Deadliest Cartoon Character: Chapter 10

Disclaimer: I neither own any cartoon characters nor Spike TV's hit "The Deadliest Warrior" This is just for pure entertainment and not to be taken seriously…

(Note: I'll be using the show's earlier seasons' system rather than the newer one for the sake of simplicity. That means Max Geiger is still hosting this but I'll be using Richard "Mack" Machowicz in some of the later fights.)

Narrator: The Kids Next Door, defenders of childhood and fighters against adult tyranny.

(Five children no older than ten are shown fighting ice cream men with makeshift weapons out of household items.)

Narrator: The Brotherhood of Mutants, teenaged troublemaking members that fight for mutant superiority to the human race.

(Five teenagers are shown causing havoc in the city streets.)


(Two squads clash out in an open battle.)

Narrator: To find out, our world-class fighters are testing fiction's most lethal weapons. Using twenty-first century science, we find out what would happen when the two warriors go toe-to-toe. No rules, no safety, and no mercy: It's a duel to the death to decide who is…


The scene now shows inside building where sounds of fighting are heard. Various weapons, targets, and animal carcasses are displayed along with some high tech looking gear.

Narrator: The Fight Club: a remote place in California where we've assembled doctors, scientists, and combat experts. They are here to decide who would win a battle between the Kids Next Door…

KND's Stats:
First year of appearance: April 2000
Appeared in: Codename: Kids Next Door

Debut episode: No P In the Ool (Pilot)

Owned by: Curious Pictures and Cartoon Network
Creator: Tom Warburton

Narrator: And The Brotherhood of Mutants

Brotherhood's Stats:
First year of appearance: November 4 2000. (Series debut, starting with the Toad)
Appeared in: X-Men: Evolution
Debut episodes: Strategy X (The Toad), The X-Impulse (Avalanche), Mutant Crush (The Blob), Speed and Spyke (Quicksilver), and the Hex Factor (Scarlet Witch)

Owned by: Marvel Comics and Kids WB
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

the teams brought in to test the weapons are the leaders and high-ranking members of their organizations.

(Two young prepubescent girls are shown holding two makeshift weapons; one has blonde hair with brown eyes. She wears an orange striped sweatshirt over a turquoise turtleneck sweater and pants and her shoes are split from the big toe and the others, similar that of a ninja's footwear. The other girl had red curly hair, green sweater, and an orange skirt while clad in brown shoes.)

For Team KND there's the current supreme leader of the KND, Rachel "Numbuh 362" Mackenzie and head of the decommissioning squad Fanny "Numbuh 86" Fullbright.

"The Kids Next Door was been around since the 1800s," Numbuh 352 said while lowering her weapon. "We recruit kids all across the world to fight injustice many children endure, and we fought super powered enemies before, so we can take down the Brotherhood."

"Anytime an operative turns 13, they can either give up peacefully and have their memories erased, or we can force them to." Numbuh 86 added in an Irish brogue. "Most teenagers and their hormones put too much of a risk to stay in our organizations, but although there are certain exceptions with our teen operatives. But that brotherhood won't stand a chance with our kid power."

(Two adults one is oldest of the two with graying hair under the red and purple helmet that he wears which the colors match the outfit he wears with a purple cape to match. The second adult is a younger woman wearing a white dress, but the most distinguished feature is her blue skin and fiery red hair.)

For Team Brotherhood there's the father of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Magneto and Mystique, the woman who is responsible for bringing the Brotherhood together.

"Two of my children are part of Brotherhood." Magneto declared boldly. "Certainly, they will not be defeated by children with playthings."

"I've chosen them to join because I know they had the power." Mystique said. "When I disguised myself as the principal, I gave them orders to fill out, and not being defeated by children is one of them?"

"Wait a minute, aren't the two of you at each other for betraying one another?" 362 asked.

"We made up…" Magneto replied in a cop-out way.

