red engulfed my face.

"What? You fell on someone?" Charlie questioned from across the living room, which was open to the kitchen.

"Oh yeah, Charlie we could see her crash from out on the surf. No offense, Bella, but that was priceless! She tripped over Rosalie and fell onto her lap," Emmett boomed.

Jasper and Alice started laughing too. It's great that everyone's getting humour at my expense, because I did. I still couldn't believe I tripped.

Before I knew it, Carlisle and Esme were laughing along too.

"Yep, that's me, the new resident klutz!" and we laughed some more.

The sun had set and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Esme, Carlisle, and Charlie called it a night a while back. I was tired and decided to call it a night also.

"Goodnight everyone, it was so nice to meet you. Alice and Rosalie, I'll see you tomorrow morning."

I let myself out the front door just as a black car with blue headlights was pulling up to the Cullen house. I did a little skip up my driveway and made it into the house.

Charlie was already in bed when I got in the door, so I figured I would pour myself a glass of wine, and watch the ocean surf. I went outside and sat on the hill that rolled down from the patio. The midnight sky was just as gorgeous as in the daytime. The stars splattered amongst sky begging to be noticed. I let my mind wander into my memories. My mom and I used to sit on the porch swing and stargaze. She would say when people and animals passed they never really left; that their souls were turned into stars forever trapped in the night's sky to shine over their loved ones for eternity.

I saw a light flick on at the pool house next door, and I took one last sip to finish my wine. My eyes would hardly stay open so, I hauled my ass up and headed into the house. As I tripped over my own feet on my way, I heard a chuckle from the Cullen house.

"Ha Ha Ha! Have another laugh at my expense. See you in the morning!" I yelled thinking it was Alice and Jasper.

I didn't even bother with pajamas; I just stripped myself down to my undies, shut the curtains, and crawled into bed. Sleep came quickly.


I stood outside the pool house, waiting for my brother Emmett and my buddies Jasper and James. Suddenly I heard a faint laugh coming from the neighbour's yard. The laugh was so delicate, and beautiful, my body carried itself towards the breathtaking noise. I almost made it to the fence, but Emmett came out from the house.

"Hey, E! You ready to hit the surf?" I nodded, still curious about the laugh coming from next door.

"So, are you joining us tonight for the BBQ? I guess we're meeting Charlie's daughter." He asked.

Crap, I totally forgot. Tanya asked me out for some drinks and dancing with her friend.

"I...um... shit!" I rolled my eyes, "I am meeting up with Tanya and Jessica," a chill ran through my body, "James here has decided to meet up with me, right James?" I asked.

"Uh... yeah, I guess, as long as I get laid in the end who the hell cares?" he replied.

Tanya and I had been dating on and off since high school. We grew up together; her parents are friends with my parents. Tanya is attractive with the qualities most would love; she is petite with blonde hair and baby blue eyes. I am not particularly fond of her anymore. People grow up and people change, Tanya isn't really what I want anymore, I guess she never really was what I wanted. Constantly running after me and pushing, I eventually gave in and tried to become comfortable with her. I have never been happy so to say; she satisfies me sexually I guess. Okay maybe the sex isn't mind blowing; I kind of just lie there and let her do whatever. I know that's not normal, but if you had to listen to her annoying shrill voice like I did, you would suck it up too. Besides, I haven't really found anyone else that sparks enough interest in me to make me want more.

Jessica is Tanya's best friend. Jessica is also what some may find attractive, but lacking brain density. Jessica is James easy lay. Enough said.

"Where's Jasper?" I asked.

"He's coming, just helping Alice out with her towel and shit!" Emmett replied.

"Grab your boards and let's get this show on the road. I would like to catch some waves at some point today!"

I grabbed my board and started towards the ocean surf. Today is the perfect day for surfing. The swells are about six to eight feet high, and there are not too many people in the water.

Jasper was helping the girls get settled on their blankets. Alice has him so whipped. Not that I would ever mind being whipped. I would enjoy having someone to love, and to hold. Someone to care for and spoil. To have someone love and comfort me in return. I just haven't found her yet.

I turned to Emmett, "So Emmett, you tapping that yet?" I asked cocking my head towards Rosalie.

Emmett grinned, "Hell yeah!" he walked closer to me, "She's amazing in bed. Into all that kinky shit." We chuckled.

"You coming, Jasper?" I yelled.

"Yeah."He called back, and started jogging towards us.

"Jazzy, aren't you forgetting something?" Alice screeched.

Jasper turned to walk back to her. "Sorry, beautiful," he bent down and kissed her nose.

The ocean was crisp, not too cold. I walked into the water, feeling the waves crash over my feet, and eventually over my body. I climbed on my board, and paddled out to sea.

Emmett and James followed. Jasper was just getting in the water.

"Jas, you are so whipped!" I yelled across the water. Emmett and James burst with laughter.

"That's why I love them and leave them!" James chuckled.

Jasper paddled out to us as we were sitting on our boards, waiting for a wave.

