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Chapter 1: This is Only the Beginning

I'm not really sure how everything happened…or even why it happened. I thought my world was ending but…really…it was just one part of my life stopping as I moved into another. It felt like I'd wasted four years of my love on one person after we ended, but I learned quite a bit from those years. I learned not to give my heart away so easily, you have to guard it carefully so if someone hurts you, you can at least have the satisfaction of knowing they didn't hurt you as much as they could have.

My fiancé had just broken up with me in a coffee shop; an appropriate place so I wouldn't embarrass myself by causing a loud commotion over it. Had we been alone somewhere I would have started shouting and crying; instead…I sat there silently and tried to hold my tears back until I could get inside of my apartment.

His d*mned ring was still on my finger so I took it off and threw it. He didn't ask for it back so I didn't care what happened to it.

He'd only proposed two months ago and we were starting to talk about our wedding. The thought of finally being married and being able to love him freely made me over-zealous…was that what scared him off? Did I do something to drive him away?

No, I wouldn't let him make me cry when he was probably already thirty minutes away at his apartment. I huffed and puffed around my apartment for a while, managing to lose control long enough for a few tears.

As I almost lost control the second time, I thought of how my friends would react when I told them after yoga. They'd probably throw huge fits and promise to go kill him; I would just laugh and say I didn't want him dead.

I guess there's always a small part of a person that wishes their saboteur would keel off of their own accord out of courtesy but…at the same time, you'd be devastated. I felt the same.

Needless to say, after stretching and deep breathing for an hour, my friends threw the fits I'd imagined. They were all screaming things at me in outrage of his actions, so I just shrugged a lot and said a few, 'I don't know's. Then came the death threats and I begged them not to act of their wishes. Killing him wouldn't solve anything, I offered.

Naturally, we should have gone somewhere to discuss this further, but we had plans for the day and people to meet. Elisa was an architect for a firm in Bakersfield, CA. She had already married at 21 but she and her husband weren't planning on children yet. Yvette was a ballet instructor in West Hollywood; she had a boyfriend, whom we were expecting to pop the question any day now. And Margot, the single doctor, lived slightly south of Los Angeles. I lived closer to Yvette than anyone, so we spent more time together but we were all close friends.

With all of my friends having such wonderful jobs, I always felt a little bummed out to be a barista in Starbucks. Sure you get free coffee, and I was the manager, but what did I have to say for myself? I knew how to make a lot of coffee…my friends were off doing all of these wonderful things and I made coffee.

As I got out of my car in the parking garage to go into my apartment building, I stopped and went over to the thick concrete rail and looked out at the city below me. So many people and I felt so alone.

I heard a car screech to stop a little too close behind me. I jumped off the ground in shock and saw some guy in an old BMW about six inches from my legs. My arms were shaking along with my breath as he stared at me with much the same expression.

Eventually I regained my senses and waved in apology as I grazed the wall behind me to go over to the elevator. My face felt completely red so I tried jabbing the elevator button about fifty times to try and make it come faster.

I was almost in the clear when someone's hand shot into the elevator door at almost the last possible second. It opened back up and the guy in the black BMW squeezed through the door before it had opened too far, "Um…sorry about that…"

Whoa, what was with the accent?

"I didn't see you standing there…I hope I didn't frighten you too much." He still had his sunglasses on.

All I could do was blink at him as I realized I was only wearing a tank top with a built in bra, a jacket that was unzipped, and a pair of black leggings that came just below my knees. "Are you all right?" He asked with his eyes still hidden. I just nodded my head quickly like an idiot.

He seemed at a loss for words as the door closed. I looked back up at him but the sunglasses were bothering me. I think he noticed because he took them off in a flurry and dropped them on the floor. He laughed and picked them up, "I'm slightly clumsy if you can't tell." His eyes met mine and I noticed how confusing the color was. I thought they were blue, but then they looked green at the same time.

"My eyes like to change colors." He laughed and dropped his head to scratch the back of his neck. I blushed again and looked away; I noticed we weren't moving so I jammed the button for floor 6 in with more force than need be. He leaned forward and hit the button for the floor 14.

Neither of us spoke until the doors opened for my floor. "Sorry again about uh…almost running my car into you." He grinned and I couldn't think of a proper way to think how my heart felt.

"Yeah uh…don't worry about it." I gave him a millisecond of a smile and stepped out into the hallway to see Sterling knocking on my door.

Without breathing, I reclaimed my place in the elevator to realize this guy was giving me a 'Wait a minute, I thought this was your floor' look. I glanced over at him with my back against the elevator wall and looked quickly down at the floor.

"Wrong level?" He mused.

"Uh…no. I just…remembered something I need to get." I replied hastily without looking up at him.

"I'm Edward, by the way." He offered his hand so I took a second to decide to shake it.

"I'm Isabella, but it's Bella for short."

"Pleasure to meet you Bella." He smiled. That accent made his words sound twice as eloquent even if they were short and simple.

"Yeah…same." I cleared my throat and tapped my fingers on the wooden rail.

"Are you anxious about something?" He asked when we were on the tenth floor.