"It's no contest the Brotherhood will win the fight." Geoff Desmoulin said to both Doctor Dorian and Max Geiger. "They grew up having to fight for their lives just to survive."

"Let's not leave out the Kids Next Door too much." Max added. "They did fight super powered villains before and show better teamwork skills than the Brotherhood."

Narrator: The teams gathered six of the team's signature weapons and powers…

Kid Next Door's weapons:







Brotherhood's weapons:

Blob's Fists

Toad's Tongue

Toad's Spit

Avalanche's Tremors

Scarlet Witch's Hex's

Quicksilver's Speed

Narrator: Testing for the high speed of each team, it's Quicksilver's super speed vs. the KND's "Jet Engine Thrusted Airlift Boosts Operatives Over Tough Stuff".

"Alright, we're going to have a quarter kilometer dash." Geoff said while the cast and crew are outside. "Rachel will be wearing the KND's J.E.T.A.B.O.O.T.S while Mystique will transform into Quicksilver. The goal isn't really going to be who reaches the line first, but what power can impress us the most. Remember that!"

Both testers nodded in acknowledgment and at a count of three. The two sped at breakneck but different speeds. Mystique as Quicksilver was so fast; the speed gun malfunctioned and broke! Not only that, the massive, roaring gusts of wind created by him/her that it nearly caused the cast and crew to fly off.

But Rachel's was just as impressive; she soared through the sky as like a certain superhero from Krypton. With the fiery afterburner leaves behind her, the cast's spare speed gun clocked at 559 mph. Not as fast as Quicksilver's but still pretty damn fast.

When the cast and crew eventually drove to the end of the dash, the crew gave in the results.

"Without boring you all with aerodynamics, you were both insanely fast!" Geoff hooted excitedly, congratulating both the testers.

"Before the first speed gun started to malfunction, the camera shows that Mystique was going at 768 mph, which is the speed of sound!" Max Geiger pointed out in the same amount of excitement. "Not only that but the winds caused it, was around at 110 mph. that's the same speed as a Category 2 hurricane!"

"And this is just Mystique's copying his powers," Doctor Dorian added. "If the real Quicksilver tested, he would've been even faster!"

"As for Rachel, she's fast but not as fast around 559 mph." Geoff said, checking on the second camera. "She's as fast as the first jet fighter during World War 2, the Messerschmitt Me 262."

"Well, I could've gone faster but I slowed down on purpose because I need to see where I was going." Numbuh 362 added. "I maybe slower, but I was able to maneuver around while Smurfette can't change directions."

Mystique glares at her in response.

To prove that the girl is correct, they perform the dash again only this time, they were ordered to make a sharp turn around the crew. As both were finished, Rachel was correct. Satellite images courtesy of Spike TV have shown that Mystique was forced to make wider turns compared to the J.E.T.A.B.O.O.T.S better maneuverability.

"I hate to say it, but she's right." Max said. "While the real Quicksilver may have no trouble making turns, the

Narrator: The versatility of the jet boots gave the KND the edge in speed.

Edge: KND

Narrator: Confident they'll win the edge, the KND brought in their most advanced mechanized vehicle to the test. The Hare Inspired Piston Powered Ingenious Exoskeleton Hops Over Parents

"This here's the H.I.P.P.I.E-H.O.P, one of our finest technology Kids Next Door can offer." Numbuh 86 said with pride and joy. "She's more advanced than our 2x4 tech!"

"A toy rabbit?" Magneto skeptically asked sounding nearly insulted. "IS this the best thing you children have to offer?"

"Now now, Magneto." Doctor Dorian said in a friendly banter. "We have simulations down for a reason."

"Your targets are five dummies dressed like the Brotherhood, with one dummy playing the Blob made by special material that imitates his size and elasticity." Geoff said. "Your job is to kill all five of them in a short period of time, are you ready?"

