Hello people of the ... internet? Yeah let's go with that. :D I just wanna say thank you to my lovely reviewers for Mama Said, and instead of always replying I have something to say to all of you:

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I also want to inform people about my one shot 'Perfection', some news on it, it will now be turning into a two shot, this time with a chapter on Dawn's POV of Ash. If some of you don't know what the heck I am talking about, check my profile and look at the story. It is basically a drabble story. XD. What else was there?

OH YEAH, after writing the second chapter of Perfection and finishing 'My Kind of Girl' (check out on profile for summary), I will OFFICIALLY be becoming a song fiction author who will be taking request since that was the point of me coming on fanfiction in the first place. I can (if wanted) dedicate the story to you and say the song choice was yours =3. I will also be throwing in a few of my own song fictions, although it will be limited, it will only be for a few shippings/characters.

These are the shippings I am happy to write for:









BrendanxMay (trying to find the name of the shipping now XD)



These are the characters I am most happy with:


Ask K



However, I will do ANY character you want, the ones above are just ones I am really happy with doing more than most others, but again, I don't mind.

However, when putting in a request you HAVE to make sure you use the right kind of song with the right kind of shipping/character. Not trying to be picky, it would just make a better one shot. I'm sorry XD

I just wanted to let you know about that :) OH I also wanted to say something else.... Of course, my future song fictions and one shots.

Title: Stop the World

Shipping: Twinleafshipping

Summary: Years have gone by, day by day as she watches the sunset, desperately wanting to see him again. Since their journeys had started and her winning the cup, she had gotten...pretty lonely. However, once a decision is made, she decides it's time for a little visit, little does she know, the same goes for him.

Title: My Kind Of Girl

Shipping: Calaviershipping

Summary: (Look on profile)

Title: Change

Character: Ash K

Summary: We all lose at some point, even Ash Ketchum knows that, however....once being crushed and torn to shreds, is he really up to it? Song fiction Change by Taylor Swift

Note: This fiction is a 'maybe' fiction, I might do it, or I might not. I will point this out with other stories too.

Title: Smash Into You

Shipping: Pearlshipping

Summary: After years of travelling and saying goodbye only t find that goodbye wasn't what she had intended. She wishes and dreams and hopes with all her might, wishing he could find his way back to her. Song Fiction, Smash Into You by Beyonce.

Note: This fiction is a 'maybe' fiction, I might do it, or I might not. I will point this out with other stories too.

Title: I'm With You

Shipping: Pearlshipping

Summary: When alone and desperate for help, they are always there for each other no matter what, that's what makes them stronger. When apart they feel...incomplete...and they have no clue why, all they know is, is that they feel...complete with each other when they are there...hand in hand.... Song fiction, I'm With You by Avril Lavigne

Title: Ego

Shipping: Ikarishipping

Summary: He thinks he is all that, always does, he never was like that though...the things he was before, laid back, cool, not a care in the world....those were the things that made me fall in love with him... who does he think he is now? Dawn's POV. Song Fiction, Ego by 'The Saturdays'.

Title: Don't Forget

Shipping: Fortuneshipping

Summary: Turning to a dark side, she knows there is still light in him, no matter what he did or said; she knew it. She didn't want him to forget, and she attempted to make sure of it. Song fic, Twinleafshipping...angst...I guess? Or Hurt/Comfort. Don't Forget By Demi Lovato

Yeah, I've kind of overloaded myself haven't I? Oh well, it is the holidays, I can attempt to keep up and keep up with request (if I get any that is)...

I hope you will enjoy the following song fictions and please do comment and say if you like the ideas :) I am like....a multishipper for Dawn XD I had just realised that, hope it is not a problem ;)

Please DO review, and review Mama Said (the story before this chapter) and if you like do review Perfection to catch up on what has been going on, the next chapter of that will probably be quite similar and maybe I will use another word like I did with the word 'Perfection' for Ash...um...I dunno, something catchy will be nice. TIME TO GET THE DICTIONARY and THESAURUS! XD

Remember, requests are most certainly welcome :) Bye people, oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas....


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