Author's note: This is a project that's been kicking around in my mind for a few weeks now. I wanted to get the prologue written so I could see if it might play out well, and I think it will. This story is based on a piece of source material that has absolutely nothing to do with Chuck, and I'm sure that at least a few of you can probably figure out what that is. If you do, please keep the title out of the reviews – I'd like to keep that under wraps as long as I possibly can. You can, however, feel free to message me about your thoughts that specifically regard the source material.

In addition, though I'm posting the prologue tonight, I intend to at the very least finish In the Valley of the Shadow before I give my full attention to this, and I will likely try to finish Chuck vs. the Con as well.


Date: 26 March 2010

From: Lt. Colonel John Casey, United States Marine Corps (NSA)

To: Maj. General Diane Beckman, United States Air Force (NSA)

Re: Human Intersect Project

Following a long period of evaluation and consideration, I believe that I have come to a fairly clear conclusion on the tenuous future of the Human Intersect Project. Unfortunately, given current circumstances, the future does not look promising. Once the myth that has been built up around Charles I. Bartowski is stripped away, you can easily see that things are not going well.

The problem is, Mr. Bartowski has begun to believe the myths surrounding him, especially that he is truly not just a spy, but a so-called "Super Spy". I am afraid that if he continues to allow himself to matter more than the project itself, all of the gains and advances we have made will be for naught.

I have attempted to discuss this with Mr. Bartowski, reminding him that I have been part of his team since the very beginning, and that he should be able to trust me. However, again, the followers he has gained within the CIA and NSA believe that he is the savior of the intelligence community, which may cause very serious repercussions for Mr. Bartowski when they realize the truth about this project.

Furthermore, it seems that this project is far more complicated now than it was when it began. Though at the time I believed it to be complex beyond necessity, I realize now that when Mr. Bartowski was merely flashing and providing intelligence, things were quite simpler. I wish to be understood correctly – I think he is a priceless intelligence commodity. However, it seems that he was more useful to this project when his day job was selling electronics, rather than attempting to engage in spycraft.

The most disconcerting aspect of this entire project, however, is the Pentagon's increased pressure to absorb all of the Human Intersect Project into Project Omaha. Though I have managed to keep Mr. Bartowski on the straight and narrow so far, I foresee a time in the near future when the strength of his support within the intelligence community will outweigh my opinions, and thus throw him directly into the path of the Pentagon.

I will endeavor to continue to remind Mr. Bartowski that it is in his best interests to keep a low profile, especially if he wishes to retain his freedom; however, I fear that soon even my counsel will not be effective.

Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Col. John M. Casey, USMC (NSA)