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"Hey there Tiger, I'm your daddy." Jasper stroked his finger up and down his son's arm and rested near his tiny hand. Slowly little Tiger wrapped his hand around Jasper's finger squeezing it tightly. I don't think I've ever seen Jasper so happy before in my life.

"Are you keeping him alive?" Jasper spoke, barely whispering to me.

"For now, but I can feel him getting stronger by the second." I placed my spare hand on Jasper's shoulder trying to reassure him that everything will be okay. If it meant I had to stay within ten feet of my nephew at all times to make sure that he was safe then I would.

"And he will be alright, I mean when he's older you don't see any problems?" he asked finally looking back at me.

"I can't see that yet, but as soon as Alice is safe and he is ready to breathe on his own. I will make it my mission to make sure that he is perfect." I looked into Jasper's eyes and nodded.

"He already is perfect," he whispered looking back at his son.

"Couldn't agree with you more there," I conjured up a small blue blanket with the word Tiger embroiled in the corner and handed it to Jasper. He looked down at the embroidery and smiled.

"Thank you Bella," he looked back at his song and lightly placed it on his song.

As if my children wanted to respond a tiny stuffed Tiger appeared in the corner of the incubator.

"I guess Tiger is going to stick with him huh?" Jasper laughed and smiled back at me.

"I guess it will."

And Now...

"My baby…" my head snapped up to the other side of the room and noticed Alice was awake. I didn't even realise we had all been sitting here for days now. My only focus was on Tiger who was still fighting for his life.

"Alice he's fine. Bella's looking after him, please relax." Jasper hovered over her and lightly pushed her back onto the bed.

"How do you feel?" he questioned giving her a once over.

"I'm fine I just need to see my son," she tried to sit up again but Jasper held her back.

"Bella!" she screamed and tried to break free of Jasper. She was a newborn again. Her emotions were amplified and all she wanted was her baby, and nothing was going to get in her way. And I was in her way at the moment.

"Alice he's stable, but you need to calm down otherwise you will hurt your son!" I raised my voice and stood in front of the small incubator. The last thing I would ever do, was let Alice hurt her own son. She would die if she did anything that was out of her control.

Alice screamed and lunged towards me, she managed to dodge Jasper and Emmett who burst through the door. Looked like she had her visions back.

She was a meter in front of me when I placed one hand on my stomach and held up the other towards Alice. I pulled out my shield and threw it against her body immediately stopping her in her tracks. She threw her weight against it and tried to break free.

"I want my son now!" she growled and threw herself against the field again and again. Every time she threw herself against my shield, I felt my body recall slightly. My hand on my stomach rubbed slowly up and down trying to get my children to release my powers.

I noticed everyone sneaking up behind Alice's back but I quickly cautioned them back. I could handle this.

"Alice do you remember what you said to me before?" I asked her calmly. She snarled and screamed at me again.

"Alice concentrate, what did you tell me when you were on the table." My voice raised as her body became softer, no doubt her husband was helping with her control now.

"Alice answer me," I yelled back.

"I trust you Bella, please save my baby…" she barely whispered as I nodded.

"And what did I say?" her red eyes finally connected with mine. These were the eyes that I remembered; these were the eyes of a mother.

"You said that he would be fine, and you would bend the earth backwards to make sure that my son was safe and in my arms by the end of all this…" I nodded again.

"Alice right now you are a newborn, you have newborn strength and a bloodlust that is all too strong. I made a promise to you that I would keep you son safe and right now I am keeping that promise." Tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded her head. She finally understood, she was the threat, she was the only danger to her son at this very moment.

"Jasper," she barely whispered and collapsed to the floor. Jasper was by her side in an instant and wrapped his arms around her.

"Take her to hunt Jazz," Carlisle bent down and helped them both out of the room. Edward was by my side instantly and turned me back to Tiger.

"You okay?" he wrapped his arms around my stomach and placed his chin on my shoulder.

