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"Motherfucker," Bella screamed as Edward held her hand. He was worried about the discomfort and pain he had caused her, he was the source of her pain. Although he was truly happy about what would eventually come from her pain, he did not like it.

"Jesus, Bella, I'm so sorry. It will be fine. You just need to get through this. Breathe baby, breathe." He held her hand and placed gentle kisses on her knuckles.

"Get through this? Don't tell me to get through this. You," she shouted at him, "You did this to me, just fuck…" she cried out in pain. Bella knew she shouldn't be so mean but pain took over any rational thought that roamed her mind.

"God, it hurts. Make it stop, please Carlisle make it stop," she begged. Wishing the pain to be gone, wishing for it all to be over. Bella felt as though she had been lying there for days, when in reality it had only been four hours. Carlisle walked over to Bella with joy and compassion in his eyes. Esme rubbed Bella's back.

"I know it hurts," Carlisle tried to calm Bella's frazzled nerves.

"You know nothing," she spat. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so rude but have you been here? Have you done this?" Carlisle shook his head and Esme laughed. Edward held onto Bella's hand while her grip and hold intensified by the second.

"No? I didn't think so," Bella stated as the pain ricocheted through her body. Bella just wanted this over and done with.

"Another one?" Edward cautiously asked fearing Bella would lash out. He did not blame her for he could not imagine the agony she was in.

"Jasper, go get Bella some ice," Alice demanded and Jasper happily obliged. Jasper did not like seeing people in pain regardless of the situation, and he was more than happy to get away from the screams. Alice beamed from the corner of the hospital room, she was happy about what came after the pain and she was excited she got to be there for it.

Just then the doctor walked in asking everyone but Edward to leave. Bella felt scared and wished she had her mom. So she asked Esme to stay, she was the closest thing to a mother in Bella's life.

"Esme, I'm scared. Please stay, what if I can't do this? What if it's too much?" Bella rambled. Esme stayed right next to Bella, thankful and overjoyed Bella had asked her stay. Edward just held his wife's hand unsure of what to do. He wanted to comfort her and tell her it would be okay, but he was petrified himself.

"You'll do just fine honey," Esme cooed, tears welling up in her eyes. "I won't leave. You can do this, you will get through this," she assured Bella.

"It hurts," Bella wailed. She tried hard to supress and down play the tightness and pressure she was feeling.

The doctor looked her over examining her body, heart beat and blood pressure. He checked the machines and numbers to make sure Bella was progressing nicely. To his shock, she had advanced rather quickly in under an hour and he needed to act quickly.

"Bella, it's time," he said as he walked out the door to grab the nurses.

"Oh, my god, Edward it's time, it's really time. We can do this, right?" Bella questioned Edward. Edward smiled; happiness and excitement overcame his fear. Esme's joy showed clear as day across her face as she pulled Bella's hair into a ponytail. Esme had everything prepared at her house for any stays that would result or any help that was needed.

"It's going to be fine; no it's going to be perfect. We will be perfect." Edward planted a large kiss against Bella's lips. Just then Alice waltzed in with an exuberant smile stretched across her face.

"Everyone is waiting outside, they are all here. Your dad says he loves you, but there are just some things he doesn't need to see. Emmett is consoling an overly emotional Rose. Jasper is hiding in the corner and Jake is just being Jake. Bella, I can't believe this is real, it seems like yesterday you two got married." Alice rambled and thought back on the day she watched her brother get married. Edward was happy but today she could tell he was elated, he was over the moon. She never thought she would ever see him this content, in her opinion, Bella was the best thing to ever happen to him.

The doctor walked in with a trio of nurses, he enjoyed his job despite the fact that he had to deal with some outspoken and vocal women.

"Are you ready Bella?" he questioned her knowing her answer would be the same as the rest.

"No, no I'm not ready, but I don't know if I ever will be. I just want to go home at this point, does that make sense?" she replied. Bella looked into Edward's emerald eyes for reassurance and he gave her a goofy smile, which was all she needed. She noticed the small tear trickling from the corner of his eye as he whispered "I love you."

"Please," she bawled. "Please get them out. It hurts, it's painful, there's pressure." Bella gripped and clawed at Edwards's hand. Edward cringed from the force but kept silent knowing it would all be over soon; her pain would be gone soon.

The doctor instructed Bella to place her legs in the stir-ups spreading her legs wide. Esme held Bella's left hand and Edward held her right.

"Okay, Bella, when you feel the need to push, big breath in and push, alright?" The doctor waited for her response and he got it in the form of a loud scream.

"Yesssss…how about now?" Bella felt intense pressure in her stomach and bowels. "I need to poop; I swear I need to poop." Everyone in the room let out a small chuckle.

"Bella, that's baby A. You are crowning and I just need you to push. Push," he coached her.

"Push, baby push," Edward chanted, "I can see the head, baby, I can see the head. Oh, god baby look you're doing it."

Bella pushed and pushed past that pain, willing the baby to come. She just wanted them out, it was time and she was done. It had been a long thirty-four weeks and she never thought she would make it. Her pregnancy was rough and tough, with trips to the hospital every second day for IV therapy. Bella's morning sickness lasted the whole pregnancy, it didn't stop after three months. Carrying twins was not easy. They enjoyed taking turns playing soccer with her bladder, one would sleep the other wouldn't, they constantly had hiccups. But despite her troubles, she enjoyed it all. When they found out they were having twins during the first ultrasound, the look on Edward's face was priceless. First, shock took over his face followed by a wide, blinding smile and then him flat on the ground. He had passed out. They did not know the sexes because they wanted to be surprised.