To proof her rival's disbelief, the Irish girl nodded and climbed into the robot rabbit. Only within seconds upon activation, H.I.P.P.I.E-H.O.P lunged at high speeds towards the targets. With one giant leap, the mechanized bunny flew through the sky like an airliner before crash landing on the five targets. After getting up, the four targets were flattened as pancakes, and as for the "Blob" the rabbit activated its other weapon. An enormous, stream of fire spewed from its mouth like a dragon frying the obese target into a crisp.

"I don't think you need my expertise to know that they're all dead." Doctor Dorian said. "I never seen such destruction unless by prehistoric standards!"

"And check this out," Max said. "The fire's readings go up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit! That's the same as the I.R.A's flamethrower."

"That's not all," Geoff added. "Even without the kick-ass flamethrower, the collision readings the same as a high speed train hitting a car, so it just keeps going and going and going."

After saying that, a pink toy rabbit with sunglasses passes by while beating a drum unaware by the rest of the group.

Narrator: For the Brotherhood's luck, they'll be using Scarlet Witch's Hex Bolts.

"For you Magneto, we have special gloves for you to wear that'll imitate your daughter's powers." Max said offering the super villain the said gloves. "Aim at the weapons which will cause them to explode, so we can see how much damage Scarlet Witch can do."

"Wait a minute, where did you get the money for the stuff anyway?" Numbuh 86 asked.

"Oh don't be too upset little girl." Magneto said with a confident grin, "Your toys aren't the only things that are versatile as well."

The mutant leader walked up to a target range, with five targets dressed like Sector V, each of the dummies is carrying a 2x4 weapon, and pressure patches attached. At Max's signal, Magneto fired the Hex Bolts at all five targets. First, nothing happened until all the sudden the weapons exploded into the "children's" faces with a large boom!

"That was intense!" Geoff roared with excitement. "The unexpected attack will get them off guard for sure."

Doctor Dorian checked the damages on the targets; fake blood stained the clothes, and severe burn wounds all around…

"Numbuhs Three and Five had their patches lit, so they're dead, and as for the rest?" He checks on Numbuhs One, Two, and Four. "Broken glass, metal fragments, and larger wooden splinters are lodged into their throats and aortas. Even if that didn't killed them, their faces will be intense pain from the 2nd degree burns."

"That sounds painful." Geoff said.

"Yeah, but looked how many seconds it took for the hex to activate." Numbuh 362 pointed out. "We can run over them and burn them alive!"

"Well, it's not like they're going to stand there and get hit by a rampaging rabbit." Mystique snorted.

"In this case, even a few seconds are precious time in battle." Max decided. "As much as we like the conceivability of the hex bolts, we're going to give the SLIGHT edge to the H.I.P.P.I.E –H.O.P"

Narrator: Because the quicker ability to kill from the robot lagomorphs, the edge in Special Weapons goes to the KND.

Edge: KND

Narrator: Next, the two teams will test the mid-range combo test, comparing with the Toad's spit and long tongue vs. KND's Mustardy Armament Releases Big Loud Explosion.

Mystique transformed into The Toad and walks up to the firing range, her targets are five dummies dressed like Sector V. At Geoff's signal, Mystique shot her tongue at high speeds, knocking all of them down. She then grabs "Hoagie's" leg, and swung "him" around, landing on to "his" fallen teammates. As a finisher, the femme fatale spat onto "Numbuh One's" face. Once finished, the team goes and checks on the results.

"It's still the only time I'll ever use that power in national TV." Mystique said after transforming herself. "Sticking out my tongue is bad enough but spitting?"

"Well, aside from being disgusting. It can give the enemy a surprise." Geoff said, looking at the monitor. Toad's tongue is flexible enough to catch the enemy off guard."

"But it didn't kill." Max countered, pointing at the impact from the camera. "It may knock the kids in a daze, but it certainly won't kill."