"I'm fine," I barely whispered looking down at the little innocent bundle of life. He was a little miracle. Not more than three days ago was he barely hanging onto life and now here he was curled up in a tiny blue blanket with bright blue eyes staring up at the dancing Tigers above. I knew little Mason had something to do with the bouncing Tigers above, but right now I couldn't care less.

"I think it's time for mommy to have something to eat," Edward whispered and stroked my swallow belly.

"Hmm, a chicken omelette sounds perfects right about now." I laughed and turned to face him.

"I'm guessing that it's the husband's duty to feed his human wife?" he laughed as I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck.

"You'd be guessing right," I whispered and reached up on my tippy toes and pressed my lips to his.

"If you keep kissing me like that then I think we might scar our little nephew for life." Edward winked and pressed his lips back to mine quickly.

"We wouldn't want that now would we?" I laughed and turned back to face our little nephew who was giggling up at us.

"How's he doing?" Our heads snapped up towards the door where Esme was holding a tray of food.

"He's a fighter. I would say in three days he'll be stable on his own." I grinned back down at Tiger and watched as his eyes caught sight of Esme and gurgled to her.

"There's my little grandbaby," she cooed and placed the tray on the nearby table.

"God he's adorable." She looked back at us and smiled.

"He is," Edward wrapped one arm around his mother and the other around me.

We decided to take little Tiger up to his nursery, seeing as he didn't need to be in the incubator any longer he was able to sleep in his crib by himself. Carlisle had a small drip placed in his arm where a small supply of blood was keeping him healthy and strong. Soon enough he would be able to drink and eat on his own, but until that time he needed all the help he could get.

Edward helped carry the incubator up the stairs and into the nursery while Esme prepared the crib with a small protecting blanket. Everything needed to be clean to perfection, the last thing Tiger needed was an infection of some form to set him back. As soon as I told everyone my concerns at the start, Esme was making quick work dust proofing the entire house. Not one piece of furniture was left untouched, and if it did happen to be unclean-able then it was placed in the garbage heap.

"Come on Tiger," I leant down over the incubator and gentle picked up my nephew and carried him transferred him to his crib. As much as I wanted to hold onto my nephew for eternity, it wasn't fair of me to have such an intimate hold of him, when his mother had yet to see him.

As I lowered him into his crib I noticed Edward gasp. I quickly looked up at him and noticed the biggest grin on his face.

"What is it?" I questioned.

"He recognises you," he whispered and placed his index finger in Tiger's tiny little grip and cooed at him.

"Not as his mother!" I gasped.

"No love, as his aunty." I sighed in relief. The last thing I needed was for him to believe that I was his mother.

"Bella…" I turned around slowly and noticed Jasper standing in the doorway. His eyes were searching for his son that was blocked by mine and Edward's bodies.

"Is it okay if we come in?" he questioned. I knew what he meant by us, he meant Alice was somewhere close enough to hear but not within a danger zone.

"Did she hunt?" I questioned protectively.

"Yes, she had three elk and one bear. She's in control, but understands that it's your call." I nodded and looked back at little Tiger. I wanted nothing more to hand her son over to her, but I would never forgive myself if something happened to him. And neither would Alice.

"She can come in to see him, but he's still too fragile to be held." I spoke still looking down at Tiger.

"I understand," I spun around quickly and saw Alice standing awkwardly beside Jasper. My heart broke while looking at her face. I couldn't comprehend the emotions that would be running through her at the moment, yes I may be able to sense them, but you would never understand unless that was you standing there in the doorway, and that was your baby in the crib.

"Carlisle, Emmett, Charlie would you please come up here." I spoke out throughout the house and within a second they were all gathered in the room. They surrounded the crib and formed and protective barrier around Tiger. We all witnessed the silent sob that broke through Alice's throat when we all protected her son against her, but I made a promise.