"Uh…no. Just kind of wanting to go get some um…tea." I lied as I shook my head in an odd way.

"In case you haven't noticed, I am from Britain. I have tea up in my apartment if you'd like some. I can give you a few bags of it to last you for a few days." He smiled politely and started toying with his sunglasses.

What an offer, he almost kills me, and now he's inviting me up to his apartment for tea. "I only drink green tea." I said bluntly; for some reason he had me on edge.

"I happen to have some." He laughed as the door opened for his floor. "Would you care to join me for some? I don't know a soul around here."

He seemed nice enough so I nodded and followed him to his door. When he unlocked the door and pushed it in, I was amazed to see a rather chic apartment. "I had the place decorated. I'm terrible with putting anything in a good spot and I'm not much for colors." He laughed as he dropped his keys on his kitchen counter.

"I don't think I've painted any of my walls and I've lived in my apartment for three years." I stopped being nervous for a second and spoke like a normal person.

"Is your adrenaline wearing off from your near-death experience?" He smirked as he set a tea kettle onto his stove.

"Oh!" I had the realization that adrenaline was making me this nervous, "Yeah…I didn't realize I had so much of it running through me…" I laughed awkwardly.

"Speaking of running…did you just come home from a jog?" He pulled two mismatched mugs out of a cabinet and set them beside his stove.

"Oh," I looked down at my scant attire, "no. Yoga actually."

"Awesome. You do yoga? It's always seemed like it would be relaxing but I've never tried it. Could you teach me something easy to do?" He walked over to me as I stood just in front of his door.

"I…I'm not very good at teaching it. I mean…I can do the poses but I don't know if I could explain them very well." I shrugged and zipped my jacket up.

"Oh well, maybe later then?" He smiled and walked towards a hallway. "Feel free to make yourself comfortable wherever. I'm just going to change shirts; this one has a spot of something on it." He laughed to himself mostly.

I looked around and decided to sit at his kitchen table; I didn't want to go flop on his very un-used looking couch.

The kettle started to do the high-pitched whistle so I stood up to take it off but he ran out with his shirt over his head and one arm through, while exposing most of his chest and stomach at the same time.

Lord almighty, cute, hot accent, and a good body. Why didn't he have a girlfriend? "Sorry I ran out here like this." He blushed slightly and pulled his gray shirt on.

"Uh…no worries." I cleared my throat and sat back down.

After a moment, he set a mug down in front of me and sat down in the chair beside mine with his mug, "So, how long have you lived in California?" He asked as he blew on his tea.

"My whole life I guess…I've been here and there, but most of my life has been spent here." I nodded and crossed my legs in the chair, "I'm guessing you haven't been here very long?"

He shook his head, "Only a few months. I'm studying abroad at the moment."

"Oh, awesome. So you're a student then?" I felt better at not being the only person in Hollywood with an almost non-existent career.

"Of sorts, yes. What do you do?" He smiled and sipped on his tea.

"I'm um…I work as a barista."

"A barista? What's that-oh, you mean someone who uh…someone who makes coffee? Where?" He seemed positively enthused by this information.

"Starbucks, the one right down the street." I nodded, slightly ashamed.

"Oh my god, I'm so jealous of you! I've always wanted to do that! I can barely make drinkable coffee! Tea is kind of hard to mess up so I'm good at that but I wish so badly I could make coffee. You'll have to teach me." He obviously planned on seeing me again.

I was more surprised at how much he liked my job, "Really? You…you think its cool?" I laughed, genuinely interested.

"Absolutely! You know how to make all of those drinks and I can barely manage not to burn black coffee. Oh please, you have to teach me how to make a proper cup." He pleaded.

"All right, all right. I'll teach you how to make some coffee. Do you still want to learn a yoga pose too?" I smiled lopsidedly.

"Yes. But make it something easy. I've never done yoga." He grinned and drank some more of his tea.

After realizing I hadn't had any of mine, I blew on it and had a sip. "This is good." I remarked.

"Like I said, it's hard to mess up tea." He looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

I nodded, "I'm better at teaching how to make coffee."

"Great, then I'll be learning from an expert then." He seemed so overjoyed it was hard not to smile.

Two cups of tea and one phone call to my neighbor across the hall to see if Sterling was still there, I said goodbye to Edward at his door. "It was lovely to have met you Bella. I hope we can meet again soon, I'd like to make a decent cup of coffee as soon as possible." He laughed.

"I'll come up tomorrow morning. Just call me after you wake up, I'll show you how." I nodded.

"Great, uh…well I guess I need your phone number though. Let me grab a pen." He rushed off and got one out of his room. I wrote it on his arm because he couldn't find paper and got a firm hug before leaving.

Once I got back into my apartment, I found a note on the floor just in front of my feet. Sterling said he wanted to apologize for leaving so abruptly after breaking the news and he wanted to talk things over with me to explain some things…if I wanted to see him. I laughed and tossed it to my left. As it landed on a table, I flopped on my abused couch and stared at my ceiling or…up where I knew his apartment was.

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