"No James, you fuck them. You don't love, you use and abuse. You never stop to consider anyone's feelings." Jasper said, "You either Edward. One day, someone is going to come along. Before you know it, she'll have you knocked flat on your ass!" He looked at me, "And when that day comes, your blatant disregard for the female gender, will come back to haunt you."

I cocked my eyebrow and laughed. "So you keep saying."


I was about to paddle into a wave, when I noticed a brunette trip over Rosalie on the beach. I cracked up laughing. Emmett, Jasper and James all let out huge laughs too.

"Seriously, did you all see that?" Emmett asked through tears of laughter. "Some chick just tripped over my Rosie." Jasper nodded, clearly unable to form any words from laughing so hard.

"She looks... kind of... hot." James choked through his laughter. I tried to get a better look. All I could see was her long hair cascading down her porcelain coloured back. She wore a turquoise bikini that clung to her sculpted ass. She was beautifully curved, she had muscle tone, and she had meat on her bones. She was kind of hot from behind.

"No, way!" Emmett said quietly. "Alice is talking to that chick."

Jasper snapped his head up, wiping away any remainder of his tears. "That's my girl." He stated.

I sat through a couple waves staring into space, unaware of the passing time.

"Edward, earth to Edward!" Jasper called to me. I shook my head free from daze. I looked toward the beach and noticed she was gone.


When I arrived at Eclipse, I parked my car. Tanya was waiting at the door for me. Dressed in skimpy clothing. Ugh how annoying, just another thing I dislike about her.

"Edward!" She screeched. "I'm right here." Trust me; I couldn't have missed her, even though at that point it was all I wanted. Since I got home, all I could think about was the girl from the beach, and her luscious ass.

"Hey, Tanya."

"Where's James? Jessica is inside waiting for him." She asked as she pawed my chest.

"He's coming, relax." I moved away from her to walk into the club. I grabbed some drinks and went over to sit at a table. Tanya sauntered her away over to me. I imagine she thought it was sexy, I just found it pathetic. She dug her talons into my arm.

"You wanna dance, baby?"Her nasty breath made me choke.

"No. I don't like to dance." At least not with you.

"Aw, baby. I'll dance for you. Just watch me."I nodded and I silently prayed James would just hurry. Tanya grabbed Jessica and headed towards the dance floor.

James walked in just as they started to dance to "Buttons" by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Tanya started to sway and gyrate her hips in my direction.

"E! You should have been there. Your neighbour Bella is smoking hot and the best part is she's the chick from the beach." He stated.

"What?" I questioned, not sure I actually heard him correctly.

"The chick from the beach, the one that tripped over Rosalie. Her name is Bella, and she's your neighbour's daughter." He explained. Yep I heard him right. Shit, I wanted to get home.

"I think I am going to try to hit that," he chuckled.

"No!" I snapped. Oh Shit, where did that come from?

"What? You okay E?" He asked me looking puzzled.

"Just forget about it. You can't fuck my neighbour... it's not."

"Excuse me? Who are you fucking?" Jessica squealed.

"It's nothing Jess. We were just joking about my new neighbour." I tried to play it off.

"What new neighbour? Why didn't you tell me about a new neighbour?" Tanya questioned. "I mean she can't be that pretty, with a dad that looks like Charlie."

Oh, she's pretty. She puts you to shame.

Tanya looked at me bug eyed. "Fuck you." Did I say that out loud? James looked at me and started laughing.

"You're an asshole Edward. You don't think I am pretty?" her eyes sad and angry, she started to cry. This is what I wanted to avoid.

"Tanya, look I'm sorry. But this..." I motioned between us. "It's just not working for me anymore. I haven't been happy for a long time. I didn't want to hurt you, and I still don't want to hurt you. I just don't want to be with you anymore."

"You'll regret this, maybe not now, but you will eventually." Tanya yanked Jessica onto the dance floor yelling, "Fuck you!" I said goodbye to James and left the club.

I drove home in silence, and all I could think about was Bella, beautiful Bella. What the hell is wrong with me?

Her ass, my hands on her ass. Her hair falling over my naked body. Her body on top of my body. Oh the glorious things I could do to her. Fuck, I need to get home, and fast. I pressed my foot on the gas pedal and sped home. As I pulled up to the drive, a vision of beauty walked in front of me. White sundress exposing her gorgeous pale legs. I scanned up her body to see her beautiful brown hair cascading over her shoulders and chest. Boobies, beautiful...round...mmm. What the fuck is wrong with me? I refocused and again she was gone.

I walked into the house to find out that Alice and Rosalie had made plans to go shopping with Bella in the morning. I walked out the back door towards the guesthouse. When I flicked on the outdoor light, I saw a shadow of a woman sitting in Charlie's backyard. Bella. She pulled a wine glass up to her mouth, before pulling herself to a stand. While she trudged up the hilly backyard, I saw her outline trip. I chuckled. The shadow turned towards me slightly, and waved. "Ha Ha Ha! Have another laugh at my expense. See you in the morning!" She yelled. Yes, yes you will see me in the morning, Bella.