I stepped forwards and towards Alice in the doorway.

"Ali, we all know that you would never intentionally hurt your son, but we also know that you would kill each and every one of us if we let something happen to your little baby." She whimpered as her eyes fell to the floor. Jasper wrapped his hand around hers and took a step forwards in the room.

I was prepared for her to rush forwards, but she didn't. She stopped in her tracks, not taking a single inch into the room.

"Alice what's wrong?" Jasper turned to face her but she shook her head.

"What if I hurt him, what if I kill my son Jasper!" she pulled her hand out of Jasper's and took a big step away from the door.

"Alice you will not hurt our son, I promise you." Jasper stepped closer to her and gripped on tightly to both her hands.

"Your family is here for us Alice; they are all here to protect not only our son by you as well. Please we need to see our beautiful son." Jasper smiled as Alice finally lifted her head and locked eyes with him.

"He's beautiful?" she whispered as a smile fell upon her lips.

"He's amazing," he replied quickly.

"And he's asking for his mother," Edward said stepping forwards.

"You can hear him?" Alice asked.

"Yes, and he's been waiting a long time to see his mother." He nodded in confirmation.

And that was it, that was all that Alice needed to get her confidence. She let go of one of Jasper's hands and reached out for Edward's.

"You hear one bad thought coming from my mind and you have full permission to throw me out." Alice laughed as Edward gripped onto her other hand.

"It won't come to that, but I promise."

Edward and Jasper lead Alice towards the crib, while everyone else spread out around her. This moment was the moment we had all be waiting for. The joining of mother and son.

"Hey there baby," Alice cooed as she first laid eyes on her son.

"He's amazing," she whispered not taking her eyes of her baby boy.

"We make one heck of a good looking kid, don't we?" Jasper laughed placing a small kiss on Alice's forehead.

"Tiger?" Alice questioned while running her hand over the small blue embroider blanket. Just ask she finished speaking four small tiger cub mirages appeared over the crib. Edward and Jasper quickly tightened their grip on Alice, just in case they surprised her into doing something dangerous.

"Mason," I growled playfully while placing my hands on my stomach.

"Is he doing that?" Alice asked looking down at my swollen stomach.

"Yeah, my little prankster thinks that his cousin would enjoy having some tigers to watch instead of those silly stuffed ones." I laughed and looked back up towards the crib, and there in the air was the four little tiger cubs rolling around and playing in the air.

"Is that his name now?" Alice asked with a hint of anger in her voice. Jasper placed one hand on her cheek and tried to calm her down a bit.

"No love, it was just a nickname for him. He's our little fighter. He still needs a name from his mother though," Jasper soothed her down a bit and both he and Edward relaxed their grip on her slightly.

"Ethan," Alice answered almost instantly.

"Ethan?" Emmett asked.

"Yes, if that's alright with you?" Alice asking looking back at Jasper.

"Sounds perfect, welcome to the world, our little Ethan Cullen." Jasper smirked.

"Ethan T Cullen." Alice laughed looking back at Ethan.

"Would you like to hold him?" the question left my mouth before I even thought about what I asked. All eyes snapped to mine, each telling me a different meaning.

"A-are you sure?" Alice stuttered never taking her eyes of me.

"Yes, I'm sure." I smiled hoping to give her the encouragement that she needed. Slowly but gently she lowered her arms into Ethan's crib and gathered him up in his blankets. As soon as she touched him a spark in her eyes erupted.

A tear slowly rolled down my cheek as she lifted him into her arms.

"Hey there Ethan, I'm your mommy." She whispered and lightly bounced him in her arms.

"Hey I just got something," Emmett announced completely ruining the mood.

"We can call him ET for short!" he boomed and cracked up laughing.

Everyone starred at him as he laughed by himself.

"Mason would you like to teach your uncle Emmett a lesson?" I gently rubbed my belly and not more than a second later a book flew off the shelf and hit Emmett square in the back of the head.