Doctor Dorian came in sticking his gloved hand into the spit. After examining the viscosity of the fluid, he pulled his hand back with disgust, and wiped it off by rubbing into the dummy's sweater.

"Well, the saliva is thick enough similar to that of mucus." He reported while pulling off his glove. "It can certainly can cause the victim to drown if he can't get it off in time."

"I haven't seen an attack this disgusting ever since the Common Cold's." Rachel said, shaking her head. We have a much more effective weapon in hand.

Numbuh 362 is outside with five targets dressed like the Brotherhood. The said targets are all inside a wooden outhouse as the supreme leader explains her weapon.

"The M.A.R.B.L.E is one of our few lethal weapons we have in our arsenal." She said holding a harmless appearing children's toy to the cast and crew. "But looks can be deceiving to the enemy, because one of them can contain enough explosive to sink a ship."

"Well, we know we love our explosions." Max said. "Let's go test it out."

With a nod, she walks up to the outhouse to toss the ball inside the wooden crevices. After running away into the safe zone, the outhouse exploded into an inferno as debris flew along with the high-speed wind. When the coast was clear, there was nothing standing. Burning pieces of wood lain on both the ground and the unfortunate targets.

"That was amazing!" Geoff screamed like a schoolgirl at a Bieber concert. "That tiny marble packed enough explosive force to generate 324 psi, similar to that when we tested the Semtex!"

"It's a shame that it's a top secret information by the KND organization." Max said with a mild disappointment. "Because I would love to know how they packed so much bang for their buck but they still won our edge."

Narrator: Edge once again goes to the KND ending with a loud bang.

Edge: KND

Narrator: Hoping to another, the KND brought in Solid Pine Loaded Artillery Nicely Kicks Enemy Rear for melee combat to compare the Blob's mighty Fists.

Both Mystique and Numbuh 86 walked up to their appropriate gel target.

Fanny walked up to a gel target and using the wooden weapon.

"The S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R is our equalizer in fighting our adult enemies, and since they're bigger and stronger, we bring this weapon to the fight." The redheaded girl informed while holding her weapon to the hosts.

"Well, we like to see the great equalizer to use." Geoff said interestingly.

At his signal, Fanny unleashed the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R at full force. The wooden beam smashed into the skull, flattening it with a sickening crunch. Fake blood began to ooze from the skull cavity and into the floor.

"I never saw such a lethal kill from an unsuspecting weapon." Doctor Dorian said with an astonished look with both Geoff and Max sharing the same expression as the ER surgeon. "That poor bastard's gonna die from the worst headache ever."

"Without boring you guys with physics, the weapon is essentially a Class 1 lever." Geoff informed everyone to the camera, after he was off from his stupor. "The fulcrum from the magnet gave the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R the psi's of around 182, similar to that of Jesse James' pistol whip."

"Now what about you Mystique?" Max asked.

Without a single word, Mystique transforms into the Blob, and crushes the dummy's headwith a punch to the noggin. The heads exploded like Gallagher on watermelons.

"Well, we now know who gets the edge." Geoff said.

Narrator: The Blob's Fists crushed the KND for the edge by the Brotherhood.

Edge: Brotherhood

Narrator: For the final edge in long range, the Brotherhood brought in Avalanche's Tremors to the battle.

Narrator: Not moved by the earthquake, the KND fires up with the Gumball Utilizing Mechanism Zings Overabundance Of Kandy Around and Soup Can And Magnified Photon Phlazer.

Two girls walked around with 2x4 weapons around to the shooting range. The S.C.A.M.P.P is set to kill and the G.U.M.J.O.O.K.A's chewable ammunition is replaced by metal ball bearings. Magneto on the other hand is going to simulate Avalanche's tremors.

"I never knew 2x4 technology could be used to kill." Max said to the girls. "I thought you kids fought with condiments, toys, and household objects."