"One more push, Bella, baby A is almost out," the doctor requested. Bella took in another large breath of air releasing as she pushed. "It's a girl," the doctor said as he handed the baby off to the first nurse.

"A girl, a girl. It's a girl," Alice cheered and ran out into the hallway to tell everyone. Alice was happy her baby would have a little girl to play with too. The family would have two little girls running around.

Esme was crying tears of joy, "Bella I'm so proud of you, she's beautiful." Little cries filled the room. Edward was speechless as he kissed his wife, silently thanking her with the tears falling from his face. He rushed to be with his baby girl.

"One more, Bella, you can do this now we need to get baby B out." More contractions racked her body; she was tired and really wanted to sleep, but above the fatigue, she was thrilled. She and Edward had a little princess. She drew in another breath, nodding her head she pushed again. Esme continued to coach her as Edward walked over to her with their little girl.

Edward held and cradled that baby who was swaddled in a pink blanket. He vowed to love and protect her until the end of time. He watched his wife give life to their second child. She was exhausted he could see it, but she just kept going, she was a fighter.

"I see baby B," the doctor spoke excitement in his voice. "You can do this."

"You can do this sweetheart, you've given me a granddaughter. You can give me one more," Esme laughed. Alice came bounding back through the door, her swollen belly bouncing with her.

"Can I hold her, Edward?" He nodded and handed his little girl over to her aunt. He then quickly resumed his position next to his wife as she delivered their second child.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," he whispered in her ear. "She's beautiful just like you. She has a head full of hair and she has your nose, she's perfect."

"I love you," Bella grunted through her last push.

"And it's a boy," the doctor announced. Bella let her head fall back against the pillow, letting the tears stream freely down her face.

"Can I see him? Can I see her?" she asked. Edward threw a fist pump into the air and kissed his wife. Alice walked over with her niece and gave her to her mother.

"She's so precious Bella, I can't wait." Alice hugged her sister-in-law.

"It's a boy, it's a boy," Edward laughed, stalking towards his son who was crying. "And a girl, we have one of each. God, I love you so much Bella," he sobbed. He had never felt so complete; he wanted to tell the world. He ran into the hallway to alert his family that they now had a nephew too.

Emmett was ecstatic while Rosalie wept in his arms a smile graced her face. Rosalie was emotional for she too was due any day now and her hormones ran wild.

"That's just so fuck…congratulations man," Emmett embraced his brother Edward in a large bear hug. Jasper walked over to shake Edward's hand for he too would be in the same position in a couple months time. However, he was silently thankful he and Alice were only expecting one child. Rosalie silently walked into Bella's hospital room wanting to meet the new additions; Carlisle and Charlie joined her.

Charlie rushed to his daughter's side, "You okay Bells?"

"Just great Dad, I'm perfect." Charlie bent down to hug his daughter before he went to meet and hold his grandchildren. The hospital room was a whirlwind of doctors, nurses and family, but all Bella wanted was to hold her children. The noise increased and increased until Bella finally yelled.

"I don't mean to be rude or pushy but would you all mind if I had a moment alone with my husband and my babies? I haven't held them yet." Everyone turned to look at her, scrambling to let her see and touch her children.

"Baby, I'm so sorry," Edward whispered against her lips. Esme brought Bella her daughter and Charlie her son, they had still yet to be named. Although she and Edward had names picked out, nothing had actually been decided on.

With both babies rested on her chest, the room became silent. Everyone had left giving her the time she needed.

"Edward, what are we going to name them?" she asked as she tried to get her daughter to latch on to her breast. "Ow, that hurts."

Edward chuckled.

"Well we talked about Renee for a girl, after your mom. So why don't we call her Renee Grace?" Bella hummed in agreement.

"And him?" she asked while trying to latch her son to her other breast, it was like she was supporting two footballs. Their son caught on quickly, greedily sucking her nipple into his mouth.

Edward laughed again, "He's his father's son." He brushed the loose hair from Bella's face, "I thought we agreed on Anthony?"

"Yes, but what about his middle name?" She tenderly stroked her babies' cheeks, smiling with content.

"Can I be selfish and ask for Edward?"

"If you want Edward," she smirked at her husband. Edward leaned in and kissed his wife passionately, quietly thanking her for everything she had given him over the last five years.

"I love you," he murmured against her lips. "Can I go get everyone? Please," Bella nodded her head and Edward silently left the room to get his family, letting her have some quiet time with their children.

While Bella was left to her peace and quiet, she thought about her mom and how much she missed her. Four years ago she never thought she'd make it down the aisle without her there, but she did and she knew her mother was there in spirit. Today she never thought she could do it, but she did and she knew her mother stood behind her. She thought back to the night when she and Edward first made love and the many times that followed. She remembered the night he proposed and the romance he gave her. The memories flitted through her mind: their first house, the opening of Edward's surf shop and the start of her photography company. Everything he had given her in life was perfect along with everything they shared.

Now they had two more reasons to feel whole: their daughter Renee Grace Cullen and their son whom Edward ended up naming Anthony Charles Edward Cullen.


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