We all laughed but stopped as soon as a small set of giggles and claps appeared from Alice's arms. We all looked down at Ethan who was starring with wide eyes at Emmett who was now rubbing his head.

"Did you think that was funny Ethan?" Jasper cooed at his son.

"Did you like it when big old mean Uncle Emmett got hit in the head?" he leant down and tickled his son's tummy causing more giggles to escape from his mouth.

"Alright -alright, enough picking on my husband," Rose walked into the room holding hands with MJ and Lillie.

"We have a pair of kiddies that would like to see their baby cousin." Rose smiled over to Alice and little Ethan. Alice looked to me for guidance and I quickly nodded. I was about to say something to the kids when Rose let go of their hands and leant down to their level.

"Now what did you both promise to do?" Rose asked.

"We are not to use our powers around the baby," both MJ and Lillie spoke in unison.

"And?" Rose pressed on.

"We are to use our inside voices," they smiled up at Rose as she nodded.

"Very good, now let's go see your cousin." Rose quickly lifted Lillie into her arms, while MJ ran and jumped into Emmett's awaiting arms.

"Lillie, MJ I would like to introduce you both to your new cousin. Ethan T Cullen." Alice spoke and moved closer to Rose and Emmett.

"Hey there Ethan, I'm Lillie and I will make sure my idiotic brother plays nice with you." Lillie spoke up and winked at her mom. She was definitely a little princess.

"Hey ET, I'll teach you how to steal cookies from Grandmas cookie jar and let you ride on my elephants or any other animal you might like." MJ gushed.

"MJ…" Emmett and Rose both warned together.

"Fine, you can watch while I ride my flaming animals?" he rephrased his comment.

"Alright fine, we can both watch the flaming animals and none of us will ride them…" he sulked. Everyone awed as Ethan slowly yawned and closed his tiny little eyes.

"I think it's someone's bedtime." Alice whispered and lowered her son back into his crib.

Rose and Emmett took their kids back out of the room after they both said a quick goodbye through the crib bars. Slowly everyone left until it was just Edward, Jasper, Alice and me left surrounding Ethan's crib.

I lightly placed my hand on his stomach and sent through a wave of peace and life into his body making sure he was still safe. Poor little guy was exhausted.

"Are you keeping him alive?" Alice whimpered as she watched her son.

"For the time being yes, but he's growing stronger every minute." I looked up at her and hoped that she would feel a little better.

"He will okay right, I mean he will be able to live on his own?" she asked with tears in her eyes. I pulled my hand away from Ethan and pulled Alice into my arms.

"Yes, he will be perfect Ali. In three days he will be just like Lillie and MJ, running around making all kinds of trouble for you," I laughed as she hiccupped into my shoulder.

"Why don't you read him a story, I know he loves to hear your voice." Edward spoke up as Alice and I pulled apart.

"He does?" she laughed and wiped her eyes.

"Of course, you're his mother." Jasper lead Alice towards the shelf and helped pick out a book. While Edward lead me towards the couch and sat down behind me, he wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his hands on my stomach.

"Maybe mommy would like to take that nap too?" Edward murmured into my ear.

"Mommy would like that very much," I laughed as I closed my eyes drifting off to the soft murmurs of Alice's voice.

Jane POV

It had been three months since we were last reunited with the Cullen's and the others. Three months of hiding and planning. Alec and I had been travelling all over the world trying to discover more and more vampires who would join us, or find out if they knew of anything going on, we were on a research mission.

If the Volturi were coming back from the dead and were looking for a way to destroy all of us, then we were going to be ready for them. We would not be going down without a fight, we will not roll over and let them decide what our fate would be.

So far we had found all about nothing, there was nothing going on, no weapon of mass destruction, no plan to dominate the universe, nothing. From any other persons point of view it would be like any other normal century, but for those who knew the fate for us, we knew differently.