"We hate to admit this but KND has a protocol to use lethal force on more dangerous foes such as pedophiles and child soldiers." Rachel answered reluctantly. "And because of personal and national concerns, we can't tell you if we actually killed before or how many we killed."

"I can see why it's such a personal matter." Geoff nodded sympathetically, a surprise coming from a show that's all about killing.

For the weapons testing, the girls are expected to fire at five dummies, set in a table to simulate their club hangout. They are expected to kill as quickly as they can as they prepared their weapons. At Geoff's signal, they open fired at lasers and metal balls firing towards them at high speed. Once they're finished, the targets are covered in burn wounds and bruises, with some of the metal bearing even lodged into the flesh. The team was amazed at the carnage the makeshift weapons can produce.

"Lasers often cauterize wounds at the shooter's worst outcome. " Doctor Dorian announced. "But the addition of the metal bearings' high speed revealed broken jaw bones at the victim's best, to pieces of metal lodged onto their brain tissue at their worst."

"The G.U.M.J.O.O.K.A's velocity just went up to 115 mph." Max said bewilderedly. "Because of the rapid fire, it can prove that it can kill."

"Impressive toys, but they're still toys nonetheless." Magneto said in a contradictory unimpressed tone. "We have a power in a far greater scale."

Magneto's targets are sitting on the KND vehicle the Carries Operatives Overhead Luxuriously Boasts Unbeatable Speed or C.O.O.L.B.U.S for short. At Geoff's signal, Magneto threw his open arm out, pointing it at the bus, and slowly begins to close his hand. For the first few seconds, nothing happened until the bus groaned and rumbled as it starts to shake like a jackhammer. Then it grew louder and more violent before the glass shattered and the roof collapsed, crushing the poor victims underneath. Finally, it stopped with a deadly since, the once mighty bus is now impounded in a junkyard.

"Do you guys need my expertise to know that they're dead?" Doctor Dorian asked reluctantly "impalements, crushed bones, and pierced internal organs, and that's when they're lucky."

"The Richter scale went up to 5.0 earthquake." Geoff said with a shocked look. "It can and did cause major damage to the bus."

"It's a close call, but we're give the edge to Avalanche's Tremors." Max said. "I love the KND's weapons but this is an earthquake we're talking about."

Narrator: The makeshift weapon proved faulty for the KND, which leads to the Brotherhood's edge in long range.

Edge: Brotherhood

Narrator: Testing is now complete; it is time to who is more superior. We now upload the data gathered from the tests into a battle simulation, developed by Slitherine Studios. To avoid a lucky shot, we will simulate the battle a thousand times on a battle between the two youths.

"I guess you can say that is literally the battle of the ages." Max said before he presses the button to start the Simulation.

Simulation: All five Brotherhood members entered the Sector V tree house as quietly as possible, how the Blob was able to climb up to the top was a mystery even for them. But they were too focused on their mission to find out, that was until Toad accidentally triggered the alarm, and it was the classic string tripwire, much to his team's chagrin. Now that their cover was blown, the Brotherhood has no choice but to charge in.

Meanwhile inside the tree house, everyone in Sector V popped into the main briefing room, and saw the Brotherhood in their surveillance camera. Knowing their extremely high danger rating in their computer, the team was forced to use lethal force if necessary. Numbuh Two entered to the communications room to call in reinforcements while the rest of the team strapped on for battle. The portly young pilot then felt something slimy grabbing onto his leg, and dragged him underneath it with full force.

KND: 5

Brotherhood: 5

The rest of the team heard his screams of help and rushed into the room as they saw Toad, dragging Hoagie with his long tongue.

"Kids Next Door, BATTLE STATIONS!" The bald leader yelled out as he and the rest of the team charged towards Todd. He releases Numbuh Two with a loud plop and spat on them, which the rest of the KND manage to dodge in disgust. In retaliation, they open fired on him with high speed ball bearings from the G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A and lasers from the S.C.A.M.P.P. The slimy amphibian wasn't able to dodge in time and was dropped down to the ground dead, his body covered laser wounds and bruises from the ball bearings.

