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I let out a tired sigh as I leaned back against my seat, and wondered when this will end. When this pain will finally go away… and when I will be freed from this heartache. I was exhausted from the all the singing, and dancing I had to do for the New Year countdown.

Since I was the newest member of the agency, I had to give a medley of all the songs I had sung so far. We had also done a 'solo change' where solo artists sing other solo artists' songs. Luckily, or unluckily, depending on one's view, I had to sing a female artist's song.

Then out of nowhere, I heard a familiar instrumental music, and then my voice.

"I open my eyes to another day
To things that I have known, things that happened every day
I feel there's a shadow creeping up on me
The wind blowing through the streets
Telling me something I don't see…"

"Why are you playing that again, Shige-senpai?" I grumbled as I glared at the man sitting in the backseat. I was sitting in the passenger seat, while Haruka-senpai is the driver. The three of us happened to live in the same apartment complex; thus Shige-senpai volunteered to give me a ride home… before he realized that he hitched a ride from Haruka-senpai that morning.

As for why I am living in the apartment complex, Miyazawa-san told my parents that it would easier for me so that the media and paparazzi would not bother them. Somehow, that convinced my parents to let me be independent. One would think that my parents would not agree to it that easily, but they did... weirdly enough.

"Draw the line, and turn the time
Taking back what was mine
Now I could change almost anything
Hold tight, search for the light
Do I know what's wrong or right?
Put the pieces back to where they belong,"

"It's amazing how fast you've grown since you entered the agency," Haruka-senpai commented as he turned left at the traffic light.

"What amazes is your voice," Shige-senpai stated with a smirk as he slightly turned up the volume, and continued, "You can easily sing high notes, and hold it. Not a lot of people in this agency can do both,"

"In my heavy heart, I see the truth where no scar ever heals
They never fade away… each and every one…
But it's going to be all right
Light comes after every night,"

"How far will you climb on this ladder?" Haruka-senpai inquired as he briefly glanced at me, and turned right at the intersection.

"As far as I can," I answered with a shrug, and listened to my singing that Shige-senpai had recorded somehow. "I'm willing to do almost anything at this point to numb the pain within me. But hopefully in a couple of years… I'll be ready to face them again,"

"I bet in a couple of years, you'll be really famous," Shige-senpai chuckled as he put the song on repeat, and said with a grin, "I am so going to burn this song into my MD player. You should put this as a bonus track in your debut CD,"

"You're weird, senpai," I mumbled as I stared out the window with a ghost of a smile gracing on my face. "But thank you for sticking by me,"

I let out a loud groan as I woke up to the sun creeping in from my window, and groggily grab my alarm clock from the night stand to glance at the time. When I noticed that it was only five in the morning, I silently debated if I should go back to sleep and wake up a couple of hours later.

I groaned in frustration a couple of minutes afterwards, when I realized that I could not go back to sleep. With a sigh, I threw off my covers and blankets, shivering from the cold and made my way to the bathroom. Despite the fact that I only had four hours of sleep, I was wide awake.

I nearly fell asleep while I showered because of the warm water, and its comfortableness. Once I felt refreshed, I quickly did my morning routine, and then dressed in casual attire instead of the traditional one since I did not have one on hand. I quickly slipped on a dark blue jeans, white button-up shirt, and white jacket with light brown fur around the collar and the hood.

Once done, I grabbed my wallet, my cell phone, and my keys before I slipped on my black boots and then left the house. I glanced at my cell phone for time, and realized that it was only 5:37 AM. I let out a sigh, and slowly made my way to my house.

By around seven o'clock, my family and I made our way to the shrine. I suddenly felt out of place, because I was the only one who was wearing western style clothes; and my family was dressed in traditional garments. I let out a soft sigh, and wondered if I should go back and change my attire.

"Aniki, you sounded awesome at the countdown," my younger sister chimed as she grabbed onto my hand, and continued, "I can't believe you're already this good even though you just started,"

"Thanks," I smiled gently in response as I grabbed her hand a bit tighter, and scolded lightly, "It's not healthy to be up that late, you know,"

"But I wanted to see your performance live," she whined in response. My older brother, and my parents just chuckled at our interaction but did not say anything to our conversation. Perhaps, they were just amused to see how I would handle the situation.

"Maa," I started but quickly stopped when I saw the Hyoutei regulars standing a few yards away from us. I immediately looked away from their gazes, and continued with my speech, "It's not healthy for your skin if you're lacking sleep. Not that I should say that since I woke up early today, but still… you know what I mean,"

"Jirou," I heard Atobe called out to me when we passed by each other, but I ignored his bidding.

"Anyways, it's good that we're spending time like this," I stated as if I was not interrupted at all. "We should do this more often," I added with a smile to my family, completely ignoring the existence of the Hyoutei regulars.

I was going to forget them… even if it meant shutting them out of my life.

That is my New Year's resolution...