We were currently in Germany wandering around the old buildings searching for clues, when Alec froze in front of me.

"Alec…" I questioned as he slowly raised his arm and pointed to a crumbled down building just down the street.

A building that screamed danger.

A building that screamed death.

A building that screamed home.

Our home.

It was the fourth of March 1938 when we were forced from our home. The German soldiers went from door to door finding any male over the age of eighteen, or a strong looking sixteen, seventeen year old…

"Alec would you please fetch some firewood please," I looked up towards the kitchen and watched as my brother nodded and headed for the backdoor. I really hated how my brother got to do everything while I was forced to practise my needle work.

"Mother, may I go help him?" I questioned preying that she agreed. She looked at me frowning and shook her head. I sighed and looked back down at my needle work.

"Jane dear, why don't you finish up there and come help me with dinner. Father will be home soon." She smiled and walked back into the kitchen. This was it; I quickly placed my needle work onto the table and ran towards the back door. Slowly and silently I pushed open the door begging for it to not creak as I slipped outside.

I quickly ran around the corner and headed for the outside shed. That was where father and Alec stored the wood for the winter, to keep it dry.

"Sister," I stopped around the corner and slowly turned around to face my brother.

"Mother told me to come and help?" I answered as a question, hoping that he would fall for it. He laughed and shook his head.

"Sure she did, now hurry up and help me before father gets home." He smiled and threw a small log towards me. This was why I loved my brother, he never treated me as though I was an incapable female. He made sure that I was taught how to survive, he made sure that I knew how to collect wood, hunt, and even fight.

"Come on, let's go." Alec spoke up while lugging an armful of wood towards the shed doors.

"You're not going to tell mother are you?" I smirked hoping he wouldn't give me up.

"Never," he laughed and held the door open for me. Just as I passed the shed I froze. Just up ahead I could see a dark black object peaking around the corner. I knew what that was, and I knew it didn't belong to my father.

A gun.

I was about to scream when a hand clapped over my mouth.

"Shhh…" Alec whispered in my ear and slowly released his hand as I nodded. He slowly pulled me back towards the shed where I placed the wood back down silently.

"What's going on?" I questioned already knowing the answer.

There had been rumours going around the town, German soldiers were visiting every house in Germany enlisting any male who would be fit enough for the army, regardless of age. And if you dared say no to them, then you were signing you and your family's death warrants.

"Stay here, and whatever you do don't fight them." Alec placed both his hands on my cheek and looked deep into my eyes. I nodded knowing that he was only protecting me. Alec slowly moved away from me and headed back towards the shed door.

I gulped while watching my brother slip out from our cover and head back towards danger. I hid behind a large pile of wood, while clutching a smaller one in my hands, just in case.

It was silent, it was too quiet.

Just as I was about to stand up I heard the blast of a gun coming from the house. I supressed a scream and clamped my hand over my mouth. I couldn't stay here and let my family be killed, I had to help them.

I pushed off the ground and hurled myself towards the shed door as soon as I was out I ran towards the house. As I reached the back door I slowly peaked inside the back window and ducked down just as quick.

There were three men inside my house; one had a gun to my mother's head. Another had his arm gripped around my brother's neck, while the other had my father on his knees with a gun pointing to the back of his head.

"What are you doing out here little girl," I turned around quickly and screamed. There in front of my face was two metal barrels pointing straight at me.

"Let's get you in with the others," the man grabbed me by the throat and dragged me inside with the rest of my family.

"Jane!" My father screamed as she saw me.

"Father!" I gasped as my body was thrown onto the ground next to him.

"Luca, you will tell me where their papers are or I shall shoot your wife!" the guard standing over my father aimed his gun towards my mother.

I was so confused, I had no idea what was going on, or what these men wanted with my father. Weren't they from the military? They only wanted to enlist my father, didn't they?