KND: 5

Brotherhood: 4

"What happened to the security system?" Numbuh One asked while picking Numbuh Two back on his feet.

"It's gone all haywire, almost as if by magic." He replied. "It looks like we gotta hold on our own before reinforcements can arrive to help us."

Before he or anyone can say any more, an earthquake tremor erupts across the room. As the room rattles more violently with every second, the team managed to escape all except for Numbuh Two. The roof collapsed and crushed Hoagie P Gilligan under the heavy debris.

KND: 4

Brotherhood: 4

The surviving members of Sector V found their perpetrator; Avalanche along with the three associates Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and the Blob.

Numbuhs 1, 3, 4, and 5 split up as their counterparts followed suit, firing back to gain cover. Numbuh Four unfortunately, was caught up by Quicksilver whose rapid punches felt like getting hit by a mule, as all Wally can do is shield himself from the rapid-fire blows. Even though the fighter managed to get his game back together, the worst part is that the tree house's runways and walls are being torn up, making his footing looser by the second if he doesn't dispatched the speedy teen on time. The Aussie grew more frustrated in every second as he fires his GU.M.Z.O.O.K.A wildly in a desperate hope that he'll hit him.

"Stand still so I can hit you, you cruddy bugger!" He yelled, only to find out he ran out of ammo. Horror fell onto his face as he looked everywhere in a frantic pace, then he heard Quicksilver's voice…

"Right behind ya squirt!"

Suddenly, a giant metal paw came out of nowhere and swatted Quicksilver away. He came crashing down to a nearby wall so hard, leaving a hole in a shape of his silhouette. By the time Pietro stumbled out of the wall, but the last thing he saw was another metal paw coming towards him before crushing him with an audible crunch.

KND: 4

Brotherhood: 3

The metal paw was from the H.I.P.P.I.E-H.O.P driven by Numbuh Three. Four was about to thank her for saving his life he saw the Blob's shadow popping out in the middle of nowhere. He pulled out his S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R and attacked him…with absolute zero effect. As the wooden planks passed through The Blob's gut like…well, a blob as he laughs. Fred Dukes grabbed the kid from down under with one hand and crushes his weapon with another, before the Japanese pilot can do anything to rescue him it was too late. The Blob punches Wally with enough immense force that the latter crashes hard down to the ground, making a miniature crater. To make sure he's stay dead, a large stomp was delivered to his chest, crushing his rib cage. Wallabee Beatles left a final gasp of air before dying…

KND: 3

Brotherhood: 3

Numbuh Three went berserk and charges at his morbidly obese killer. But amazingly, the Blob managed to hold the lagomorph's mechanic body off by pushing off against it. Large skid marks uprooted the tree house floor.

"HA! It's that all you got?" The Blob boasted.

"No, it's this!" She yelled and presses a red button in her cockpit.

The mechanic rabbit activated its flamethrower and cooks the Blob alive like a Thanksgiving turkey. He screams in excruciating pain before hitting the ground dead with a thunderous thud.

KND: 3

Brotherhood: 2

After avenging his death, Numbuh Three turned around when she realized the rabbit's system gone haywire. The self-destruct button was activated by itself and she frantically pressed the eject button but with no effect. Unknown to her, Scarlet Witch has cast a hex bolt to the rabbit robot during her battle all while hiding. All can Kuki do is look at the countdown before hitting to zero. The H.I.P.P.I.E-H.O.P explodes in a fiery inferno and the dead body of the girl flew before landing next to the boy's corpse.

KND: 2

Brotherhood: 2

Wanda finished off her last target but she didn't look too far for the second one. As Numbuh Five opened fire with her S.C.A.M.P.P. The KND second-in-command opened fired as the teenager dodged her blasts only to catch one laser on her thigh. Hissing in pain, she trots away from her attacker's view as Abigail closed in to find her.

Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch laid her back against the wall peeking out to seen Numbuh Five coming her way. As the latter drew closer, the former aimed, and fired a hex bolt at the soup can and flashlight gun. Numbuh Five raises her weapon to fire, but the gun exploded into her face. Fragments of broken glass, splinters, and other debris blinded her as her hands and face got covered in burns.

While her target is in disarray and screaming in pain, the Goth girl took this moment of opportunity to pin her on the floor. With one hand clutching her throat and the other hand glowing, she asked her target with her sinister grin.

"Any last words?"

"Yeah," Abby said weakly, and pulls out an M.A.R.B.L.E out of her pocket. "I'm taking you with me!"

Wanda's grin faded away when she realized what was happening, but the last thing she saw was a erupting fireball.

A large explosion is heard, and out flew one room came two smoldering corpses of two females. Numbuh One saw this and realizes that he was the only survivor. Coming to avenge his fallen comrades, he faces off Avalanche.

KND: 1

Brotherhood: 1

Turning on his J.E.T.A.B.O.O.T.S, the boy soars towards the teenager, and roars along with the jet's engines. He delivers a flying punch to Avalanche, where the latter was caught by surprise. Fortunately for Lance, it wasn't strong enough to knock him out but left a crimson liquid flowing out of his lip. Avalanche spat out a tooth, and kept his guard as the British boy buzzed in about like a wasp hoping to find a blind spot. Numbuh One spotted one said moment, and charged in at high speed, hoping to bring another attack.

That's where he made his final mistake because Avalanche was hoping he would attack this way. The hunter became the hunted as the teenager unleashed a tremor near the roof, and at a perfect timing, the roof collapsed with large debris of the treehouse and the equipment that Sector V's keeping came crashing down. And all of that landed onto Nigel's legs, and proceeds to crash-land to the floor. The bald boy was pinned to the floor, trying to pull himself free but it was no use, for his legs were broken in beyond repair. He felt his bone fragments jagging out of his flesh as a sea of intense agony came after.

Lance then released one final tremor, where a falling piece of concrete came falling down, and crushing Nigel's head like an egg. Blood and gray matter stained the wooden floor and his trademark sunglasses fell beside the victor's feet where the said feet stepped on.

With the leader of Sector V dead, Avalanche pumped his fist in the air and roared victoriously.

Brotherhood: 1

KND: 0

Winner: Brotherhood of Mutants

Narrator: Out of a thousand battles, the Brotherhood won the battle with 676 kills with Avalanche's tremors with 270 kills, almost making half of the total kills. The KND on the other hand, only earned 324 kills with the H.I.P.P.Y-H.O.P with 190 kills. This is due to the fact that only half of their weapons are considered lethal, and the rest of the weapons failed to stop and subdue the Brotherhood, let alone kill.

Kids Next Door's kills: 324

S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R: 5

G.U.M.J.O.O.K.A: 7

M.A.R.B.L.E: 50

S.C.A.M.P.P: 70

H.I.P.P.Y-H.O.P: 190

J.E.T.A.B.O.O.T.S: 2

Brotherhood of Mutants' Kills: 676

Blob's fists: 127

Toad's tongue: 0

Toad's spit: 3

Scarlet Witch's hex: 175

Avalanche's tremors: 270

Quicksilver's super speed: 1

Discussion at the fight club, the teams talked about the results…

"I knew they wouldn't lose to a bunch of children." Magneto said. "But I'm not surprised that my son and daughter were the ones that were killed in the simulation."

"WHAT? The computer is biased towards us kids!" 86 said infuriated. "The computer's probably made by an adult."

The final scene shows the KND reinforcements arriving too late on the scene, the fallen Sector V were carried in their numbered body bags. One of the two soldiers, a Numbuh 44 asked his twin brother…"Great, now how are we going to explain this to their parents?"

The end!

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