"Please I don't know where they are, please just leave my family alone." My father pleaded as the guard signalled towards the man next to my mother. I squeezed my eyes shut as the shot echoed all around my body. I kept my eyes closed as I felt my mother's body fall to the ground next to me.

"Mother!" I heard my brother's screams as the guards laughed.

They laughed!

How dare they laugh at my mother's death!

My mother's murder!

"Where are the papers!" I guard yelled again at my father. I opened my eyes just to see the man's gun slowly turn towards me.

"Or it will be your daughter next…" I slowly shuffled backwards until my back hit the wall.

"Father please!" Alec screamed out and tried to break free of the hold the guard had on him.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" My father screamed as the guard growled at my father. He thrust his gun across my father's head and shouted at him once more.

I screamed out to my father and watched as the man holding back my brother gripped his neck tighter.

"Father!" He gasped and gripped on tight to the man's forearm.

"Tell me now!" The guard hit my father again and blood started to rush down the cut on his face.

"I killed your wife, and I will kill your son next! Tell me where they are!" he screamed hitting my father again and again.

"Father!" I screamed trying to get him to listen to the man, begging him to give up whatever it was that they were after.

"Or maybe I will take your daughter, what is she sixteen, seventeen?" The guard laughed and looked directly at me. The lust in his eyes ran shivers up my spine. I knew what he meant; I had heard what these pigs do to women!

"No, anything but that!" my father begged. But the guard just laughed.

"Kill the boy," the guard yelled.

"No!" both me and my father screamed. I quickly jumped to my feet and ran towards my brother. Just as he was in reach and hand gripped my neck and pulled me backwards.

"Alec!" I screamed trying to claw at the hand on my throat.

The arm that gripped around my brother's neck squeezed tighter and tighter as my brother gasped for air. They were killing my brother, they had killed my mother!

"No, let him go you bastard!" I saw red.

I stared at the man holding my brother and preyed with all my might for him to let my brother free.

"Kill him now," the guard shouted the order and the man slowly raised his gun towards my brother's head. I didn't even get a chance to scream.

My haze grew red and suddenly the man was on the ground clutching his head.

Alec fell to the ground and quickly grabbed the gun and pointed it at the guard holding me.

"Let go of my sister!" he shouted as the man slowly released my throat. As soon as I was free I ran towards Alec and gripped onto his arm. The man on the ground was still screaming out in pain as the guard quickly raised his gun and shot his partner, and the screaming stopped.

"God that was annoying," the guard groaned and pointed the gun back towards our father.

"Enough of this," and quick enough he shot my father.

My grip on Alec's arm tightened as we both muffled back a scream.

"Boy, hand over the gun and no one gets hurt." Alec shook his head and stood his ground.

"Get out of my house!" he shouted and the guard flinched slightly. A light haze grew over the man's eyes but he quickly shoot it off.

"Give me the gun or your sister dies!" he shouted but Alec did not move.

"Now!" he shouted again. But this time it was he who was going to die. The red haze appeared over my eyes once more and the guard was brought to his knees in pain.

"Jane…." I jumped slightly as my brother stood in front of me, his hands gripping my cheeks.

"Come back to me Jane…" he leant forwards and pressed his lips to my forehead.

That day haunted my memories forever.

It was the day Alec and I discovered our powers.

It was the day that our mother and father were murdered.

It was the day that the Volturi got wind of our talents.

And it was the last day that we lived our lives.

"It's alright we don't need to go in there," Alec whispered and pulled me into his arms. I nodded against his chest.

"I miss them so much," tears welled up in my eyes and never fell. I hated my curse, I was never a hateful child and here I was cursed with the power of pain. What had I done to deserve something so cruel!

"Come on, let's keep going." Alec grabbed my hand and lead us further down the street.

We never did find out what the guards were looking for that day, we just assumed it was papers for Alec. That they wanted him for the war and father refused. But it always seemed to be much bigger than that, that there was always something more going on underneath the surface of it all.

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